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nuplug™ is a surge-protected extension cord that can attach to furniture: for convenient, comfortable smart-device use during charging.
2,101 backers pledged $85,319 to help bring this project to life.

NuPlug: Final Sample and Timeline update

Posted by Michael Carpanzano (Creator)

Dear Kickstarters,

We have received the final sample AND an updated timeline from the factory!

First, the sample. 

Here is a final image of both the black and white samples:

From a functionality standpoint, we have made two minor, but necessary changes from the last version we shared with you.  

First, the threading on the clamp was increased to ensure the tightest fit possible:

 Second, we modified the plug to be a low-profile plug:

And now, the timeline…

The NuPlugs are currently in UL testing. Provided all testing is successful, we are expecting the products to ship to us in March, following Chinese New Year, so we can start fulfillment.

Once we receive word that the products have shipped, we’ll be posting another update.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing patience,



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    1. Brad Matthews on

      I got bored this afternoon and thought, "Hey, I wonder what kind of comedy is happening over at the nuPlug Kickstarter site?" No much going on, so I thought, "I wonder how long it's been since I donated my $29.00?" Backer Date 5-8-13. That's 3 full years and two months tomorrow! This is amazing!

    2. Ben Estes on

      Now that March is over, meaning that you hopefully received the shipment from your supplier, I hope we get an update in the next few days on when we will start to receive our nuplugs.

    3. Scott Munoz on

      March is now over. Any new lie about the timeline?

    4. Lance, Brandon, Heather Hyde on

      Thanks, Michael

      Looking forward to receiving one! I know it's been hard to see this through, but most people don't realize what's actually involved in manufacturing and the kind of decisions you have to make. I can honestly say I understand. : )

      Props to you for never giving up. I think it's something that can inspire all of us to do anything
      we hope to achieve.

      All the best!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on

      March is almost over, update on testing and shipping?

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Braun on

      what can be said that has not been said already. I agreed with your great clean modern vision for the product in 2013, but this product clearly does not meet my expectations and looks like something from a hospital bed that makes it easier to pull the plug on your own life... like I want to do with this project . If given the choice I will wait for the original design, but guessing that's not going to happen, please send these out ASAP or give me a refund. and we'll leave it as a learning experience for all of us.

    7. Joseph Serrano on

      $29 bucks not too bad....

      This has gone on for a while, but might as well continue this. Not going to lie....these things are mighty ugly, but I will find a use for it. Maybe the spare room or something.

      Well...not going to demand a refund now...might as well see this thing through

    8. J Tyler Brown

      These look horrible. How do I get my money back? It's going on three years, and no fulfillment, and an extreme change to the functionality of the device.

    9. Coleman Rasof on

      Thanks for the update Mike! Can't wait, this will definitely be an every day carry in my backpack!

    10. Topher on

      Just when I've forgotten that I wasted $29 on this lie, you come up from the grave to remind me that I got ripped off.

    11. Barbara Williams on

      This is just hilarious at this point. My enjoyment of this project now comes solely from reading the comments on these updates. Can't wait for our next update! You said they would be shipping to you in March so I suspect we will hear from you again in late April or May letting us know what the next excuse is.

    12. M on

      I no longer need this product. I have changed my home setup in the many years since this should have been delivered. Please issue a full refund. Because of this experience I stopped backing most if not all projects on Kickstarter.

    13. Missing avatar

      dafka22 on

      We will never see a refund, stupid autocorrect.

    14. Missing avatar

      dafka22 on

      I know that we will never sees refund. Fine. However, I ended up getting something with the same functionality over a year ago and no longer need this. Is there a way to donate the "new" nuplugs for those of us who don't want them anymore?

    15. Sasha Albertini on

      How many redesigns of this project when there are many more attractive examples that have been out on the market for months if not years? Some examples:…


    16. Sasha Albertini on

      AGAIN, I have moved to Europe (LONG after the time this project was supposed to ship). I have no use for a product that fails to meet UK standards. Please refund my money as you promised.

    17. fmotta on

      I'm surprised that I have not seen any "ambulance chasers" (aka schiester lawyers) chasing down litigations for KS backers. You know - like the ones you see advertising everywhere...

    18. fmotta on

      @Scott: Should this arrive...
      I have mixed positions between returning for the promised refund or taking the electronics and putting them in to a decent looking chassis. The later is less desirable as I have already filled the need by better looking devices made by a reputable company. I felt this was the correct decision based on the lack of a responsible project creator and the promised refund.

