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Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
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Videos and Updating Card Text

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

We are scheduled to receive a container today. I should have an update tomorrow about international shipments.

To reiterate, if you are an international backer, then you are only getting one shipment containing the entirety of your order: base game(s), stretch goals, additional purchases.

We are shipping international stuff first. Only after ALL international orders have been process and left the facility will we process domestic wave 2.

All international orders and wave 2 domestic will go out with the setup doc and FAQ with streamlined game round text.


We have also posted the first two instructional videos. More are coming. You can find them at


So, as mentioned previously, we’re updating the cards. These will be available at cost in the next KS. One of the things we are doing is using a lot more keywords to identify what something is right away. Hopefully, you can follow the text only versions.


You gain 3 additional MP.
[Action], 1 AP
[No Movement] N/A, [Cautious] N/A, [Normal] N/A, [Aggressive] Yes

We've added a N/A entry to the movement column. This allows us to get over the confusing information on Move cards.


Fingers of Ia
Damage: 1, Range: 3
Attack, Air
Attack 1 target within range. For each Ongoing card cleared, this attack also affects 1 additional target up to 2 squares away from the last affected target.
[Focus Icon]
[Action], 2 AP
[No Movement] -1TN, [Cautious] Yes, [Normal] +1TN, [Aggressive] No

You’ll notice a callout for an icon on the Apprentice and Acolyte cards (Focus above and Weapon below), so players know what items is being used.


Damage: 1, Range: Weapon
Attack 1 target within range. If played after Guided By the Light, you may play this card as an Interrupt.
[Weapon Icon]
[Action or Reaction], 1 AP
[No Movement] -2TN, [Cautious] -1TN, [Normal] Yes, [Aggressive] +1TN


Drawing the Ire
Range: 3
Choose 1 Hero within range. Each attack targeting that Hero affects you instead. For each Rage card played, reduce the chosen Hero’s Threat by 1.
[Interrupt], 0 AP
[No Movement] Yes, [Cautious] No, [Normal] No, [Aggressive] No

You won’t find us changing the movement column on the Interrupts because we use this design space in the Journeyman and higher cards.

Riding the Edge
Damage: 1, Range: 1
Attack, Move
Attack all targets in a 3 square straight line as shown. You may add 1 additional square for each Rage card played. Move into the last defeated target’s square. Cannot Move again this Hero Cycle.
[Shield Icon]
[Action], 2 AP
[No Movement] N/A, [Cautious] N/A, [Normal] N/A, [Aggressive] +1 [d10]


If this card is in an Action Space during the Hero Deck Phase, immediately ready it. The limit of ready Ammo cards is listed on your equipped items (to a minimum of 1).
[Reaction], 0 AP
[No Movement] Yes, [Cautious] Yes, [Normal] Yes, [Aggressive] Yes

Damage: 1, Range: 1
Counterattack, Dodge
Before resolving an enemy attack targeting you, attack that target. Then, move 2 squares and ignore the enemy’s attack. Not considered a Move.
[Weapon Icon]
[Interrupt], 1 AP
[No Movement] Yes, [Cautious] No, [Normal] No, [Aggressive] No

We've added keywords for Dodge, Counterattack, and Parry.


Combo: +2 [FD]
Shadows, Ongoing
You gain Shadows 5. If you successfully hit during an attack, you lose Shadows after resolving the entire Combo.
[Action or Reaction], 0 AP
[No Movement] Yes, [Cautious] Yes, [Normal] Yes, [Aggressive] Yes

Shadow X is a new term where X defines the TN for Notice checks. In addition, any card that can be used in a Combo has the Combo keyword.

