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Twig is an ever-so-magical, traveling theatre of puppetry.Help me finish the theatre, the lighted props & the Earth Shaman Puppet.

Update 11/29

Holy Puppetsmack Batman we did it! We made our goal! The Universe did indeed conspire ...and Twig SHALL have her wheels!  Thank you each and every one of you sweet people that passed by here and had the feeling inside ..."I want this project to make it!" We are all made of the stuff of stars. We are all, this Universe...thank you for conspiring with me to bring this into being. You are loved. Heidi

Alms for the puppets
Rice is nice...and Kermit coins are even better! Little Man Monk is excited to see the rest of the Twig family come alive! So any funds above and beyond will go towards building several puppet beings that had to be shelved for lack of funds.In gratitude.
Rice is nice...and Kermit coins are even better! Little Man Monk is excited to see the rest of the Twig family come alive! So any funds above and beyond will go towards building several puppet beings that had to be shelved for lack of funds.In gratitude.

The Project:

Hi, I'm Heidi Pendergast; welcome to Twig Theatre!  This project not only includes the completion of this Old-World Gypsy-style traveling theatre, but several illuminated dome props, as well as the magical Earth Shaman puppet.

Once the theatre is complete I will be able to roll up to any location, fling open the doors, hang the lanterns, begin the music and invite the audience to come with me on a magical puppet journey!

I am excited to bring Twig Theatre to the streets, town centers, festivals, backyard shindigs, to our hospitals and prisons, our veteran's community, to sacred fire ceremony and outdoor theatre gatherings. Anywhere people gather and to anyone who feels inspired by this kind of experience!

a small scale study of the Earth Shaman Puppet
a small scale study of the Earth Shaman Puppet

Hear what inspired me to take my puppetry to the streets!

How far along is the project:

I have just begun building and creating the full size (4-5' tall) Earth Shaman Puppet.  A puppet is more than a physical build, it also includes the development of a character. Who is he? How does he breath, posture, and move about in the world? What is his sound? Why is he here and what is it exactly he is doing?  Is he aware there is an audience around him? How does he regard them?  These are some of the questions I am asking. This Shaman puppet was inspired by a profound spiritual experience. Afterwards I found myself asking... how do we heal ourselves? How is it we each come to healing?  How does the healer within (my own inner Shaman)  inspire me, shake me and wake me to my most profound gifts, my depth and aliveness! I will explore many things in his creation... mask, voice, movement, improv, ritual and ceremony, as well as sound, primitive instruments, and natures' speakings and whisperings.

I will begin the illuminated props after funding is complete. These clear frosted acrylic domes will sit on the ground in front of the theatre during a performance. Each one will have its own light-source underneath, hence, glowing domes.  They will serve three purposes; as a light source to help the audience see the puppets ( for an evening performance) , they will help define the performance space, day or night, AND they will add that magical ambiance that is Twig!

And finally, the theatre.  The full size Twig Theatre( the cart) is about 1/2 finished.  It has been sitting in garages, basements and storage units in this half-finished condition for some time now. I have toted it around with me from Utah to Washington to California and most recently back with me to the east coast. More on the theatre here at my blog The Magic Twig

On a more personal note.... For many years I isolated myself in my living space. I met recurring depression the way that felt best... quietly and by myself. During this period I found it difficult to keep any momentum going on the theatre. This was quite disheartening at times.  At some point, not so long ago, I felt a sort of calling that maybe this isn't for me to do alone.  Maybe there is something about being around others that would serve to fuel and inspire my ability to carry through with my vision.  As soon as I came out of my place with the intent to create with others and ask for help not only did something internally begin to shift but doors began to open, things have become easier, and now... Twig is actually happening!   

What your contribution will fund

Your contribution to Twig Theatre will support my long standing vision for a most amazing magical puppet experience.  In order to donate to this Kickstarter Project you must have an account with "Amazon Payments". Please help me reach my goal of $4,800 in just 30 days!  It's a mad dash!  Here is what your funds will be paying for...

Theatre parts:

  • two 24" handmade Amish wooden wagon wheels, two stub axles and shipping $450 
  • a Bose Portable Soundock System with one extra rechargeable lithium ion battery about $500 ! crazy!
  • Two Handmade lanterns $100
  • Two Handmade lantern brackets $100

Illuminated props 

  • 5-6 vacu-formed clear acrylic domes, anywhere from 12"-24" in dia. $350-$450
  • 5-6 battery operated lights $120 


it is difficult to come up with a cost for this puppet - I have given it my best estimate....for fabric, head casting materials, paints, mechanics for moving eyes, and potentially moving hands, glues, decorative embellishments, materials for experimenting and trial and error,  'skeletal' framing and puppeteering rods and gizmos etc...$300-$500 


  • Point and shoot digital camera with HD1080P video feature to document this project, as well as all my puppetry $400-$500
  • a 'ZOOM H4N'  portable digital sound recorder to not only document this project and my puppetry but to also capture high quality environmental sound recordings for performance use. $250

****** The above expenses are the biggies!...other expenses include less significant material expenditures,  as well as Amazon(5%) and Kickstarters' (5%) percentages, and REWARDS!  this is a biggie! (materials and cost of creating awards and shipping them)


So, many of the rewards are dependent on the puppet and since he isn't built yet ....You will just have to ride along with me and see what comes out! I am excited and curious to see how he turns out. 

