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Help restart Frantone by pre-ordering one of the first new Peachfuzz pedals in 6 years!
Help restart Frantone by pre-ordering one of the first new Peachfuzz pedals in 6 years!
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Return of the Frantone Peachfuzz



Legendary Tone!

In 2011 Music Radar rated the Frantone Peachfuzz as one of the 50 greatest fuzztones of all time.  It is a legendary design, but has been out of production since 2009 when Frantone went on hiatus.  But that has gone on long enough - it's time to bring Frantone back - and now you can help do just that!  Make a pledge of $295 to help fund the restart of Frantone and get one of the very first Peachfuzz pedals to be produced in 6 years!  

Peachfuzz cases
Peachfuzz cases

Yes, by pre-ordering a new Peachfuzz through Kickstarter you will be funding the restart of the Frantone Electronics line of effects, and getting a brand spankin' new Frantone Peachfuzz completely hand made in the USA with love by Frantone!  A win -win!

What makes Frantone pedals so special?

Peachfuzz circuit boards
Peachfuzz circuit boards

It takes a lot of love to make a Frantone!  Every Frantone pedal is completely hand made in the USA - every case is hand painted and hand silk screened, and every circuit board is hand assembled with top shelf components and hardware.  All Frantone pedals are built rugged for the professional player to withstand the rigors of constant touring.  Designed for optimal tone and performance, and built to last a lifetime.

Peachfuzz pedals being assembled
Peachfuzz pedals being assembled

Every Peachfuzz is meticulously hand assembled, and every pedal is individually tested for tonal quality by yours truly.  I assure that Frantone pedals are second to none for ruggedness, reliability, and performance - truly built to last - and always sound amazing!

But don't just take my word for it - Check out this Peachfuzz Demo from a Frantone fan:

 And this great demo with the Peachfuzz in a fuzz pedal shootout:

Risks and challenges

The Peachfuzz was in production from 1997 to 2009, and this is a restart to production of the legendary design. There are always challenges to electronics manufacturing, particularly when dealing with high quality hand building and vintage components. Some delays can occur simply waiting for sourcing parts. However, the product is completely developed, the production is refined, and the design is well proven - it just needs a little Kickstart in funding to get going again.

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