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Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
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The Fury of the Fireborne

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

Click HERE to grab 1.1.

Patch Contents

  • Fury of the Fireborne – Story Quest
  • Myth Game Rules – Revision 1.1
  • Revised Hero Cards
  • Quest Template by Tom Howard

Fury of the Fireborne

This is the first Act of a three part Story quest. The quest document provides the quest, setup, a new trap, a new monster-type, a new Darkness card and a new blue quest item. There are a lot of unique rules in the quest and hopefully it demonstrates to players different ways to handle loot, monster spawns, and non-combat actions.

Game Rules 1.1

This document is a bare-bones document. You’ll not find any graphics yet. It has been briefly edited, but HAS NOT undergone a full blown tech edit. Graphics will be added, and it will receive a full edit, but not until we receive feedback from the players. When you read this rule set can you learn the game? This document deals with the game rules only. There are some callouts for new images and reference to page numbers (XX). Please ignore these.

The advanced concepts and sidebars that detail creating your own story quests, combat examples, card diagrams, setup diagrams, component layout, tables, hero cycle vs. darkness cycle, expanded trap explanation will be added going forward.

As mentioned early in the new book, this document is about putting forth the structured elements of gameplay so people can understand how Myth is played.

Revised Hero Cards

These cards have been rewritten for easier understanding and use keywords. They have also been redesigned so range and damage is easier to see, and to highlight the difference between cards played in the Hero Cycle and those played in the Darkness Cycle. We have also included new player reference deck cards that highlight a particular Hero’s special rules.

Quest Card Creator

Finally, we have a fantastic quest tool created by Tom Howard. He has uploaded it to BGG, but we asked if we could include it on our own website and he graciously gave us permission. Simply put, we were in the process of creating one for our community and it wasn’t going to be as good as his. It requires Photoshop.

You can find a tutorial here:

Try to get used to the creation set, we plan on doing a community contest mid next month. It will be announced at our website and BGG.

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    1. DAJ1974 on

      does anyone have individual card files for Fury of the Fireborne quest cards and the replace cards? i want to get them made up properly over printing out the pdf and cutting them up

      also is there any backs?

      OR can MCG upload indvidual files rather than the pdf sheets?

    2. Jasper Barreveld on

      @Shane: be that as it may, that almost makes it even more infuriating. I've spent almost 250$ on a game I still haven't been able to play or even get my hands on. 5 months after quite a few got their copies through kickstarter.
      Also: happy 25th of July! (*confused shrug*)

    3. Michael Josten on

      @DAJ: look at the picture on the card, there are grubbers and crawler on it.
      In the setup rule 4 is stated, that every model can be used as possessed by a demon.

    4. DAJ1974 on

      there are demons in the starter box?

    5. Michael Josten on

      look at the card on page3. All Minis in the starterbox...

    6. DAJ1974 on

      @MERCS - just reading the Fury of the FIreborne quest. what minis do you use for it? it seems to be some we dont have yet? are they part of the next kickstarter?

    7. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      @Micah Rose, EU, & ROTW: I just want to assure you that the game is a LOT of fun. I've been playing it almost every weekend since I received it months ago! Happy 4th of July!

    8. Missing avatar

      Tommy on

      Hey all, i just went through a move and wanted to know two things.
      First, will you be doing local pick-ups for the stretch rewards when they come in, and if no, could i update my shipping address and how would i go about doing that?

    9. The Dean

      "we plan on doing a community contest mid next month."

      Just curious, will this be before or after international backers can be expected to have our copies?

    10. Jeffrey on

      @MERCS I'd appreciate this more if it were printed and distributed with the MERCS:RECON Myth level pledge. Is there any chance of this happening?

    11. Missing avatar

      Daekwan Kim on

      @MERCS I see your saying that the addon cards are already updated. I'm guessing we won't get the updated ones with wave 2. So can we still get the updated cards at cost in season 2?

    12. Missing avatar

      Daekwan Kim on

      @MERCS I was wondering if skald and addon cards would be updated as well?
      What about the add on cards? could we get them in season 2 myth kickstarter at cost?

    13. Chad Denton on

      @Mercs Thanks for the update. Did not mean to come across as negative.
      @Tom thanks for including the extra files, might be able to use the tool after all.
      Thanks to others that pointed out some alternatives to look in to.

    14. Tasker on

      @Michael Pruden... I knew that it's why I asked. :-p

    15. Jedra7609

      The more patches released before we get the game means the more 'fixed' it is :)

    16. Michael Pruden on

      @tasker... Since it's quarterly updates the next one is scheduled Sept 30.

      It is possible that some might see the next update before it reaches them. :)

    17. Tasker on

      So how many of these patches do people think there will be before the EU and/or RoW start seeing their stuff?

    18. pinkymadigan on

      MCG - Do a quick search on these phrases in the rules document:

      "success of failure"
      "read highlighted area"

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Rogue Process

      @Chad Denton : A couple of free programs for working with PSD files which may help with using the Quest Card templates...


      Paint.NET with the PSD Plugin

    21. Michael Josten on

      Question on the new rules: In the old rules I may ("if met, allows the Hero to carry out the additional heroic deed ") use the recipe, the new rule says: "the hero must resolve that fate recipe effect". Is that right? Is a soldier forced to lose threat or is the brigand with short-sword forced to hustle?
      I can't believe that...

    22. James Streeky on

      I did a quick glance at the rules. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but one thing that stuck out for me is that you require the player to roll their "base dice pool" for courage tests and non-combat actions. However, the phrase "base dice pool" appears no where else in the document. Please make that more clear and explicit for new players.