MAGPIE SOCK PUPPET .....for this $50 backer reward you get Magpies' sock-head and his flower necklace! You saw Magpie alive in the video. He is the sock puppet with the whole body!  Magpie is curious and loves people. For more on Magpie check out my blog The Magic Twig 

FLIPBOOK ....$50 backer reward...will be made by Flipclips. I will send them 10 seconds of video footage of the Shaman puppet moving around and they will make a flipboook out of it!Click HERE for an example of one of their flipbooks...  (I have looked at many flipbooks online and there is a secret to the ones that really work...high contrast of the subject from the background as well as the subject doing large or quick movements.) I am excited to bring the magic of the Shaman puppet to this little cinematic treat!

EARTH SHAMAN TILE.... For this $100 backer award you will receive a handmade tile of the NEW Earth Shaman face. 'New' because his face has evolved from the Earth Shaman you saw in the video. This face is inspired by the "butt" of a clam shell. No really! I found it on the beach and saw the little face immediately.... His eyes closed and his face turned heavenly. I wanted to share this face and inspiration with you. To see a bit more about this little Shaman being visit him here on my blog The Magic Twig...  

So, for this Kickstarter award I pushed his shell head into some clay and then sculpted some antlers. The below image is the 'sculpt' with the shell... not the final tile. I will pull a silicon mold from this sculpt and the tile will then be poured into this silicon mold. Once cured I will finish it with a nice earthy stain finish.

Earth Shaman Tile (approx. 3x3") by Heidi
Earth Shaman Tile (approx. 3x3") by Heidi
Shaman tile- 1st test run for surface finish! me likes!!
Shaman tile- 1st test run for surface finish! me likes!!

ILLUSTRATION OF EARTH SHAMAN BEING ...for this $200 backer award you will recieve a signed Giclee print ( a high quality copy) of the illustration by Olivia Pendergast

PHOTOBOOK by "My Publisher".....$300 backer reward. A hardbound book with 10 pages(20-front and back)  (5.75"x7.75")

here is a sample of the "hardcover photofinish" of the book on "MY Publisher"

This photobook will feature the Shaman Puppet Being. It will include photos and text.  These images will consist of process sketches, illustrations and photographs of him. The text portion will consist of description and backstory on his character....what he's all about and where he lives in the woods...such things as this! The photographs will be professionally and artfully executed images and the illustration and sketches will be done by my sister Olivia Pendergast. She is a fine art painter and worked in Hollywood for years as an  illustrator. Her artworks Facebook page is HERE...

MAQUETTE OF EARTH SHAMAN PUPPET standing with his Divining Light....$500 backer award. Please see the following photos the Magic Twig  of the Earth Shaman that I will be using as a  reference for this Maquette. Of course the Maquette will look different than the sculpture in the is a reference only ...I want you to have a sense of his general look and feel. **Please remember this maquette will not be the miniature Shaman puppet you saw in the Kickstarter video.

REPLICA OF MINIATURE THEATRE WITH 2 LANTERNS and one Divining Light....$1,000 backer award. Please see my blog The magic Twig for process photos of the building of the initial mini theatre for the kickstarter video. Please be aware that I am making replicas of, this award is not the original model theatre from the video. The replicas will be made from thin wood, as opposed to cardboard. And, like I said, we will be sure to retain all magicalness from the original! It will be very exciting to open this package!


Credits and thank yous...

Thank you to all my backers, my co-creators, for making Twig Possible. 

Brett Evans  All video editing -ongoing through the entire project. Brett was also the DP on the miniature Twig Theatre shoot!  Thank you dear friend!!

Thank you to Kerry Mortell, the angel who came out of nowhere and drove my theatre across the country for a small gas fee.

Thank you to Elizabeth Wegman, good friend and gifted photographer for her creative direction and DP skills for the Twig Theatre Kickstarter video. I am humbled and awed by her enthusiasm, followthrough and desire to help me realize my vision.

Thank you to Banister Pope (and Mike!) for spending the afternoon in the woods doing Character study photos for the Shaman puppet.

Thank you to Stephanie Feury, my acting coach, who overwhelmingly supported these first inklings(years ago) and encouraged me to take Magpie on the road!

