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Continued funding of The Small Stage: reviews and previews of small-staged Milwaukee theatre shows online. (
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For more than a dozen years I've been covering the theatre in Milwaukee. 

In that time I've reviews over 1,000 shows and I can't wait to do more.

Thanks to all of the support that I've had with the Small Stage Milwaukee Theatre blog in its first year. 

For every $10 I am donated, I'm allowing myself to do another preview/review of a small stage Milwaukee theatre show. With Milwaukee's venerable daily no longer covering quite so much theatre, smaller stage shows aren't getting as much attention and I'd love to help get the word out. 

Here's what I'm seeing in June:

JUNE 7th--I’m heading out to The Underground Collaborative to review the 2018 ONE ACT FESTIVAL with Cooperative Performance.

(also kind of a big deal the weekend of the 8th: Alchemist welcomes Randall T. Anderson back as THE BARTENDER. If you haven’t seen the show...just go. It’s great. Anderson is a sparkling personality...amazing.)

JUNE 14th--I’ll be covering THE MAD WOMAN OF CHAILLOT with Off the Wall for the Shepherd. Look for “What Didn’t Make It In” in the Small Stage.

JUNE 15th--I’m hoping to review a production of Jason Powell’s musical FORTUNA THE TIME-BENDER VS. THE SCHOOLGIRLS OF DOOM with Milwaukee Metro Voices at the Tenth Street Theatre for the Small Stage.

The Week of June 18th, I’m hoping to do a couple of previews: Patrick Schmitz’s new one-weekend-only drama KATELYN’S WASTELAND

And Untitled Productions’/Theater RED’s I’LL EAT YOU LAST.

AND I’m scheduling to run reviews for I’LL EAT YOU LAST and tentatively Schmitz’s show before heading-off to Door County to cover Door Shakespeare for the Shepherd.

There’s also a LOT to cover in July and beyond including a GCT staging of SHREK in July, THE CHILDREN’S HOUR at the Brumder, the new wild west cannibal musical THE FLESH TRADE at the Alchemist ion August and so much more...and so much more beyond that. 

With so much time away from my family in covering the shows, I need to justify all that theatre, so the only way I can continue is with the token amount of one $10 donation per blog. 

Risks and challenges

Standard disclaimer here:

As stated in the past, if you're donating to the blog, I love you.
But...I would prefer not to know who you are so that I can best be as objective as possible. Please use the anonymous option to keep things from feeling weird around the Small Stage.


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