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Infinity Loop brings you Smart, because life doesn’t need to be hard work. Stop envying those with an easy life. You can live it too.

Infinity Loop brings you Smart, because life doesn’t need to be hard work. Stop envying those with an easy life. You can live it too. Read More
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About this project

We’ve all heard that you can work harder or you can work smarter. But much of what is taught is directed at work harder.  “Better sore than sorry” “Success only comes before work in the dictionary” “Learn to push through the pain, then try harder” and it goes on and on and on.  

What’s happened to working smarter?  

Yes, effort can be it’s own reward. When we’re working hard it can feel like we are accomplishing a lot. However, you’ll travel great distance circling a roundabout but that doesn’t mean you’ve gone anywhere.

And why is success from hard work more rewarding than when it comes easy?  Have you ever known someone who’s life just seemed to be easy. Things just went their way.  Bet they didn’t feel any less satisfied.  Think about it this way.  Let’s say you have to scrimp and save to go in a holiday. It takes you six months to get the money. You there enjoying the sun but in the back of your mind you know it will be a long time before you can go on a holiday again. Do you truly enjoy yourself with that nagging feeling? Compare that to being able to go on a holiday whenever you want. You know you can come back anytime, so you relax and enjoy the simple pleasures.  The holiday you 'didn't work for' is far more relaxing and satisfying.


First 20 backers of $155 and above receive dedicated programs. Your name will forever be headlined with the program.

Extra bonuses


$25 Supporters will also receive their reward sent on a specially monogramed USB wristband.

$49 Exclusive content included on specially monogramed USB wristband. Only available to Kickstarter backers.

$155 Supporters, USB wristband with exclusive content and a T-Shirt.

The History

I grew up believing that you had to work hard to achieve anything worthwhile. It took me years to learn that it’s just not true.  When you do things smarter, they take less time, you feel less stress, you are more enjoyable to be around and you have more time to share with those you love.  Life is just more pleasurable when you do things smarter.

That’s why I started Infinity Loop.  Success is available for all of us and its achievement doesn’t need to be hard work.  

Want an exercise routine that simple yet gives you maximum return? It’s possible if you know which are the key muscles to exercise.

Want to eat healthy but like food? You can eat lots of great tasting food without destroying your health.

Want to have a happy relationship with your partner? The opposite sex is not as difficult to understand as we're lead to believe.

Want to take your career to new heights? You don’t have to be held back by others that can’t see your full potential.

Want to look awesome, feel fantastic and not be a bride/groom-zilla on your wedding day? We have a complete package for you to tone up, manage stress, get the best deals and be in total control. Others will be astounded by your calm and maybe even envy it.

The old adage that you must work hard to succeed is out dated.  Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at the age of 23. We’re in the social media age now, NOT THE STONE AGE.  Great success is available to you if you let go of old paradigms and realise that your success doesn’t need to be hard. Success is no less fulfilling when achieved the smart way.

Infinity Loop is dedicated to bring you the SMART way of achieving your dreams.


The story so far

All my life I’ve been frustrated at how hard it seemed to achieve what I wanted. It would drive me crazy. Why that which should be so simple takes so long and be so hard to realise.  Then I had an epiphany. It doesn’t need to be hard. There are many roads to reach your destination. The longer, steeper one only provides more satisfaction if you’re just in it for the journey. If the destination is more important then acting smarter provides much more satisfaction. 

Once I realised that the Smart route is just as fulfilling as the hard way, I began studying how to do things smarter. I looked for the keys which showed how people achieved things quickly and easily. There are people out there that just have an easy life, are fulfilled and achieve great things. It became my mission to learn how they did this.  I wanted to know, so I could do it.  Then I realised others wanted this knowledge too. So I started sharing what I knew.  

Infinity Loop is at the next stage. Using the internet, this knowledge can be shared with almost everybody in the world.  Imagine a world where everybody is getting what they want without stress, tension and unpleasantness.  Imagine how much happier everyone will be.  Imagine how much more people can contribute to making the world a better place if they can achieve their success quicker and easier. It is my mission to provide a pathway that allows people to exceed beyond their wildest dreams. 

We have the knowledge.  It just needs to get to you.  The funds raised will be used to convert this knowledge in to simple to follow programs, delivered on in the internet, to move you beyond the everyday to easily and simply exceeding their expectations. 

Imagine having a closer relationship with your teenagers, a more loving relationship with your partner, simply making business connections to expand your company, having an exercise program that you can implement quickly and at anytime so you have more energy than you thought possible. 

It’s all possible.  You probably know someone that success comes easy to.  You can have that too.

All this is possible

Weekly Touch - free weekly email giving you quick tips and hints to propel your dreams forward.

Extreme Awesomeness - An exclusive fortnightly member newsletter bringing you an abundance of simple and easy insights so you can blast beyond your perceived potential.