Suicide Run
Damage: 1, Range: 1
Attack, Combo
Gain 2 MP. You may play Hustle cards for additional MP. Attack 1 target within range at the cost of 1 MP. This attack targets a number of additional squares equal to your remaining MP. Move into the last defeated target’s square. Not considered a Move.
[Weapon Icon]
[Action], 1 AP
[No Movement] +1 [d10], +1 [FD], [Cautious] Yes, [Normal] Yes, [Aggressive] Yes

If there are any specific cards you would like to see let me know. These should be ready for download soon.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jarad Bond on

      Another note to Suicide Run: You guys realize that you don't say you move before you target everything. So the way we would interpret it is that you hit everything around you in a whirly move and then move into the space of one defeated enemy.

      Try something like this: Gain 2 MP. You may play Hustle cards for additional MP. Trace a movement path up to this maximum MP, ignoring enemy blocking rules. This attack targets each enemy moved through and they must be killed in order from the start of the path. Move into the last defeated target's square.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jarad Bond on

      Hmm... you could go watch Remi's vids on youtube, mentioned on board game geek. I haven't yet, but I hear he did a bang up job and has a pretty complete series now. They're probably busy with Recon and the rest of Myth.

    3. DAJ1974 on

      anyone have any idea when we are going to get the rest of the videos showing how to play the game?

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jarad Bond on

      Yeah, it would be nice to put some class restrictions or ability restrictions on the items. I have been a purist (no stated restrictions on the wand), but I always feel so cheap using the wand in games where I get it. I'm not going to do so any more, but other people in group might. I think the wand is perfectly viable for the soldier to fire off a weaker attack at range every so often (triggered magical item, not casting a spell), but with Devastate? It kinda takes me out of the mood.

    6. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jarad Bond on

      @Remi Yes, there are item cards, like the short sword's Hustle that need to be explained. +2MP to normal move, +2 free move, or is it "just like playing a hustle card", similar to the wand's +1 Attack is "just like playing an attack card" (according to Kenny).

      One new point that hasn't been mentioned: I hope Blade Dance (+2TN) gets fixed. As it stands now, it reads exactly like Smite's (+2TN), but I understand they are exactly opposite of each other.

      Bringing up Interrupts again - while some people think it is not confusing (apologists?), everyone I've played with so far thinks it is confusing. I STILL get tripped up myself sometimes, and have played enough games to almost have the cards memorized. I'm gonna really be having a blast trying to make a cautious move just after moving aggressively in the HC, and resume moving aggressively right after that.

    8. Remi Bureau on

      Though, again, some item cards should also be redone

    9. Remi Bureau on

      @Jason I'm hoping you're right

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. DAJ1974 on

      @MERCS - when are the new videos coming out?? and is it possible to answer my question about how many cards are being redone? 1-2, all character decks, every cards in the box??

    12. Mike Callahan on

      That is a bit over the top,.... The cards work just fine as is,... But they are creating new ones due to backer request,.... You can and I do play the game just fine with the current cards,.... No one is forcing you to buy the reprints......

      Most other companies would just put out an errata and be done with it,.... Here you have an option.

    13. Ben Coleman on

      So as backers that have put our money in and nearly raised a $1miilion for Mercs, we get a broken unplayable, untested game. A rulebook that is effectively useless as no one at Mercs bothered to read it. And a series of PDFs downloads and videos as an attempt to fix the game.
      ON TOP OF THAT you're now expecting us to pay money for you to fix the cards you failed to playtest and proof read? How is that our problem? Why should we pay?

      This is gouging the people that supported you.

      Absolutely shameful.

    14. Granite26 on

      @Spencer fingers are half crossed... I'm kinda dreading all that other stuff coming in!!! So... many... minis....

