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Open source controller for any device.
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ICP1s enroute

Posted by Product 3 LLC (Creator)

Hello Backers,

My apologies for the lack of an update in April.  I just heard from Craig last week, he is sending me iControlPad 1 units that are left over from his shop.  I can send these out to backers who pledged for an ICP1 & ICP2 Unit, these folks will have priority on them.  For whatever is left, for anyone who will take an ICP1 as a substitute for the ICP2 reward, we can do that too.  I'm not sure how many are coming, nor am I sure when they will arrive.  If there are any units left that nobody here wants, they will be sold via Ithic's webshop and proceeds go towards refunds here. 

Below is a breakdown on where the funds went.  

Kickstarter Deposit:  $188190

November 2012

$7500 to MJW Designs

$35000 to ICP Ltd.

$62500 to OpenPandora GmbH for BoM

$15000 to ICP2/Craig

December 2012

$7500 to MJW Designs

$19925 Roving Networks BT Chips

$14000 Ithic Account Shipping US/Canada Orders

$2500 Consultation Mark Linkhorst

March 2013

$14000 to ICP Ltd. for development case/out of shipping funds (UK/EU/World) to be reimbursed on presales of extra ICP2 units produced in order.

Since June 2012

$5200 Administrative Ithic

Remaining funds have been used for tax liabilities for 2012/2013, accountant fees, shipping supplies, shipping equipment, wire transfer/bank fees, and other expenses. 

Refund Information:

For the email address above, please contact it only if you desire a refund, and get us an update on your mailing address or PayPal email address in which we can refund you.  If you have already requested a refund via the email address above, there is no need to make another request.  Just mentioning this again for anyone who missed the March 2014 Update. 

Beyond funds coming in from ICP1 units possibly or reduced refunds desired monetarily there is no word on parts that have been sold, as soon as we have more information from what was sold or can be sold, we'll start the refund process once that money is back on the account.  Please bare with us during this process.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated. 

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    1. Craig on

      Request made for a refund... I already have a IControlPad 1... Shame ICP2 was never a reality.

    2. Chris Leathco on

      Requested an icp1 in lieu of a refund over a month ago with no reply. At least reply back with an answer of if it's a viable option or not! At this rate I'm tempted to see what legal options I have available. I understand that problems occur, but over a month of no communication with someone offering a reasonable settlement does not set a good standard.

    3. Juan Sarmiento on

      Can't believe its been almost a year and a half. So many expectations. Well i'll be waiting on my refund. Sent email twice just in case.

    4. Pink-Pummy

      Really sorry to see the state of this project :( . I have sent in my mail to now as well. Here's to hoping that it will work out for everyone.

    5. Sam Watkins on

      That would salvage some honor from the ruins and disgrace.

    6. Sam Watkins on

      At least pay the people who want a refund in full.
      I'm willing to forego it, as are some others.

    7. Sam Watkins on

      I've changed my tune somewhat;
      I agree that Craig should take a loan or agree to pay back the money gradually.

    8. Sam Watkins on

      I'd like to receive the iCP1 that I paid for. I'll forget about the iCP2 part of the order.

    9. Sam Watkins on

      If I paid every iCP2 backer 10c a week, I could pay it all off in 18 years or so (no interest bitches). In 968 easy payments of $216 per week. Or something like that. Not going to do that. But Craig might consider it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      For me, receiving an ICP1 instead of an ICP2 as a refund would be OK.

    11. Chris Leathco on

      I am willing to receive an ICP1 in lieu of the 2 as compensation. Please contact me at if this would work out.

    12. Ryan Lucas on

      Two people have now been refunded, although one of those was a partial payment. See more info at:

    13. Doc

      Receiving my ICP1 from this would be a good start to a bad end ;)

    14. Missing avatar

      Qun Mang on

      I still want a controller for my phone- have strongly been thinking of Moga. I actually only pledged for the ICP2 because it was the going thing at the time and I don't think ICP1 was available. The keyboard would have been a nice addition though. In any event, a question before I commit: does ICP1 work with current versions of Android (4.3/4.4)? I know Google hobbled bluetooth after 4.1. My phone is running 4.3.