Concentrated Magnificence - Power packed programs specifically focused for you to excel. These programs may appear condensed but they are packed full of key fundamental resources.  Easy to digest but plenty of explosive content. Yes it can be that easy.  

Dedicated Brilliance - Highly charged programs for you to be your best in any situation. More of everything great. Taking the good stuff and expanding it with detailed action plans. Giving you simple consistent steps to achieve greatness.

Personal Touch - One on one customisation. Take the best of us directly to you. Tailored specifically to your needs. Your circumstance is analysed, assessed and a unique program is designed to fit your needs.  It’s as simple as point and shoot. Bullseye. You’re on target.

Some of what's available

Get what you want now. There’ll be a million reasons to not. Many people saying you can’t. At the end it is up to you. Goal setting is one part. Many people set goals and don’t follow through. You need more to achieve the destiny you deserve.

You get only one shot. How do you get your point across persuasively?Structure, timing and rhythm are all key to others understanding the value you possess. Pitching occurs in business when you are seeking funding, in the home when you want others to see the movie you want to see. Pitching happens everywhere, everyday. Make yours, one that is successful.

The biggest key to achieving success faster than most believe is possible. Don’t envy those that just get what they want. Live that life. It’s yours if you want it.

The spiral starts without warning. Soon you are starting to despise silly little behaviours that your partner does.  Things that you’ve never before considered an issue.  Before you know it, it’s all over and you’re wondering what happened.  Don’t fall into this trap. See the signs, prepare and maintain that loving relationship you both deserve.

Distractions are everywhere. We start with great intension, then one thing or another requires our attention. We can achieve it all. We don’t have to sacrifice our friends and family to achieve our goals. We can do both. You can stay focused on all that is important to you and still manage the demands of each day.

Big franchise business have one thing in common. They all have systems in place that ensure their consistent success. Big or small you can tap into these same systems and implement strategies that will ensure that no matter what comes your way you’ll be constantly living the life of your dreams.

We negotiate all the time. Getting the kids to do their home work and clean their room. Where to go for dinner. If you want something from someone and they want something from you, now you are at a point of negotiation. If done well, negotiation provides the foundation for lasting and trusting relationships. Be careful, when done poorly, resentment and frustration can quickly sour the connections. Build deeper trust and respect with your family, friends and business collogues and ensure everyone gets what they want.

It’s easy when things are going your way. But what about when you don’t feel like it? Not so easy to stay up and positive. But it can be. You can maintain a strong positive focus on what you want until it is part of your life. You can stay motivated no matter what happens.

As relationships pass the passage of time, intimacy fades and we reminisce the closeness we once shared. Intimacy isn’t just for new couples. You can re-discover that deep connection which compels both of you into each others arms again.

A joy and the bane. Creative people have the potential to add so much yet tapping into their valuable resources is so hard. These people have very different triggers to most and standard motivation techniques just don’t work. Creative people can be managed and guided. When you can control the creativity within, you have one of the most valuable resources available.

It's one of the biggest killers of performance. Perfectionism destroys your ability to quickly and easily achieve your dreams. It needs to be stopped. You need to move forward. You can have everything you want and fast. Many people suffer from this without recognising that it is putting giant road blocks in their way. If you find you’re struggling to get what you want this will provide you with the answers.

Confidence is a choice. It's not something some people have and others lack. Confidence is a mental thought process first, then a physiology. There's no tricks to being confident. You can easily tap into the abundance the world has to offer, when you stand tall and believe you deserve it.

Understanding body language is a very powerful tool that can help build rapport, understand what's not being said and even give an indication if someone is lying. Be careful, there are common mistakes which can easily lead to misinterpretation, leading to mistakes, embarrassment and loss of business or friendship. Learn these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Will power alone is not enough to break bad habits. Breaking habits is actually easy when you understand what a habit is and the strategy needed to break it. Will power won't break a bad habit but you can.

Nobody deserves to have depression. Depression is more than just a low mood – it's a serious illness that has an impact on both physical and mental health. Understand what causes depression. The signs and symptoms. Most of all what can be done to avoid it occurring in your life.

There are lots information out there about improving memory. There are actually only a few keys you need to know to to dramatically improve your ability to quickly recall information you have just processed. Quick, simple and to the point. No complicated, hard to learn techniques.

Ever noticed how some people just make others feel at ease? How do they do that? What makes them the kind of person you want to be around? It's not just luck. You can be that kind of person. Someone others are drawn to and want to have as part of their life.

Get more out of your day. Life requires so much of you. Kids, partner, job, family all demand their part. Where do you fit in your dreams and ambitions? There is a way you can have it all. Your space and shared joy with others.

Unfortunately not taught in schools but spelling has a simple mental strategy to work. This is it. Spell any word you encounter immediately and remember it forever.

