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Light enough to carry anywhere, fast enough to go everywhere.  A revolutionary combination of portability and power.
Light enough to carry anywhere, fast enough to go everywhere. A revolutionary combination of portability and power.
1,110 backers pledged $467,167 to help bring this project to life.

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Free upgrade for your board and new models starting at $999


Hi Kickstarter backers!  If you've been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably noticed that we've been shipping thousands of boards out to happy riders.  But we also never stopped our engineering work behind the scenes.  Today we're announcing a free software upgrade to your existing board, now called the Dual+, to make it accelerate faster, hit a higher top speed, and brake more strongly.   This upgrade will be available for download in early 2015, but if you want it sooner, you can get more details at

Three models start at $999
Three models start at $999

We're also announcing two new models.  The Single drive is $999 and the Dual drive is $1299.  Your board, now the Dual+, is $1499.  We were able to drop the cost of manufacturing without changing the quality or performance of the parts we use.  All our models share the same qualities that make a Boosted board incredible, like the same Loaded/Orangatang/Caliber setup, the same all-metal drivetrain, the same automotive-grade battery, and the same magical riding experience.

Perfect for commuting or recreational riding
Perfect for commuting or recreational riding

If you or your friends have been waiting to get a board, we hope you'll love the new options.  There are more details on our blog at  And if you have any questions, just let us know.  

Thanks for your support!  We hope you're still loving your boards!

-Sanjay and the Boosted team

International Shipping Update


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Backer Reactions and Shipping Schedule Update


Backer Reactions

About 100 boards have shipped so far, and backers are loving them! Here are some of their comments:

“This thing has an amazing amount of torque, adding a ‘slow mode’ [for beginners] was definitely the right call!” - Adrien F

"I am officially boosted! Woo!!! Thank you Boosted team. Just opening the package I felt a sense of value and quality from the exterior of the box to the product itself. I find myself having to keep calm and regain composure as I indulge in my new toy like a young toddler would, and making sure I follow the directions for safety and product knowledge." - Dragon

“I’m a touch over 200 lbs and the board goes uphill fast enough to scare me. I don’t think I will find myself wanting more power” - Charles M

“I have trouble putting it into words. The ride is beautiful. So. Much. Fun. Almost magical. I'm in love with my board.” - Charles M

Resolved Delays

We've had some minor delays that have been resolved, and here are the reasons and solutions.

1. Software safety update. Recently one of our riders fell off a board and broke his arm. Fortunately, he’s recovering well after surgery. We analyzed the accident to see why it happened, and we decided to implement a software update to make the board respond more gradually to extremely sudden changes in throttle input (such as if you drop the remote or if the wireless connection cuts out). This update is going out on all your boards, and we held shipping until we had finished writing and testing it. This will not delay any further shipments.

Never ride at speeds or on hills where you would be out of control or unable to stop on a regular skateboard.

2. Manufacturing ramp-up. According to our original schedule, we would have completed 175 boards by March 1. We are behind on this production schedule by 30 boards because we slowed our production rate to maintain our quality standards. However, we will be at our planned production rate soon.

Unresolved Delays

1. Air shipping. Before we can ship the batteries by air, they need to be tested thoroughly by an external lab. The lab is currently conducting the test and will be finished in around 4 weeks. We fully expect the batteries to be certified, at which point we’ll start shipping by air to backers by batch number. This applies to backers in Hawaii, Alaska, and outside the US.

2. Engraving. Our laser engraving machine was delayed and is finally running today. If you pledged the additional $100 on Kickstarter for engraving (or if engraving was included with your pledge), we expect an additional 3 weeks to dial in the machine and finish engraving your boards. If you would like engraving added to your board for an additional $100 please contact us.

3. International Backers. Besides air-transport certification, each country has individual certification requirements that need to be met. Otherwise, they could be held in customs or returned to us. Meeting these requirements is a very complex process and will mean that some boards will be shipped out by the middle of April, and others may take longer if countries have more restrictive regulations. Alternatively, if you do have an address in the continental US that you can use for pickup, please contact us.

4. No information. Some backers never responded with their address information. We’re contacting you separately to get this, so please keep an eye out for another email from us! You may want to whitelist

New Shipping Schedule

All early-bird, first-batch, and second-batch backers be shipped by this week (unless delayed for a reason above).

Third-batch backers will ship between Monday (March 10th) and mid-April.

Thanks for your enthusiasm, support and patience!

Team Boosted

Flex and Board Length


Some of our backers have asked, "Are we still offering different Flexes, and what Flex should I choose?"

Loaded Vanguard decks come in two lengths 38" and 42". Each length comes in a stiffer and a slightly more flexible option.

After extensive testing with riders from 100lbs to over 300lbs, we found the stiffer 38” Loaded Vanguard works the best for most people. This Flex 3 Vanguard is a great blend of firmness for the fast speeds and flex for ripping carves. We find that most people prefer the shorter of the two lengths because it is lighter, more portable, and accommodates most stances.

We have decided to offer almost exclusively the stiffer 38" Loaded Vanguard. This board is what 95% of our beta testers rode and preferred. Even testers who weighed over 300lbs found that this model was just fine for them.

A very small subset of people who are very tall ( > 6’6” ) may still want the longer deck. If you are one of those people we can still make a 42” model for you, but please note it will delay your shipment and you may receive it in different packaging.


We are listening to all of the comments, emails, and feedback we get. Although we have been quiet lately, we just brought on Dan McDonley, one of our earliest Beta Testers to exclusively help get more communication out, more updates, and post more great information about Boosted boards for those of you hungrily awaiting news and updates.

Thank you for all of your patience and support.



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