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A more effective method to communicate and keep accurate records for single and separated parents raising their shared child(ren).

A more effective method to communicate and keep accurate records for single and separated parents raising their shared child(ren). Read More
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About this project

What is Genesis?

Genesis is a child custody, visitation and support manager for single and separated parents.  Genesis provides users with two main benefits:  A more effective way to communicate and easier way to keep important records.

If you really want to get into Genesis though, and truly understand the type of vision I have for something of this nature, it can be summed up by saying:

The vision of Genesis is to be in the best interests of the child.

A cool logo I get to work with.
A cool logo I get to work with.

What does Genesis require?

A fair amount of things, but luckily for you I've already done all the research and have a development plan that can deliver Genesis and all of the Rewards by Christmas of this year.

If Genesis is funded successfully, the official start date of the development plan is July 1st, 2013 and then to disburse all rewards by December 22, 2013.  If you have any specific questions about development, please send me a message and I will respond as soon as I can.  Those who pledge $5 or more will receive video newsletters through email, directly from me, as to progress, new developments and new rewards.  Or maybe another song for fun.  For now let's log in.

Login Screen - Design Concept #2
Login Screen - Design Concept #2

I had a few other screens but this one seemed pretty simple and easily to function around.  Eventually when I add a mobile application option, log in will simply be a four digit password.  This Kickstarter campaign is for a mobile web version of Genesis.  This helped keep the budget lower for now, and can impact more people immediately.  By offering iOS and Android now, it could simply get messy and more things to manage other than the development itself. 

How does Genesis work?

Genesis takes "note-taking" for separated parents to a whole new level.  Pick Up, Drop Off, Financial Contributions, Child(ren) Schedule, Contacts, Reporting and Auto-Communication Options.

Genesis allows users to include up to 4 different children, for now.  I understand the need for some people to include more children and I have plans, not a part of this Kickstarter campaign, to implement that.  I promise to my pledgers that any future developments outside of this Kickstarter campaign will be granted to you at no additional costs.

Main Screen - Design Concept #2
Main Screen - Design Concept #2

So what I wanted to do was to create a more effective communication environment for separated parents.  I broke down the three main topics:  Custody, Visitation, and Support.  I applied features within each topic that provided specific benefits to the user.


Custody includes information regarding the child, the other parent, grandparents, doctors, daycare, you name it.  It is up to the user to include as many contacts as they desire, and then apply the child associated to that contact.  This helps organize data, and provides users an easy way to search and retrieve certain information.  Custody can also include the personal information of the child, such as:  Social Security #, Insurance ID/Provider, and School Information.  I would love to implement a "Report Card" area for schools to submit the child's grades to both parents, but that is out of my jurisdiction and budget at this time.  Maybe one day though.

The Custody portion of Genesis creates the basic foundation for who is involved in the child's life.  This works directly with Pick Up and Drop Off features that allow users to auto-notify others about who the child is with, when and where.  The user doesn't even need to send a text or make a call, Genesis generates the notice for them, and stores the information that the notice was made.

Pick Up - Design Concept #2
Pick Up - Design Concept #2


Visitation is really just a calendar for the child, except this calendar is transparent.  It allows users to view one or more child calendars at a time, as well as add, edit, or delete events that apply to one or more children at the same time.  I really wanted a calendar easy to use, and it was definitely a tough one to design both for functional and practical uses.  The information in the visitation calendar may include the normal visitation schedule, school, sports, doctors appointment... you name it.  The other side of the calendar includes medications.  This was the moment I realized that Genesis might not just be for separated parents anymore, but my friends who have traditional families have even said that Genesis could help them.

Calendar - Layout Concept #3
Calendar - Layout Concept #3

I have other ideas for Genesis specific to the calendar that I didn't include into this budget, but in the event that I exceed my goal, I will try to implement a shared calendar environment, where parents actually share the same calendar and both can contribute to it.  This is really geared around users having the ability to give permission to other users to access a child's calendar.  As well as users to choose to share the same calendar.  Though I did not include this feature in this particular budget, it could be implemented in the event this Kickstarter campaign exceeds my expectations.


Support allows parents to easily keep a good ledger as to their financial contributions for the child(ren).  And just as Pick Up and Drop Off work, auto-notify can be set up by the user to let the other parent know about an expense that might need to be shared.  This also places a simple note into the child's records as well.  In the design concept, you will see that there is a camera feature to take a photo of the receipt.  This is not going to happen.  You already have the receipt and if it is that important, keep it.  But yes, with Genesis you can enter the amount, what for and what child it applies to.  The reporting features in Genesis will allow you to easily pull up those records for your use.

