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nuplug™ is a surge-protected extension cord that can attach to furniture: for convenient, comfortable smart-device use during charging.
2,101 backers pledged $85,319 to help bring this project to life.

NuPlug: Sample update

Posted by Michael Carpanzano (Creator)

Dear Kickstarters,

We have received samples from the factory and I am pleased to report they are working successfully!

The most significant change we have made since the last version of the NuPlug we shared is a stronger locking mechanism using a knob to lock it in place. Previously, NuPlug utilized a spring to lock it to surfaces, which weakened over time during testing.

Here are some new images of the most recent prototype – please take note, the color of the plugs on the actual products will either be black or white depending on the color of the unit itself.

Everything is moving along and once we have a final ship date we'll be posting another update. If you have not already done so, please send me a Kickstarter message to update/confirm your shipping address.

Again, I thank you for your patience and understanding as this has been a long and challenging journey.


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    1. J Tyler Brown

      Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund? Where is my refund?

    2. Dave McCarroll on

      This has taken so long I forgot I pledged. So..... when is the ship date now? I doubt there is any refund capability at this point.

    3. Eric Jourgensen on

      I originally ordered this for my two kids dorms as they went to college. At this point one of them is getting ready to graduate and the other isn't in a dorm anymore. Additionally I don't feel you've addressed my, of anyone else's, questions of your plans for those that ordered NuSkins. For all these reasons please issue a refund.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robyn on

      I can only laugh at this point because this whole project is such a joke. How is it possible that it's been redesigned even uglier than before? It's absolutely fascinating.

    5. Barbara Williams on

      This thing is ugly and horrible. I do not want it. I have replaced its functionality with much more attractive items (such as the SnapPower) that actually ship and work. Please refund me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Al Lee on

      I'm sad to say that I think this product has missed the window of opportunity and it isn't unique or special. Here are examples of products on the market already.

      3 outlet w/ 2 USB ports, tablet stand and clamp for $36:…=

      Standard US outlet w/ 2 USB ports $20:

    7. Scott Munoz on

      I think his next step is to finalize agreements with each individual letter carrier handling delivery of this crapware.

      I still want my refund.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      Is this still being delayed?? I've since moved to another country that doesn't support this plug. I want a refund.

    9. Missing avatar


      May I please have a refund? Thank you.

    10. Timothy Moore on

      I would like the promised refund ASAP.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Please do not ship me this monstrosity. Please issue the refund you promised.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alec on

      Not gonna lie... this thing is not pretty. Honestly looks like it should cost me about $6.95, but instead it's costing me more than $35. Oh and by the way, what are you going to do for those (like me) who paid extra for colorful nu plug skins? Just ignore those folks like you've been ignoring everyone else? Great stuff, bud. A+. /s

    13. J Tyler Brown

      I've been asking for a refund for months now. Please respond.

    14. Ryan Montgomery on

      I'll take my refund. Just sent you a message.

    15. Wendy on

      Nothing like the original design which was sleek and useful. This last and final rework on the design is useless and outdated. Once again I request a refund.

    16. Missing avatar

      Peter Pezaris on

      I honestly didn't think it would be possible that with this update we'd have Yet Another ReDesign, and that it would be uglier to boot. Congratulations for exceeding my expectations.

    17. Jon Seay on

      Man, that thing really is ugly now. I mean like dang. I wouldn't have backed something that looked like that originally. If I ever get mine they might have to go straight to good will simply because there's no way my wife will let me stick them to anything in the house. It's a shame.

    18. David G. Simmons on

      Once again ignoring all requests for refunds from those that requested them. And as promised by you in a previous update. But not surprising, since you seem incapable of fulfilling anything. Ever.

    19. Stefan Rees on

      lolol man that thing looks awful. How can you even want to send that to anyone. I can't wait to smash mine.

    20. shaminder dhillon on

      Well, better late, huge, and ugly than never.

      Actually, that's a lie. If a refund is possible, I'd prefer it.

    21. fmotta on

      I do have to say... it appears that the planned failure point 'crevice' is missing and a reasonably intelligent curved/arched bevel is in its place. However, I hope you cannot find a way to make it uglier and larger. Although, that is unlikely.

      About that promised refund...

    22. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I admire your dedication also. Unfortunately your stupidity is stronger than your dedication. This thing looks massive and hideous. I wouldn't put this thing anywhere it could be seen!! This is thing belongs in a garage at best...

    23. Missing avatar

      Amy Chused on

      I admire your dedication as you keep plugging away at this project, but sometimes it's just time to pull the plug. It's huge. It's ugly. It's very _very_ late such that better products that solve the same problem have already hit the market.

      If it's possible to get a refund, that would be my preference. If not, well, at least I've received some entertainment, and I knew going in that kickstarter projects aren't guaranteed. If, at some point in the future, it does actually ship, I'll see if I can find a use for it.

    24. David Alofsin on

      It's a fair question that I think maybe should be responded to --- for those backers that requested a refund, how and when will they get their money back?
      I think it was great that the company you worked with offered that as an option, and now that people are trying to take that option, they should be informed about the status.

      Please advise.

    25. Scott Munoz on

      Once again, you have managed to piss off all of the people that wanted to support you. Live up to your promise of a refund. At this point duct tape and an extension cord offers more functionality and is more aesthetically pleasing than the product you are making.

    26. Missing avatar

      Justin Roy on

      Michael, you have been nothing but dishonest and disrespectful over the course of this campaign.

      You have promised and promised and promised, but on EVERY point you have failed to deliver: from product refunds to delivery timelines to even sticking to your own deadlines for posting updates.

