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Twig is an ever-so-magical, traveling theatre of puppetry.Help me finish the theatre, the lighted props & the Earth Shaman Puppet.
Twig is an ever-so-magical, traveling theatre of puppetry.Help me finish the theatre, the lighted props & the Earth Shaman Puppet.
141 backers pledged $5,067 to help bring this project to life.

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      Robert Ayers on

      It's so great to see that your goal has been reached. It makes me happy to know that this journey will not be held up by something as silly as money!! Congratulations to you, and to all of us who are on this journey with you!

    2. Emil Sandberg on

      Oh my god! You made it!! Congratulations, I'm so thrilled for you, wohoo!

    3. Brett Evans Creator on

      Thank you Andrew for your kind words and loving support!! This really has been such a wonderful experience, not only having my personal community rally together to make this happen but to also feel this support from people I have never met is a special sort of feeling. It makes me feel our commonality I guess. One human bean supporting another human bean. Doesn't get much better than that! I am moved.
      Thanks again. love and love, Heidi

    4. Andrew Jones on

      NOTE TO ALL! If we all simply donate $5 more, this project will happen! :D

    5. Andrew Jones on

      There is a healing magic in what you do, know that you will achieve and keep on creating. It is in the "creation" that your real magic is performed. Keep on keeping on guys. I will pledge more close to the day also...


    6. Brett Evans Creator on

      Thank you so much Linda! yes, coming down to the wire! Hoping it picks up a bit towards the end here! Thank you for your ongoing support, Heidi

    7. Linda Moore on

      You are so close! I am so thrilled to see this all coming together, through this beautiful community! I will share it again!

    8. Emil Sandberg on

      Thank you for this inspirational project. It all seems so amazing to me and I am sure you will be very successful. What is most amazing to me however is how successful your project is on Kickstarter, as a theatre project.

      I am myself an actor and theatre maker and looking to create new projects and have been wondering how on earth a theatre production could compete with all the other projects on Kickstarter that seems so cool and have all these amazing tech demos. It is easier for a game maker or musician to present their work on the internet as their work uses mainly the same medium. This is not the case for theatre which is more live and also abstract than previously mentioned projects.

      I havn´t been able to figure out how to present a theatre project to the crowdfunding scene until I saw your presentation, and now it is all so clear to me. Thank you and good luck, I support your project with all my heart (and a small sum of money).

    9. Paul Dear on

      Wonderfully creative project...I cannot wait to see this become Manifest as I am sure it will.

    10. Sue Perret Gentil on

      Beautiful project! I will keep an eye on all the developments.

      Good luck!

      Sue Perret Gentil

    11. Missing avatar

      Sky on

      Sounds interesting! I'm overseas btw, so no need to post the photo, but an e-mail of it will be nice.