Support - Layout Concept #1
Support - Layout Concept #1

Like I said before, I have a ton of ideas and in Support I have a few.  The problem is that these ideas would require approvals that are outside of my jurisdiction, such as tying into the various child support payment systems, and making it easier for parents to make a payment or even a partial payment quickly and easily for support obligations.

How Genesis will be developed.

Genesis will take approximately 2500 hours for me to develop.  This includes the website interface and the mobile website version.  After Genesis is released, I will start working on both iOS and Android.  Any backers that back Genesis now will receive the iOS or Android versions for free, and in the amounts the Rewards say.

Hosting will be Linux-based, utilizing PHP and MySQL. 

Windows 7 browser compatibility will include IE 8 through 9, Google Chrome 11 through 16, Safari 4.0 through 5.1, and Mozilla Firefox 6 through 11.

Mac OS - Version 10.6.5 browser compatibility will include Mozilla Firefox 6 through 11, Safari 4.0 through 5.1 as well as Google Chrome 11 through 16.

As far as the mobile app interface goes, this is what I'll be using, but remember that the Rewards are initially for a mobile website version first.  You'll get the mobile application eventually, but that's not what you're backing at this time.  It's like a gift that keeps on giving. :)

iPhone -

  • Development Language:  Objective-C, Cocoa-Touch
  • Operating System Support:  iPhone OS 5.0 or later
  • Software Development Kits:  iPhone SDK 4.2 or later

Android -

  • Development Language:  Java
  • Operating System Support:  Android 2.2 or later
  • Software Development Kits:  Eclipse, Android SDK API 8 or later

Throughout development, and the way this crazy industry works, is that changes could be made to the aforementioned.  I may use a different language, different hosting, or different development kit.  This is simply because my vision for Genesis is in the best interests of the child, and not the path of least resistance or what is easier.  If I run into a better option,  any backers will be notified of the development changes and why, but most changes will only apply because of new technological advances that happen during development.  One thing I have learned in any type of development is that I constantly have to be wary of the literal executions of the requirements.  My plan is very specific, and I'm asking you to Kickstart Genesis.

In Closing...

I would like to thank every single one of my friends and family members who have supported me in this journey.  I'd especially like to thank my daughters for making this dad journey a whole lot of fun. 

Enjoy this video of my oldest daughter and I playing a little cover of Mumford & Son's I Will Wait as our sincere appreciation for supporting Genesis, whether that be a pledge or a share. 

And obviously no, I'm not a professional guitar player.  But I think my daughter definitely has some potential in music for sure.  Just started on teaching her how to play guitar.  Another new beginning. :)

Thank you.


Risks and challenges

This particular Kickstarter campaign involves the development of a mobile website, not a mobile application. I have completed plans for a mobile application available for both iOS and Android, but I'm trying to be practical and build Genesis with the intent to keep the budget inside attainable levels so that I have no doubt in my mind that I will deliver, and deliver on time.

Finding a cloud server provider that has SAS 70 Level 2 capabilities. More importantly, finding a provider that can add value to Genesis.

Throughout development, backers will be updated via email or video newsletter to explain where we are, timelines, and upcoming obstacles. It is because of the backers that make Genesis possible, and as if you couldn't tell, communication is important to me.

Oh and lastly, once Genesis is launched, and especially once the iOS and Android versions are approved for the App Store and Google Play, there will probably be some type of monthly or annual fee to cover costs associated to security of the data and the integrity of the Genesis system. My promise to my Kickstarter backers is that I'll never ask that you pledge another penny.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Genesis allows users to select which persons get notified of the child's whereabouts. A text or email is automatically sent to those people when Pick Up or Drop Off activity occurs, stores the activity associated to each child, and keeps a record that you communicated! Though you didn't physically send a text or email, Genesis does that for you.

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  • Anybody that the user selects. This can mean Grandma, a day care provider, or the other parent. The Visitation Calendar also allows for parents to include medication schedules, which there are a lot of people vested in the child's life that should be aware of the last dose taken.

    My plans in the future include the ability for parents, or other people, to work off of the same calendar so everyone can contribute, but I'm taking baby steps and trying to keep the budget as low as possible.

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