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nuplug™ is a surge-protected extension cord that can attach to furniture: for convenient, comfortable smart-device use during charging.
2,101 backers pledged $85,319 to help bring this project to life.

NuPlug Update: UL Testing

Posted by Michael Carpanzano (Creator)

Dear Kickstarters,

In our last update we advised that we had to redo UL testing for the NuPlug.

We received the following update from our factory this morning:  

  • Following initial review, UL has required two additional changes in the Nuplug design before testing can be completed.
  • Components have been ordered to comply with these changes and we are expecting them to arrive at the factory this week.  
  • Upon arrival, the factory will make 20 new samples and resubmit to UL testing in early October.  

In our next factory update, we are expecting a status update and target completion date for UL testing.

Upon completion of UL, production will begin and we'll be one step closer to having a delivery date for you..

As always, we thank you for your ongoing patience and will update you as soon as we have new information.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Pezaris on

      Waiting patiently for the next update that there is a revised, even uglier design, that requires UL testing.

    2. Sionainn Karlssen

      Hello? . Is there anyone that what's to refund my money???

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Pezaris on

      Just admit that the project is dead already.

    4. Edward Petersen

      So, I'm guessing the UL testing in early October went ... well?

    5. Timothy Moore on

      It's been 3 and a half years. For an extension cord that bears little resemblance to its original appearance. That is now obsolete.

      Refund our money and let us buy a superior product.

    6. Steven Smith on

      Can I just have my money back already? I've asked twice and I haven't gotten a reply. This is rediclious.

    7. Edward Petersen

      Oh, ha. Thank you for my monthly chuckle. I needed that.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on

      I find it funny that in April you had passed UL testing and were in production and then you failed UL testing twice after you passed and not you need to test again.
      Do you read your own updates?
      How could someone be working with manufacturers and vendors who can not get an extension cord to pass UL testing at least 3 times?
      I want to believe the best in people but your updates make this seem like a scam more and more with every update...

    9. Missing avatar

      Ivan Crespo on

      Bless your heart...

    10. djb on

      @Chad Preach, brother. Well said.

    11. Jason on

      LOL should have just left us in the dark and forgotten about it at this point. Reminding people of this scam we accepted it to be long ago is only putting salt in the wound.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shannon Sauter on

      I hope you have to travel to China for a "factory visit" and end up with a wicked case of dysentery
      You're a total fraud

    13. Missing avatar

      Chad Palmer on

      I'm honestly kinda stumped at this point as to why you are trying to complete this project. Logically your greatest demographic would be the 2000 people that originally backed your project (and those like-minded). They felt that the original design was something they thought was worthy of backing. Instead of accepting your backers as the demographic, you chose to go to a 3rd party marketing company who convinced you that the "as seen on tv" crowd was your demographic. So you made the product cheaper in design to sell to them. Unfortunately you alienated your true demographic....the proven demographic based on tangible backing rather than theoretical focus groups. I believe at this point that even if you complete this and take it to market that you will still go bankrupt. You MAY have a small surge at first, and you MAY make your money back, but this clearly isn't a sustainable product. So wouldn't refunding us be honorable thing to do?

    14. Missing avatar

      John Bannon on

      How do I unsubscribe?

    15. Wendy on

      Requesting my refund, yet again..... no further need for this obsolete bait and switch.

    16. George on

      So, where is the refund you mentioned ?

    17. Eric Happeny (HopsAndScotch) on

      Why are we even bothering with updates at this point. All these updates are doing is reminding us how pissed off we all.

    18. Eric Happeny (HopsAndScotch) on

      Why are we even bothering with updates at this point. All these updates are doing is reminding us how pissed off we all.

    19. Ron Leedy on

      It seems the High Five Foundation fully endorses Michael. Since Michael took his site down everyone needs to send comments to High Five's site.

    20. Blaine Hilton on

      If you would like to at least attempt to obtain some good will you should be more open here. If you actually did do the testing, there would be an official test report. You should attach that test report here.

      You should explain the 2 failures of the test, and update us as to what your corrective action plan is.

      You should explain how these two failures were not identified before this stage.

    21. Sasha Albertini on

      @Steve, if they hadn't promised a refund, I wouldn't be asking for one.