    15. Ryan Lucas on

      That's probably because Mark is still expecting Craig to handle this. While he posts an update here, and appears to be taking the reigns, he is still expecting Craig to step in and take care of it. I hope he does, but I know he won't. In the end, Mark will need to make an executive decision.

    16. Sippakorn K on

      I've sent an email since last update; not a single reply. I guess this isn't going to end well. I preordered Pandora, but I got full refund w/o any hassle after 3 years of waiting. That's the only reason why I had a confidence backing this.

    17. Ryan Lucas on

      If I were you guys, I'd wait until Mark can post an actual photo of the icp1 units that he has in hand. Otherwise, you are once again relying on Craig's word as told via Mark from emails you can't see copies of. Who's to say there's actual devices being sent at all? For awhile Craig was selling anything not tied down on his store gbax, including tons of chocolate bars he was including in orders as a promo. It's hard for me to believe he has a bunch of icp1 units in his back pocket.

    18. Ben Lorenz on

      At this point, this is entirely unprofessional and unacceptable -- I want a refund in full now, not when you can resell the parts. Take out a loan, I don't care if it ruins you financially. It should ruin you financially. You took on the risk, now own up to it in full or you truly are a scammer.

    19. Evaristo Ramos on

      I opted for the ICP1, I might as well have hope of getting something instead of nothing.


    20. jorlinn on Linux on

      I have requested a refund as well. I want to close this chapter. The idea was great, but the execution and especially the communication was dismal.

    21. Ben on

      Isn't it great how kickstarter themselves do nothing making this funding platform less than trustworthy

    22. Paul Allen on

      I want my full refund. I've sent the e-mail. The $30 ICP 1 doesn't come close to the near $200 pledged.

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    24. Missing avatar

      ocio46 on

      Nos habeis tomado el puto pelo. Asi de claro. Verguenza os deberia de dar.

    25. Stefano Paolo Lacertosa on

      I inquired about a refund using the given email address MARCH 31 2014, and I received no reply. Was I supposed too? What's going on with that?

    26. Adam R on

      BTW, Ed (EvilDragon/OpenPandora GmbH) wrote somewhere that he was only involved in communication between Cragi and that German PCB manufacturer, but based on that breakdown it looks like he got big chunk of money.

    27. Adam R on

      BoM - bill of materials, IMO

    28. Missing avatar

      dddmaster on

      The breakdown of the funds is very lackluster and misleading , what exactly was purchased with the money and are the values justified? Openpandora GmbH received quite a huge amount, what does BoM stand for?

    29. Missing avatar

      Brandon Kiesling on

      And these are the limited edition (red & black) iCP1s?

    30. Missing avatar

      Scott Willis on

      I like the update, but simply put. NO one wants this crap. We want our money and we want it NOW. You have been delaying this as long as you can, and it's gotten quite disappointing. Key words here - Funded! This project was successfully funded on Oct 13, 2012. We in October of 2012 funded your project, and now 2 years later, we still have excuses. What a shame.

    31. Boone Simpson on

      Thanks for the update, and thanks for the money breakdown.

      I am assuming Craig isn't providing in any info how how he used the funds?
      I want to know if molds or clamps were even thought to be produced and if they weren't where did the earmarked money go?

      Link, you are in a bad spot, I think if nothing else, Craig should give you the IP to the ICP2 so that you could choose (with community help) if you want to see it through.

      The parts probably won't sell, no one wants them but us

    32. Missing avatar

      Javier on

      bare with us ... indeed!

    33. Missing avatar

      Florian on

      Well, how much will the refund be? Unless we know that, how should we decide for money versus an ICP1?

    34. Product 3 LLC Creator on

      For those looking for an ICP1 instead of a refund, email the address
      with Subject: NO $ REFUND ICP1 Instead

    35. Missing avatar

      Hunter K. on

      Thanks for continuing to see this through, guys. I'm not interested in a monetary refund, but how would I sign up for a possible iCP1? The same email address?

    36. Adam R on

      Maybe some kind of confirmation email to those ppl which signed to that email for a refund?