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Fund the growth of EndlessJabber, an Android SMS app's video poster

Send and receive SMS messages from any PC/Tablet/Web Browser/XMPP chat client using your android phone number Read more

Brea, CA Apps
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This project was successfully funded on October 10.

Send and receive SMS messages from any PC/Tablet/Web Browser/XMPP chat client using your android phone number

Brea, CA Apps
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About this project

What is EndlessJabber?  

EndlessJabber is a service which allows you to send and receive SMS/MMS messages from any PC/Tablet/Web Browser/XMPP client. Getting set up is extremely easy:

If you are frequently using other devices such as a PC at work, laptop in class, tablet on the couch, etc... it becomes quite inconvenient to reach into your pocket to grab your phone to view and reply to text messages. EndlessJabber allows you to use the device in front of you to view and reply to the text message quickly and easily. 

Check out this post which explains EndlessJabber 

EndlessJabber in Action!

Why Did We Build EndlessJabber? 

Our goal is to build software that people find useful and love using! We aim to provide intuitive solutions to real life problems and bring convenience to you. EndlessJabber is an exemplary service which aims to fulfill that vision to its core. 

EndlessJabber allows you to remotely view and send text messages from your Android phone using any web browser and XMPP chat client. We envision EndlessJabber as an indispensable companion to anyone who uses any other device beyond their phone (PC, tablet, phablet, notebook, laptop, etc..) throughout the day.

Our Android Users Love EndlessJabber

We know we've built a great app/service due to our Google Play rating of 4.39 which is on the rise. The personal app reviews further reinforce this!

Why We Need Your Support

As a young start-up we posses the technical and business skills necessary to make EndlessJabber a technical success. These traits, however, are not enough to ensure we reach our target audience and expand. In today's incredibly crowded and competitive app marketplaces, gaining visibility is a very expensive proposition, one we can not achieve without your help.

In order to drive the influx of downloads necessary to propel our ranking on Google Play and achieve organic growth, we need to drive a hard and fast marketing campaign. With a focused campaign we can capture a significant number of users in a short amount of time. We aim to achieve this by creating a cohesive, professional, funded marketing campaign for EndlessJabber to help spread the awareness of its existence.

The funds raised from this campaign will be used to:

  • Determine the appropriate marketing strategy to achieve our goals
  • Find an appropriate marketing firm
  • Execute on the marketing strategy

Benefits of Backing EndlessJabber

The success of EndlessJabber rests in our ability to gain the proper market visibility; this campaign is crucial to achieving this making you, the backer, a component in our success. 

As a backer, you will be part of bringing an incredibly useful tool into the hands of countless Android users. You will be responsible for propelling the Android platform ensuring it meets and exceeds feature parity with Apple's iOS (iMessage aka messages). 

Check out the valuable pledge rewards we are offering:

  • EndlessJabber Pro subscriptions (see below for more)
  • Visibility on and our social networks letting the world know that you took a special and significant role in our success
  • A cool t-shirt bringing this awareness into the physical realm

EndlessJabber Pro

We are offering EndlessJabber Pro subscriptions as pledge rewards. EndlessJabber Pro extends the base EndlessJabber experience and knocks it out of the park with these incredibly useful features:

  • JabberMode - more info below, enables you to instantly send and receive SMS messages by bypassing the free Google Cloud Messaging infrastructure
  • Search - never again forget the address your friend text you - search for it!
  • Themes - default look and feel too boring? Spice it up with different themes!
  • Scheduler - schedule text messages in advance; you'll be glad you'll never forget to text your wife a special anniversary message again
  • XMPP (Jabber) integration - Send text messages from your favorite chat client such as Pidgin and Trillian
  • Analytics - more info below, gain more insights into your texting habits and peak usage times
  • Signatures - personalize your text messages with a signature
  • Unlimited message retention - lite stores messages online for a maximum of 30 days, extend this indefinitely and use EndlessJabber as an archive and backup of your messages 

Current APP Functionality

Even though we have a hefty backlog of features we are building on, the current functionality of the app makes it an incredible companion to any Android user. Below are some of the key features of the app.

Simple Setup

Setting up the phone app is incredibly straightforward, it takes just one tap and you are set to go! The app provides a settings screen with the ability to adjust many of the configurable options, as well as view statistics and status of the app's connectivity to the server.

Gorgeous, Fluid, and Intuitive User Interface

The responsive HTML 5 based web application cleanly adapts to the dimensions of the device you are viewing it on. The layout dynamically changes to adapt to smartphones, tablets, and full-sized monitors. The entire UI dynamically updates as messages come in, are read, deleted, etc..

Embedded Analytics

The web app currently provides several statistical metrics around usage based on the SMS messages synced with the server.

  • Chart of the # of sent/received text messages in the last 5 days
  • Pie chart and count of # of messages sent/received from top 5 contacts
  • Aggregate view on sent/received messages by day of week
  • Aggregate view on sent/received messages by month of year
  • Aggregate view on sent/received messages by hour of day


A unique technology built by us to circumvent the deficiencies of the Google Cloud Messaging platform as well as the 'sleep mode' on most phones. With JabberMode turned on, the phone creates a persistent bi-directional connection with the server that is immune to GCM slowdown due to overload, as well as lag due to phone radio sleep state. Using this connection, messages are sent and receives from the phone to our API's almost immediately, ensuring that you send and receive text messages as fast as your carrier can deliver them!

Other Notable Features

International User Base

EndlessJabber has been built to support international phone number formats. When the app is installed, it recognizes the device's locale. All UI formatting, heuristic phone number to contact matching algorithms, and other tertiary features that leverage phone numbers use the locale information to properly render, match, and communicate accurately.

Accelerating Adoption

Since the launch of EndlessJabber in early 2014, we have seen almost 13k installs with an increasing install velocity, mainly due to blog reviews and limited fund marketing. We will use the funds from this campaign to maintain and accelerate this rate even further.

Multiple Endpoints

Our goal is to integrate with devices as easily and quickly as possible. To achieve this goal we offer Chrome/Firefox apps/extensions, XMPP chat client connectivity so the user can link chat clients such as Pidgin and Trillian, and of course our adaptive Web App.

EvolveSMS Integration

EvolveSMS is one of the most feature rich and popular Android SMS apps on Google Play. MariusSoft LLC and Klinker Apps have partnered together to bring unheard of features to the Android platform by creating an integration between EndlessJabber and EvolveSMS.

Recently passive SMS services that perform actions such as sync and backup have experienced a loss of features due to the release of Android KitKat. The ability to delete conversations, mark messages as read, and saving sent MMS to the local device have been restricted to only one app on the OS (This is usually your main SMS app). In order for these apps to maintain their functionality they've had to rely on users switching their main SMS app back and forth to allow temporary access.

Through this new partnership, users of EndlessJabber who use EvolveSMS as their primary SMS app will be able to once again perform all of the functions users have come to expect without needing to switch SMS apps! 

Additionally we have top secret features currently in the works that will make the EndlessJabber EvolveSMSpartnership an invaluable one. Trust us, this will be a game changer!

Risks and challenges

Full-fulfillment of the offered rewards will not be a problem.

Determining the appropriate marketing strategy, finding the right marketing agency, and executing on it successfully will not guarantee our app's success.

It will be challenging to find and employ the right agency/people to help us execute our marketing campaign. Part of our success will be based on their ability to execute well. We will perform thorough research and verify prior successes as part of our due diligence to ensure we maximize our changes of succeeding.

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