    22. fmotta on

      @Steve, I ask only for the refund that is promised. Having backed many KS and IGG projects I AM aware that Crowdfunding is not shopping. However, it is also NOT an avenue to steal money nor renege on promises. Refunds were promised. I am following up on this additional broken promise from Michael (I live in Grandma's Basement) Carpanzano.

    23. Ryon Lane on

      Agreed Steve, but fraud is fraud.

    24. Steve Black Jr. on

      Thanks for the update! Could we get a picture of the samples?

      For everyone else demanding refunds:

    25. Ryon Lane on

      For those backers who might truly want to see justice served, Michael and his team collected over $85K, which for federal class action lawsuits exceeds the $75K amount in controversy requirement. If any of you petition for a class action suit, I will add my name to the class.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ed Knudsen on

      Why do you no longer have a website?

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas E Newman on

      NEWS FLASH!!!!
      NuPlug to be replaced with a new project. It is a car called the Edsel. Make your pledges before they are all gone (or before the earth comes to a tragic end, or before hell freezes over). The creator of the NuPlug is a pathetic slug who should crawl back under the small, thin rock he came from. This project is so outdated, it should be called the "OldPlug"!!!

    28. Bryan Kwiatkowski on

      This product makes me laugh.

    29. Mona Carol on

      I laugh every time there is an "update".

    30. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Rosenblatt

      This really is the worst project I have backed. At least I'm getting my $30 worth in reading the comments, they always make me laugh.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      @David Simmons - at the bottom of the Update email there's a link to stop getting updates.

    32. Andrea Ihara on

      This product is no longer innovative nor relevant. Can be purchased easily and for far less. Refunds required.

    33. Andrea Ihara on

      This product is no longer innovative nor relevant. Can be purchased easily and for far less. Refunds required.

    34. David G. Simmons on

      I think I need to start a Kickstarter Project that promises a way to ensure that I never get updates about this project again. Any backers?

    35. Scott Munoz on

      It is because of this project and two others (RingBow, Znaps) that I will never do crowdfunding again. I liked the idea of helping someone get the funds needed to bring a new product to market and knowing there was a risk, but these continuous failures to share the truth is what finally killed it for me. That, combined with KickStarter's policy that they step out once the project is funded (and they get paid) makes the whole crowdfunding industry look like a scam waiting to happen.

      Michael thanks for doing your part to kill the American dream for some future upstart.

    36. Meghan Gallery on

      I have had a phone that has USB-C technology for over a year. When you ship these, maybe you could also include instructions for use on LaserDisk?

    37. Phil C on

      I am impressed with your guys' commitment. Keep on truckin'!

    38. Timothy Moore on

      I want the refund that was promised over a year ago. There are much better and smaller solutions than this monstrosity.

    39. Brady Smith on

      When this was backed, it was an interesting solution to the extension cord problem. Now it's just a sad mess. Please just tell us it's over. Even if you make it through UL, how is there possibly enough money to provide the backer rewards?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I've already sold the couch I was going to hook this on to. I have literally no use for this anymore. Hell, by the time we get it, we'll probably be on a different USB spec! USB C is already out and incompatible with this thing.


    41. Missing avatar

      Jason Priddy on

      Wow. That is all I can really say. Except for the obvious that "you totally suck at this".

    42. Beth Rawson on

      Seriously? Such a farce.

    43. Matt Kostiuk on

      I'd like a refund please and thank you. At your earliest convenience.

    44. Missing avatar

      Yan Perepletchikov on

      I'm one of the people that's pretty frustrated that it's taking this long to essentially get an extension cord, but I'm happy that its actually getting UL tested.

      There have been many instances in the news of things catching fire lately and UL certification makes me feel better.

      With any kickstarter. Don't pledge anything you're not willing to lose.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kent Lindsey on

      I've refrained from commenting all this time, but omg this is frickin comical at this point. Just send me a regular apple charger at this point. All phones will charge wirelessly by the time you push this product to the public.

    46. Missing avatar

      Shirley Lyon-Lundquist on

      I'm so sick of the whole thing. I want a refund!

    47. Brad Matthews on

      Sweet. Let the comments roll people!

    48. Stefan Rees on

      Literally no one cares. I hope everyone joins me in finding interesting ways to destroy this once it arrives.