      I am wondering how we can 'tie' the irresponsibility for this project back to the 'deep pockets' of Edison so we can gain more leverage (or a more responsible entity). When you have more to lose you are more protective of what you have.

    19. Scott Munoz on

      @Wayne You may like the design, but it appears you are in the minority. Most of us are upset by the fact that he announced almost immediately upon funding completion that the design was changing. This strongly suggests that he knew this well before the funding completion and knew the fallout would come with it so he withheld the information. Repeatedly he has made promises with the carrot of refund and lived up to neither the promise or the refund.

      We are now 30+ months past funding to get a glorified extension cord and all we have are promises which taste a whole lot like farts in the wind. I don't think anyone on here is a cry baby or expected instant delivery, but 30+ months ain't exactly instant then, is it?

      If you want mine, send me $15 (half my backing) and you can have it, if it ever ships. I am sure I am not the only one willing to make that offer to you.

    20. fmotta on

      @Michael: I for one am no longer patient. I have requested a refund and you promised it. I am now awaiting return of my RANSOM (you know - like blackmail and kidnapping?).

    21. Carri Craver on

      Is this a joke? Surely this design is not something you made. Refunds!

    22. Wayne Swindlehurst

      How about sending me the ones that the whiners don't want you to send to them. Yup I happen to like the design and don't give a crap what most everyone else thinks. I would have used much harsher language but the last time I did I was reprimanded and banned from commenting for a couple weeks. Bunch of damn cry babies who should never invest in projects but instead go to Kmart and Walmart.

    23. Missing avatar

      Joe Wingrove on

      @Ryan Kehoe At this point it is not about the lack of deliver but the lack of communication about the status (a delay is encountered and no communication about it when it happens but much later) and the apparent lies (claimed we would get refunds if no contract by august and the post to say a contract was signed happened well after the deadline).

      If the communication had been better and kept people alerted to the issues people would be having a lot less issues with what is happening. The problem is that now even if it did happen I don't think it would be believed.

    24. Missing avatar

      Amy Chused on

      I second the person who said that you have an uncanny ability to update just when I've forgotten it existed. I wanted 2 of the beautiful things in the original picture. The current pictures, made of plastic, with ugly screws in the middle (that are probably just small enough to hurt your fingers when you try to tighten the clamp) are things that I would not purchase at any price.

      If you're offering, I'd love a refund. Otherwise, I guess I'll chalk the lost money up to the Kickstarter risk, and the entertainment value.

    25. MichaelC on

      This is so far from what I originally pledged $87 for. I wanted three of those, not three of these things. They would be fine for a dorm room, but not to be out in someone's actual home or office. Hideous, disingenuous, vaporware. It doesn't exist. This guy absconded with all of our money. I will sell mine for $10 each. Let me know.

    26. fmotta on

      I think quarterly updates is what we backed and not an extension cord.
      The updates require some creativity that one can learn on daytime soaps
      The extension cords are a bit harder and require looking away from those daytime soaps (and not much more).

    27. Robert Vreeland on

      LOL... This is still a thing?

    28. Missing avatar

      Bradley Grant on

      I'm moving. And I want to make sure I get this magnificent piece of sh*t. Or a refund. How?

    29. Missing avatar

      Tyler Freeman on

      We've heard this all before.

      This design has gotten so big an ugly, some Chinese company will make a cheaper, smaller, non-ugly version despite your wonderful 'patents'. I'll probably buy that one. How the hell do you even deserve a patent when somebody already made this?

      I know you have no money left, so nobody will get any refunds.

      I also know you will never get another kickstarter project funded after the horrific way you conducted this one.

    30. Andrew Billi on


      It ain't got no alibi -

      Oh well...I wrote this 'investment' off about 2 years ago. But the updates a the ensuing comments are the gifts that keep on giving.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ethan on

      congratulations, it's hideous, and you are a horrible person. let this fraud just die already. stop updating unless you are actually shipping, or preferably, offering refunds.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I am no longer interested in this item. I would like a full refund, as I have been requesting for almost 2.5 years. If you end up making an item like your original design, I'm still for it. But in its current iteration, so so far from the original, I am not.

    33. Marley Reel on

      How can a project be taken seriously when you don't even have a website for it?

