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Intense Southern thriller seeks to impress movie companies into green-lighting project for feature length production, with your help.
Created by

Kyle Rynicki

56 backers pledged $9,000 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator James Rynicki on April 16, 2012

      This comment is from Kyle’s parents, Jim and Jacky Rynicki, in San Diego, CA. From the first time Kyle grabbed a pencil we new he was artistically gifted. We have seen him develop these skills to the amazing level he is at now. We are so proud of him and anticipate his talents to soon be recognized by the movie/film industry. His unyielding passion for the art and science of movie making is an inspiration to everyone that knows him. We love you Kyle. Mom and Dad.

    2. Creator Joshua Trusso on April 14, 2012

      Kyle Rynicki is one of the most talented, skilled artists I have ever met. His positivity and strength radiate from his everyday actions. His dedication to excellence and creativity show through in this spine tingling, intense thriller.
      Kyle takes a different approach with his character building that pulls you deep into the plot creating an undeniable emotional bond with the cast, taking the audience captive in the opening scene.
      Kyle's attention to detail and dedication to perfection demonstrated in every line of his script. The intensity of each scene will leave you gasping for air and gripping at your seat. As the plot progresses an overwhelming desire to embrace the lead character, as she stumbles through the trials and tribulations of her past, will pull you deep into the momentum of the story.
      I invite you to take a moment and become a part of this epic adventure. Please help Kyle aspire to greatness by backing this exceptional project.