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Twig is an ever-so-magical, traveling theatre of puppetry.Help me finish the theatre, the lighted props & the Earth Shaman Puppet.
Twig is an ever-so-magical, traveling theatre of puppetry.Help me finish the theatre, the lighted props & the Earth Shaman Puppet.
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Jigbone bits and pieces


Ok, so a small quicky update. In the previous Jigbone post I took apart his shoddy shoulders and made new ones out of SuperSculpey to match his pelvis....

 Here are the shoulders re-attached to the spine and pelvis. I spliced the wire at the top to give the shoulders more stability and to allow his head to have its own swivel joint (rather than running the same wire all the way up to his head like I had before)

 With each rebuild it gets better and stronger and I learn more and more. The best puppet school I suppose one could go to...."Trial and Error U of P"

His cute tailbone- the end of the yellow wire will be cut short up against the bottom side of the pelvis. Then I will slide this bead on and glue it to the end of the wire. There is a little indention in the underside of the pelvis for the bead...This will allow the pelvis to swivel. good idea?...hmmmm not sure. we shall see!

 Put the ribs back on and painted the shoulders to match the rib segment

 Then I went back to the head since I was almost ready to attach it and modified some of the vertebrae. I made the top two out of foam

 So that as they slid up under his jaw they would be squishy enough to allow the mouth to open

 yup- still opens

 and then, as I was gettin' the head all attached and things were lookin good for Jigbone...OH NO!! his broke! Seriously!? my beginner chops are showin' real good today!

 so, to see just how weak the material was I applied some pressure and it just snapped. Not sure what happened with me and my materials . I have worked with Supersculpey before and it is really strong. I'm thinking maybe Supersculpey is great for bulk solid items like a head or a body but not great for small structural pieces that will have torque applied. I guess wood for the pelvis too.....boy this is the one I was hopin' I wouldn't have to make out of wood! Disappointing fer sure...but a very minor nothing - I see it as an opportunity to hone my dremeling skills.

 Ok so that's it for Jigbone today.

I will post a more meaty update of the Shaman Puppet in the next week.

love and love puppet family.

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    1. Iván de Neymet
      on April 9, 2014

      Looking good. It seems they're coming to life. Keep it up, you're doing great.

    2. Alex Neilson
      on April 7, 2014

      A pity that the pelvis piece broke, but the wooden version looks like it's shaping up nicely! :)