      I will never wish anything bad upon another human being. But I do hope that you are capable of lying to yourself as you lie to us. Otherwise, your utter failure on this project will haunt you for the rest of your life.

      I stand firm with the rest of my fellow backers in demanding a refund for what has become a comically tasteless and useless product.

    27. Sasha Albertini on

      Well after the promised ship date, I moved from the US to Ireland. Unless you plan to offer a UK plug and voltage compatible unit, I am still requesting a refund.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jesse Garrido on

      Words cannot describe how disappointing this project has been. More than a refund I wish this product would just fade away. But no, every few months I get a note in my inbox letting me know there is an update, and I am reminded of it all over again.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on

      This looks look its 8" wide (depth) is that correct?
      I think they took an off the shelf electrical socket and box, hooked a power cord to it and enclosed it in a plastic case.
      I can now see why the info commercial and made for tv ads failed, it's so big it won't fit in most college dorms.

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on

      Joseph Cronin - the word "finalized" has many different means and none of them being actually done, completed, signed, finished, ended, or any other term you could possible think of that implies that it has been completed.
      So when he said finalized he did not mean that the contract was completed or finalized as us "lay" people think.

    31. fmotta on

      @clapdady: I have only been here at KS for nearly 3 years and have backed barely 200 projects on KS and several at other crowdsource sites. So, please do enlighten me. (that's stated sarcastically). Refunds were promised by the creator. I am just asserting that he live to that promise.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nguyen Ngo on

      @clapdady I think the majority of backers on here are fully aware of the risk. Why should we not request for refunds if the project creator stated in his recent update (sometime around June) that he would honor refunds?

    33. Missing avatar

      clapdady on

      For all the people that want refunds, I understand...but this is Kickstarter. You pledge money and there isn't a 100% chance you're going to get exactly what you want. I've seen projects fail completely and have not gotten a dime back. I've also seen projects take many years to completion; that's just a risk you take If you wanted to get a product that is exactly as advertised and can get your money back if it doesn't work, then you go to a store.

      Regarding the product design. Yeah, it's not as nice as originally shown, but it says right in the risks section of the campaign: " there are always potential unknowns in the redesign process". You signed up for unknowns when you pledged money. If you don't like it then stop using Kickstarter and buy products on Amazon. If you're willing to help a company develop a product that might not get manufactured otherwise then keep using Kickstarter.

      Note that I have no affiliation with this campaign or anyone who runs it, I just hate to see complaints on Kickstarter because it's just part of how Kickstarter works and the risks involved in supporting people.

    34. djb on

      @Ivan LOL "at this point I just want to see how ugly you can make this thing."

      LMAO agreed. Lean into it, Michael. I'm sure it can get even more hideous if he just put a little more effort into it.

      What a total train wreck this product is.

    35. Carri Craver on

      Yeah, I definitely don't want that thing that barely resembles the campaign. Refund time.

    36. djb on

      I'm glad this is finally getting done but it's possibly the ugliest thing I've seen in a long long time. Would have NEVER backed anything looking like this much less bought 2 of them. I hope the black version at least masks some of the hideousness.

    37. Danika Herrera on

      I'm embarrassed to be a part of this project. Kickstarter, is there a way you can delete this from my "Backed Projects" profile page?

    38. Gary Slinger on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ivan Crespo on

      To the creator of this project... please slap yourself. At this point, I just want to see how ugly he can make this thing.

    40. Rohit Thawani on

      Please refund my money due to years of waiting, completely different product look, and the fact that it's already outdated.

    41. Deborah Schumacher

      "a recent Prototype?"
      Does this mean that the timeline shared Mid-August has slipped?
      Mid-October – Manufacturing complete
      Early-December – ETL certification complete (appx. 40 day approval process)
      Mid-December – DELIVERY! "

      Can we get an updated timeline?

    42. Missing avatar

      Modog101 on

      Please refund my money. I backed this project because of the sleek, slim, and attractive design. The end product does not have any of these characteristics. Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joe C. on

      I'm starting to wonder if this is some kind of elaborate prank; It's like you're actively trying to make it as ugly and enormous as possible at this point.

    44. Eric Mullis on

      Give us the refunds you promised us you crook.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joe C. on

      Why did you promise refunds back in June given the circumstance that a manufacturing deal would not be in place by then only to not give folks a way to apply for a refund, but then ignore that promise all together when the timeline was missed? Like, why even promise that? I don't understand.

      From the July 5 update:
      If a manufacturing deal is NOT finalized by August 1, the Edison Nation team will continuepushing forward to secure a deal to bring NuPlug to you. However, we understand there are some backers that no longer wish to wait. Following the August 1 deadline, we will provide product refunds to those who request them.

      From the August 18 update:
      I sincerely appreciate your ongoing patience, and do apologize that this update was not shared on August 1, as outlined in the last update. The deal was finalized at the end of July but we had to wait until all terms were finalized before sharing publicly.

      I realize that you’ve tried to change the definition of “finalized” here, but you should understand that a deal isn’t finalized until the terms are finalized, right? I mean, that’s a pretty basic contract need…

    46. Missing avatar

      Bradley Grant on

      Refund. Refund. Refund.

    47. Rebecca Elder

      You know what? I doubt we'll ever get refunds, no matter how much we'd like them. So I'd like to know if there is a way that I can get you to not even send this to me, so that I'm not putting it in a landfill?

    48. fmotta on

      It started out as a simple and reasonably attractive design that had the likelihood of reliable clamping arms. It went to lawyers and a design house and a hideous contraption that Rube Goldberg would proudly present.

      Where are the refunds you promised!