What you do on a daily basis will determine how quickly you succeed at achieving your dreams. Our behaviours are driven by our habits. Are your habits moving you quickly to where you want to go? Learn how to identify your key driving habits, which habits you need and which are holding you back. Then how to install habits that better serve you.

Will power is just not enough. No matter how hard some people try they keep getting into debt. Yet others never have a problem. There is a solution and you possess it already. 

They say children learn faster than adults. We've all seen a young child learn amazing things quickly and fast. As an adult you’ve lost that ability. You watch in amazement wishing you could do that. Well you can. Re-discover the inner child in you so you can again learn quickly. Surprise yourself and others when you pick up new skills almost immediately.

What’s next

I’ve worked with several companies bringing knowledge services to the world.  Getting the right mix of knowledge, Information Technology, entrainment and combining this with the right delivery system is challenging. Too much excitement and it’s not taken seriously. If it drones on, people fall asleep.

The programs outlined here and more have been developed, the resources are there to combine into useful packages and deliver to the world. We have a team of specialists ready to produce.  Each is highly skilled at quality control, production and delivery to ensure only the best reaches you. You should accept nothing less and we believe you deserve nothing less.

We want you have have the best of Infinity Loop as soon as possible.  The more funds we raise the faster we can get the awesomeness to you. Here’s our plan to achieve that:

August / September - Make lots of new Kickstarter friends. Extend and create more relationships with social media friends worldwide. Finalise production agreements. Get a head start on program production.

October to December - Gear it up. Get the whip out.  The team get their heads down into program production. Quickly launching each program as it is completed. 

January 2015 - Systems in place to deliver one on one personal touch, adding even more value to the lives of those around us.

To infinity and beyond - Continued success and positive reinforcement ensure that programs are regularly added.  Source experts to fulfil needs as they arise and implement their knowledge into ever more useful programs for you.

Risks and challenges

Nothing is more important than executing this development exceptionally well. Infinity Loop is all about how to achieve greatness quickly and easily. We have gone to great lengths to plan this business for Kickstarter.

Ease of engagement: We live in modern times and expect to have our media delivered as such. We want it accessible wherever we are. We have a team of IT specialist advice to ensure that you will have what you want, wherever you are, at anytime.

Entertaining: Boring is not acceptable. There is nothing worse than something that just drones on zzzzzzz. At the same time too much ZAZZLE and it’ll be like a 60s Batman show POW, ZAP, BONG. Click, I just tuned out. We have carefully thought through which are the important concepts, what needs to be emphasised and devised a pace that is both exciting and at the same time respects the knowledge within.

Ensuring financial viability: Detailed systems are in place to ensure all programs are produced within budget to ensure their financial viability. Without specific controls budgets can easily blowout making production overly costly and not viable. This won’t be the case. Exceptional product control will ensure budgets are met.

Customer Satisfaction: You deserve the best and we expect nothing less. It is critical that every customer feels a sense of satisfaction and pride when engaging with Infinity Loop. Specific controls and systems have been designed and implemented to ensure that at every point of contact the customer feels special and gets what they expect.

Any pledge amount brings simplicity and ease of achievement closer for everyone. Help take Infinity Loop to the next level by clicking ‘Back This Project’ button at the top of the page. Plus spread the word by sharing this page. Thank you for your help. You and others can achieve their dreams quickly and easily.

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  • Kickstarter supports will receive the first offerings from Infinity Loop before everyone else. You will receive priority notification prior to programs being made available to the public.

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  • Yes definitely. As part of our service, gift certificates will be make available. Gift certificates will receive all the great benefits offered to all our customers.

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  • Definitely!!! Service is our number one priority. Any offer made to you entities you to everything detailed therein. We’re here to help you fly.

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  • That all depends on the product. Some are short and can be absorbed quickly. Others take several months.

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  • Yes. Our aim is to provide you with the keys to succeed. We’ll be standing beside you. We’ll offer you the carrot to get you motivated and we’re also not afraid to pull out the stick when needed.

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  • You have the flexibility to choose which level of special pricing is right for you. Simply choose which pledge offering is right for you. You’ll get all the benefits associated with that offering. Plus we’re not afraid to throw in some bonuses as well.

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  • Of course. We never throw out computer bits. All commuter bits are carefully collected, refurbished to their original new specifications then re-integrated into future works.

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  • The wonders of the internet enable us to deliver all products anywhere in the world for the same price. That’s right we can deliver every product to you via the internet anywhere in the world. No extra charge.

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  • Whilst we recognise there are many different languages in the world for cost reasons the initial offerings will be English. However, we are planning future versions in other languages. If there is a preference for a specified product in your language please contact us and we’ll work on making it a conversion priority.

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  • We have masses of information organised and ready to go into production however we want to ensure that every product is not only knowledgable, entertaining and of high quality. This production process does take time but with your help we can employ extra resources to speed up this process and get it to you faster.

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