    15. DAJ1974 on

      @C - i asked how many cards are being updated a few times but no one answered. i too would like to know how many cards it is. all of the hero cards, all of the cards in the box, just a few. its not clear right now

    16. Mango on

      I like the 2 videos and am keen to get the game. I guess I was hoping for more 'set missions; eg X is the mission theme, Y is the board layout including spawn points and initial enemy placement and Z is the mission difficulty rating (depending on how many characters etc). I guess that could be a little difficult with the variety of models/equipment available but it could have been broken down into White/Green/Blue mission levels or similar.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Remi Bureau on

      @Mike correct, one die per monster-type per TN

    19. Mike Callahan on

      I believe that you only need one success per minion type,... So if your targets are all grubbers for example,... You would only need one successful roll to hit all of them

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. C on

      Will the updated cards be entire decks? I've noticed that a few Myth players want to play the same hero (darn kids! and wife!) so the (additional) option to buy a new deck will allow duplicate heroes to be played in a game. Also, I hear matching card backs to previous print runs can be difficult, and new decks would be take care of this problem.

    22. DAJ1974 on

      ahh ok . so they are not the official ones. will check them out tho

    23. Michael Josten on

      @DAJ That happens, if You are only rading the end of a conversation ;-)
      Remi had made Myth-Videos, too. He had made 10 Videos.
      You will find them under

    24. DAJ1974 on

      6 vids? where did you get them. theres only 2 on the website

    25. Michael Josten on

      @Remi Thanks for the vids (I've the first 6 now, rest today, I think) and I love them... They fill the gap of not having the game here and start playing ;-)

    26. Remi Bureau on

      Thanks, sure, no problem.
      While I tried to make it as simple as possible, I think you're right that someone that hasn't read the rules at least once will be lost in all the info.

      That said, I "tested" my videos on my brother who had no idea how Myth worked. He watched videos 4 through 10, and then he came to play with my group one night, and it took about 15 minutes to go over everything, and he could play.
      Of course, there were a couple of times when I had to tell him he couldn't do something (mostly playing 2 actions in the same HC). And he's playing the Brigand, not the easiest character to play.

      On a side note, so far in my group, the Brigand is the hero receiving the less love... The Shadows mechanic is inefficient according to those who played him

    27. Michael Josten on

      Congrats, good work. I put a link on my myth-fanpage, I hope You don't mind.
      They are bit too much, for beginners, but for people like me, who have studied the rulebook more than a million times (adminst it feel like that .-) ), they are a wunderful resource!

    28. Michael Josten on

      @Remi Are You the guy with the 10 Myth-videos on YouTube?

    29. Remi Bureau on

      Also, hopefully, the gear cards receive the same treatment because some items are a lot more confusing than the hero cards

    30. Remi Bureau on

      @Tobz you would spend one MP to attack the first square, and then each remaining MP allows you to attack one more square.

      The way it's written now, you can use your base MP to attack more squares though, and I thought they'd said you could only use the MP from SS or Hustle... So now, with the correct cards in hand, you can attack 10 squares with a single attack!

    31. nimmzwei on

      Shouldn't "Suicide Run" just state:

      .... Move 1 and Attack 1 target within range at the cost of 1 MP...

      I find the new text confusing. Why "remaining" MP? "Spending" MPs to attack makes it sound, as though you have to decide if you want to use your MPs for either moving or attacking...

      Or do I just miss something?

    32. Mango on

      I look forward to getting my copy and playing the game. If the cards get an update i dont mind paying cost for them, I understand that games develop and things can change for the better and noone ever gets it completely perfect the 1st time around. Cant wait to play :)

    33. DAJ1974 on

      @MERCS - is it possible to be told how many cards have 'problems' is it just a few, just the hero deck cards (if so how many) .. or all of the cards .. again how many?

    34. Jason V on

      I think the next one was meantioned to be around August? I could be totally wrong on this, but if so that gives my wallet time to prepare lol

    35. Missing avatar


      On a different topic, is there a timeframe for the next Kickstarter? I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use a little time to save up cash after MERCS: Recon stole my wallet.

    36. Missing avatar

      Deadwolf on

      Here are some thoughts.

      Keywords are great, but please keep the number of "loaded" keywords (keywords that have their own rules) to a minimum.

      So having a keyword "attack" is great as it lets you know easily what is an attack which is referenced by another card.