    23. Missing avatar

      Johan Krüger Haglert on

      15 pages of rules is a nice amount I guess :)

      (Much shorter isn't it? :))

    24. Missing avatar

      Johan Krüger Haglert on


      The files doesn't even contain anything for me - checked zip file size and zip output - result:
      Ah, there was files outside of the MACOSX folder too =P, would be a good idea to put them into something since it's just annoying to have to create any.

    25. Missing avatar

      Johan Krüger Haglert on

      This is likely well known but the zipfil contain a folder called __MACOSX (I don't know why) and it contain files which file name starts with ._ where . means the file is hidden in UNIX filesystems, finally okular (my PDF-reader, but I could try others) can't open the files which make me question whatever it really is a PDF-file or something else.

      As for the PSD someone can likely convert it or maybe gimp can open it too.

    26. Micah Rose on

      There really needs to be something done for Europe and RotW who haven't received their games yet. It is totally inappropriate that Europe and RotW will have waited 6 months after USA gets the basegame, and don't get anything extra. I understand the business logic of splitting up shipments, but the ethics are seriously lacking here. It was MERCS fault that so little was charged for shipping, which doomed you to taking a loss on shipping from the start; Europe and RotW have taken the brunt of this mistake. Mea culpas are not enough. Give Europe and RotW something extra. The clear rogue would be a good start, especially since you don't make many international convention trips.

    27. Paul Howie on

      Maybe the free version of Photoshop CS2 will be of help here?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jesper Angermund on

      I haven't received my refund, nor any message or even mention thereof, yet and you guys said all refunds would be done by yesterday, what gives? Is there a way we can resolve this quickly? Are you guys even getting my e-mails?

    29. S Buntenbach

      i don`t like you- i don`t have anything after month - next time i buy (or not) after KS
      i feel like a second class backer-shame on you

    30. Judy Krauss on

      Thanks for the new quest (and the upcoming ones, too)!

    31. Judy Krauss on

      @ MERCS: Could you make the typeface in the rulebook bigger? It would add some extra pages but would be much easier to read. This was a problem with the original rulebook (and the cards, too).

    32. Michael Tighe on

      I'm pretty sure the male acolyte can see, but chooses not to. The flavor text in the book made my group think that. I assumed the female acolyte was just more practical.

    33. Darson on

      Realy? Patch 1.1 is out before I have received a single miniature from this Kickstarter?
      Not so good. :(

    34. James Tolbert on

      Very cool. I sent you an email with some suggestions. :)

      The new art makes me want to buy some more figures and paint them with fiery skin/eyes!

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Missing avatar

      Eric R Edgar on

      Just throwing it out there that i'd be interested in purchasing
      updated cards,
      and maybe even something similar to the the fan made trap cards & card boxes,
      professionally done by your printer.

      Is this something you are considering? Thanks,

    37. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      @Chris I'll have to get it for you tomorrow. That info is in the office.

    38. Chris Mibus

      Can you tell me what type of cardstock the game cards are printed on. Thickness, finish etc to try and print them out as close to them as possible. Thanks

    39. Jason V on

      @Tom, Thanks for being awesome!

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Portillo on

      I have a question about the cards, either these new ones or updated ones. Since it looks like they are to be printed out, how are we supposed to use them so they aren't obviously marked? I know they can be put in the sleeves and I am using them already, but they will be thicker than the avg unreplaced ones. I used to do this with mtg stuff and it was very clear where the proxy cards were. It also looks and feels cheap.

    41. Tom Howard on

      @Mercs, thanks for the shoutout! I'm looking forward to seeing more custom quests from the community!

      @Chad, I understand that many people don't have access to Photoshop, so if you follow the 'tutorial' link that Mercs listed up above, you'll see that I've also shared .png images of a completely empty card, the cardback, as well as all the icons you could want on a transparent background. That way, you can simply download these separate images and use any image editing program you want and still produce great looking cards!

    42. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)


    43. Jedra7609

      Michael - same goes. I have known for a very long time that this game will not be in my hands until the summer is just but a memory. I have been following the internet discourse with interest and I am intrigued as to how I myself will react to the system. I have got myself into the habit where I must hunt down every rule and I am preparing myself for a more open way of playing. Will it be a breath of fresh air? Will it be frustrating? I just don't know yet - obviously hoping for the former rather than the latter. Many of my gaming group are RPGers or (like myself) former RPGers so I am hoping we can throw off the shackles and just have some fun with the game. We'll see...

    44. Michael Pruden on

      I'm one of those in the camp that doesn't have his game yet. BUT I'm excited to look through this and give any input I can. :) THANKS MERCS!

    45. Kosongz on

      No idea what you are referring I haven't gotten my game yet. I'm suppose to be playing it in it's looking like I will be playing it for Xmas. Haven't watched any of your videos yet. No use getting excited when you don't even know when the game will arrive, and also mainly cuz I have no idea what you guys are talking about as I have nothing to refer to.

    46. Jedra7609

      Thanks Jonathan. Can't wait to finally play this game!

    47. Jonathan Patterson on

      @Jedra From what I understand, the new cards will be available at cost when they start printing material for the next Myth KS.

    48. Jedra7609

      I am not sure if this has been answered anywhere, but will the new cards be available as 'hard copies'? Assuming the answer is 'No' - does anyone know of a UK based service that can print them?

    49. Jedra7609

      @Chad Denton - If you follow the link to the tutorial, in one of the posts, Tom has provided all the graphic assets you need to use the graphics tool of your choice. So you should be able to build a Quest card of your own using those.

    50. Hubert on

      Nice, oh wait..i do not have my game yet... ;)