      Anyways thanks for the update. It will be nice to see this product finally completed. Thanks

    34. Meghan Gallery on

      This has taken so long that my phone doesn't even use the type of USB cable on here. What a joke. This project ruined the spirit of Kickstarter for me. What a hideous hunk of useless plastic that I will be giving away at the first white elephant party I am invited to.

    35. Ron Leedy on

      I have funded many Kickstarter projects and this has been the biggest failure of them all. There have even been other hardware projects more complex than this which I received product in a shorter time. This product has become irrelevant. I won't ask for a refund because that is not in the spirit of Kickstarter. But I will make sure I advertise the history of this project to as many social sites as I can. That way you can be judged on this project in the widest audience possible.

    36. Brad Matthews on

      Let me first start by requesting my refund. Done.

      I've never seen a product progressively get worse looking through the development process. This product went from being a sleek and hip Apple silver to colors that my grandmother had in her house in the 1980's. I'm guessing the next update will show a product the size of a concrete block using a c-clamp to mount it to a glass end table. Seriously, I feel like this is all one big joke and on April 1st the real unit will be delivered with new bells and whistles never shared with backers.

      I hope this product never gets released, because I enjoy reading everyone's comments every few months when an update is announced. I hope Michael Carpanzano wakes up every morning dreading any interactions that he has regarding this product. I can't wait to see the look on his face when every single one of these units are returned on delivery.

      Have a great day everyone!

    37. Arpa Aghamalian on

      Thanks to this project, I have vowed to never back anything ever again. Projects evolve over time, usually for the better. Project creators usually listen to their backers. This asshole did the opposite of both of those.

      I hung in there patiently, not complaining, just laughing it off. Thinking, eventually, he's going to listen to all of us. He's going to realize that we all backed him and his project because it promised function and had good form. It looked good and met a need or want. Good form is necessary for any successful product. This will fail like rain falling from the sky. Why, he didn't listen to the only people that were willing to give him their hard earned money for him to make his idea a reality.

    38. Dave McCarroll on

      This product is no longer viable. It is old technology and is way behind other less expensive power options on the market today. I too have asked for a refund but I am not holding my breath. If and when this is delivered it will probably go to the Salvation Army as a contribution. I have no need for it as I did 3 years ago.

    39. Wendy on

      3 days ago I wrote.........
      Hello, it's me
      I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to update
      To go over everything...........

      Now you have updated another final final final. I am no longer interested. Have requested a refund numerous times. You have missed deadline after deadline. This end result is nothing near the project I initially backed. Dan Cahill, if you want to order more, I will give you the one I ordered.

    40. Rebecca Elder

      I've accepted that you're not going to do the right thing and issue refunds to those of us who would like them. Please let me know what to do so that you don't ship this to me. I don't want it, and don't want to throw it away. You might as well keep it yourself and save me the trouble.

    41. Missing avatar

      JM on

      No mention of a refund.....

    42. amy on

      You said you were refunding money those of us who asked for a refund. I have asked multiple times. This item is not what I backed & after all this time it's not even the slightest bit unique. Please refund my money and try to be honest about this project - we all want the best for you & put our faith & money behind you. We only ask that you respect us too.

    43. Jon Seay on

      You have an uncanny ability to post an update right about when I've forgotten that the project exists.

    44. Dan Cahill on

      Can't wait to get mine. I plan on ordering more. I could use at least 3.

      As for all you babies whining about crap. Stuff it. You guys backed an idea on Kickstarter, get over yourself.

    45. Scott Munoz on

      This thing is a joke and the biggest example of vaporware known to man. The renderings are horrendous. Please deliver upon your promise to refund. 30 months to still not deliver on a glorified and ugly extension cord.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan McFarlane on

      This is by far the most hilarious failure I've backed on Kickstarter.. To the people claiming we should update ourselves on what Kickstarter is.. News flash we know that we back an.idea and that ideas sometimes fail, but get real here..this is nothing at all even remotely like what we backed, North Korea has managed to put space junk in orbit in less time then this project has taken to reenginner a freeking extension cord...its a few damn wires inside a plastic sheath and a clamp... Like seriously? This guy is just a liar and a thief... Give us our refunds and move on

    47. Missing avatar

      Rick Southam on

      What a long, strange trip it's been. Keep at it Michael. Noli spurii permittere te terere.

    48. Ryan Kehoe on

      You guys are all kinda whiny and dumb. You backed an idea for a product, you did not buy something. Educate yourselves on what kickstarter is and how it is supposed to work before you jump into something you don't understand next time.