      I don't quite understand the taunt, dodge, parry, and counterattack keywords since they aren't referenced by other cards. Will there be rules attached to them to establishing timing? Or are they are there simply to set up later referencing?

      Shadow X is good.

      I don't understand the combo keyword. Suicide Run used to be optional: Shadows Reach, now replaced by the combo keyword. I'm confused, but as long as the combo keyword as explained well, I'm sure it will be fine.

      Speaking of Suicide Run, currently you cannot use your normal MP in the run, but with the new wording it seems like you can.

    37. Gem Abed on

      @MCG, this seems like the easiest and most cost-effective solution for both parties. Is it possible to add a symbol on future cards that can interrupt? Maybe something as simple as a "dot" in the movement icons in the movement column. For example, no movement would have a single "dot" in the middle. The half and full movement would also have a dot (but where there's color the dot would be black and where there's black the dot would be the normal color). Does this make sense? Or perhaps you can add "interrupt" somewhere on the card.

    38. Missing avatar

      Spencer Wright on

      So...too much to hope that last shipped in Domestic Wave 1 = first shipped in Domestic Wave 2?!?!

    39. Matt Price on

      @MCG: Thanks so much for this update. I also think paying cost is fine for updated cards (and rules too? I may've missed that somewhere).

      But... Please do post your complete card updates so your fans can review and comment. With all due respect, many of these problems arose from keeping your review internal and limited!

      I am also another one of those players that would like to see the interrupt cards "fixed". It made no sense to our group that there was another sort of movement going on during the Darkness Phase (i.e., that players are "standing still" while the darkness takes its turn), we just ignored the interrupt cards during our games... Sigh!

    40. Keats on

      @Ryan and Granite26, there will be a better group member pledge level in the kickstarter after the next kickstarter.

    41. C on

      +1 for a PDF of the errata'ed cards. Since we already have sleeves for the cards, we can print out the PDF, cut out the cards, and slip 'em into the sleeves (with the original cards as the backs). Thanks!

    42. Jason V on

      @Ryan, we had a couple guys like that and rarely game with them any more. Just not worth the stress they brought to the game nights, "Show me where it says that exactly or what I said stands!". Drove me nuts lol.

      In regards to the cards being part of the new kickstarter that is fine in my books, I would much rather just pay for the updated deck then do the print and play myself which can be quite pricey if I want good quality paper and prints. I would just retire the original cards to the box, so I am fine with that solution. In the meantime I will just use the updated card errata docs, when I play.

      Honestly, I am sure that after a few games I wont even need that any more than an odd reference as I will have it committed to memory. I am sure I still have some room left up there any way, and if I means I forget something else I wont miss it haha.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ryan Everly on

      Dude, ask my friends. No one loves using common sense more than I do. But, with some people, common sense goes right out the window when they're trying to win at a board game. That's how you get BS like archers using a magic wand to fire arrows across the board. Or some jackass thinking he can just conjure arrows because he's the spell caster (Still pisses me off when I think about it).

      Some of the archer's action cards require arrows in order to function. It needs to be stated that these cards also require the bow. As much as I hate to admit it, some people are either dumb, or they're just willfully ignorant. You need to spell these things out precisely for people like that.

      I would swear that you and I are talking about the same guy if not for the fact that the guy I'm talking about isn't a father. My friend does the same thing in D&D. He "fishes" to see what the DM will let him get away with. Whenever the DM gives him a firm "no," he throws a hissy fit and threatens to quit.

    44. DAJ1974 on

      vids are very good .. more please asap

    45. Phil Seale on

      @Mercs Will we be able to pickup again if we are local? (I assume yes) If so just give me a time and date and I'm there!

    46. Kieran Billings on

      Oops, accidentally unliked it!
      Thanks for the update Mercs, Nice to here international shipping will go soon and good to hear it is one lot. That must save you a bundle :)