Thank you to the special people who have not only supported me but have also helped me get this project off the ground....My family (Mom and Dad, Olivia, Daniel, Heather) Brett Barton, Dr. Darielle Richards, John Leith, Lench Archuleta, Davy Jones, Joy Brugh, Rob D'Arc, John Blunt, Scot Robinson, Lexie Danner!, Dr. Harada and the gang! Tom and Martha at Elkland Handwerk in Todd NC. and finally and not lastly or leastly....John Fifer and Annette Noyes. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Because I started and stopped (on the theatre and puppets) for so many of those years I started to believe I didn't have the power or followthrough to make it happen. So, I must admit that occasionally these old tapes creep back in and echo around in my head "I just can't do this. I can't make it all come together." It is interesting to notice the story persist even though the project has come together and is actually happening. So, I would say, my biggest challenge is my own mind. It is my intention to return to a place of awareness and presence when these old stories sneak in so as not to allow them to tell me who I am.(or am not)

As well, it is my intention to co-create with friends and other artists. When others are around and I hit a bump or don't know how to is an opportunity for someone else's strengths, wisdom, resources and creativity to shine the light, and in this, we share, create and learn together. I love this. It makes my heart sing. I am working alongside several artist friends through the course of this project...I have quite the support system! I believe this collaborating and sharing has been a powerful missing piece to my creating as an artist. I am already reaping the joys of working with is humbling and it is astoundng me.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Thank you so much! Please know that every little bit counts! Your contribution will breath life into the Earth Shaman Puppet and get Twig Theatre her wheels! As well, you will be able to access the project updates with the other backers.

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    5x7 color photograph of the completed full-size Twig Theatre, illuminated domes and lanterns, as well as the Earth Shaman Puppet.... taken at twilight! ooooh magico magico!

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    Twig Theatre Project DVD -this compilation video will include: the building and creative process of the theatre and puppet, a Q&A with the puppeteer about the project, as well as a greeting from the finished Earth Shaman Puppet. (in addition... the 5x7 twilight photo from the previous category)

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    A print of an original sketch of the Earth Shaman Puppet by sister and fine art painter and 3D illustrator Olivia Pendergast. Because this gift was added after funding for the project began I cannot offer it to any of the higher tier backers; with the exception of the $50 flipbook category which is also a 'new' award . Thank you for your understanding. (In addition, you will also receive the 5x7 twilight print)

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    a Magpie sock puppet head, with feathery pink hair and his flower necklace too! You met Magpie in the main video...he's the sock puppet with a whole body.(in addition...the 5x7 twilight photo, and the DVD)

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    A mini animation flipbook! As you flip through this booklet you will see the Shaman Puppet move and come alive! This will be video motion capture versus illustrated animation. (in addition, the 5x7 twilight photo, and a choice between the DVD OR the Earth Shaman sketch) **Please indicate your choice when you pledge, Thank you!

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    A handmade Earth Shaman tile (in addition...the 5x7 twilight photo, the DVD, the Magpie sock puppet and the Shaman Flipbook)

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    a signed Giclee print of an illustration of the Earth Shaman Being by Olivia Pendergast, fine art painter and previously a 3D illustrator in Hollywood. (in addition...the 5x7 twilight photo, the DVD, the Magpie sock puppet , the Shaman Flipbook and the Earth Shaman tile)

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    A hardbound book (5.75x7.75) of the Earth Shaman puppet being. This book will be designed by me and professionally bound by 'MY PUBLISHER"...20 images and entries(front and back of 10 pages) You will know him intimately! (in addition...the 5x7 Photo, the DVD, the Magpie sock puppet, the Shaman Flipbook,the Earth Shaman tile, the mini divining light and the Shaman illustration )

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    Maquette of Earth Shaman puppet standing next to an illuminated mini divining light. This is a 6 inch tall static model (not a moving puppet) of the NEW Earth Shaman puppet.From a sculpted head I will create a mold from which to make the multiples. The head will be mounted on a mini wire frame and stand....then he will be robed with faux fur and other puppet Shaman-like attire.(In addition, the 5x7 twilight photo, the DVD, the Magpie sock puppet, the flipbook,the Earth Shaman tile, the mini divining light, the Shaman illustration and the Shaman Photobook)

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    A replica of the mini theatre! Yes , the one you saw in the short film of my Kickstarter video! Includes theatre, two hanging lanterns(with flickering internal lights) and two Divining Lights(with flickering internal Lights) The theatre will be re-created out of really thin wood as opposed to cardboard. It will look just as magical and "home-madey" as the original...not slicked out. Very excited to offer this gift! Thanks to a backer who suggested it! RECAP...for this $1,000 pledge you will recieve the Twig Miniature Theatre with two illuminated hanging Lanterns, 3 Divining lights(1 from other award tier), the Earth shaman puppet(from other award tier) (In addition the 5x7 twilight photo, the DVD, the Magpie sock puppet, the Flipbook, the Earth Shaman tile, the Earth Shaman Illustration, and the Earth Shaman Photobook!!! wowza!)

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