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Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
5,360 backers pledged $926,112 to help bring this project to life.

A Comitatus of the Willing

Posted by MERCS Miniatures (Creator)

Fifteen stalwart friends formed ranks against the might of the first Myth container, ill-fated foe long awaited. The heroes, pressing forward, found their footing, quickly covering the ground with heavy game cases.

One container...
One container...
...floor stacked.
...floor stacked.
The Heroes!
The Heroes!
Kenny, my dawgs!
Kenny, my dawgs!
Keith, my dawgs!
Keith, my dawgs!

The first container arrived at 10:00. It held 3000 games; 1000 boxes. We had it unloaded in 80 minutes (we had two hours). It took another hour to organize the fillers and the floor stacked.

Let’s do some show and tell. This is what this half of the warehouse looked like before...

…and after.

This represents one-quarter of the total game order. The second container comes sometime Monday. We are going to work this weekend and get a feel for the orders and how many we can do in a day. By the time next week gets going, we want to be sending out 300-500 a day.

The last two containers are on the ocean.

Local Pickup

We are going to allow local pickup. If you are in the area and want to pick up the base game and various other accoutrement going out with the first order, please email Please put MYTH PICKUP as the subject line. Please include your name, order number, and the email associated with the order. Also, please bring an ID. We CANNOT give anyone an order without ID confirmation.

If you are planning on picking up the order, you must email us. If we have sent out your order before we have been notified, then you can’t pick it up.

Local pickup Monday/Wednesday/Friday from Noon to 7:00pm, and Tuesday/Thursday from Noon-5:00.

We are located at:

MegaCon Games
15529 Stony Creek Way, Suite 102
Noblesville, IN 46060

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    1. Christian Stalley on

      Just out of curiosity I Google-mapped it to see how long it would take to drive (24 hours non-stop). So, no, but I do know there was a 'traffic incident on I-90 W in Cleveland. Fascinating, and a bit scary...

    2. Thrawn007 on

      I wonder how many of those boxes are headed my way...

    3. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      @Hawk Send an email to with the address change.

    4. Hawk Fangor on

      I'm going to be moving soon and wanted to update my shipping address, did you guys already do the one-month-prior-to-shipping-address-verifications and I missed it? Or are those yet to come and I just need to wait a little?

    5. Phil Seale on

      Muncie to Noblesville looks like a plan on Monday!

    6. B-Squared on

      @Duncan - 5 hours down and 5 hours back? Absolutely I'd do it. Unfortunately, it's about a 33 hour (one way) drive for me from California.

    7. Missing avatar

      Johan Krüger Haglert on

      Looking good.

      4101 is with destination US (and regular retail?)

    8. Duncan A. Doherty

      Got to say, I am sorely tempted to take off of work on Monday and make the 324 mile trip (one-way) down from Wisconsin. Of course I'd volunteer my time to help do some packing for a day as well :). It's very hard to justify the 5-ish hour drive...but gosh it is tempting.

      OSHA would not be very happy with Keith, by the by :p.

    9. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @Thom/MERCS - Ok, not completely the same. I knew we had a base game coming and then KS Exclusive Stretch Goals... but I was mainly interested in a time frame or estimate of when all those awesome Stretch Goals will be shipped (such as all the miniatures/bosses, additional world tiles, etc.) Sorry, just inquisitive and excited. Can't wait for this game in its entirety to show up. :-D

    10. Kolivan on

      Never before have I ever wanted to be still living in Muncie, Indiana. ;-) Would have been nice to swing down and pick it up.

      Oh well, will just have to wait to get it shipped to Seattle.

    11. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @Thom - your questions below are the exact same questions I have currently. :-)

    12. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      Hey Thom! How are you?

      Did my most recent update answer your questions?

    13. SGL, INC.

      Yeah! Can I second more info on how the Stretch Goals will be fulfilled? Are there going to be base game shipments, then stretch goals coming later?

    14. Michael Josten on

      Glad the first people will get it... Gratz to US-Backer. Enjoy!
      But one question for EU-Backer, for me the german version:
      If the two container are going to Indianapolis and the german version will be shipped from german with wave 2, how will the games and stretchgoal will get to Europe? Will we have to wait for another voyage to europe or is one of this container heading to europe???

    15. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @MERCS Yay! Totally stoked that they are arriving. Sweetness. I do have one question... do we have any estimated time frame as to when the stretch goals will be shipping out as well? I can be patient, so I am not worried... but I am VERY excited to experience Myth to its fullest... and having the stretch goals/extras will make that experience more complete. Again, I am not complaining because I am excited for the base game, but just wondering. Thanks again and look forward to Recon.

    16. Brian Uhrig

      I would totally come by and pick up my copy! Oh wait...I live in MN :-(

    17. Stuart O on

      Big congrats!! Excited to play. I have the same question as James T... if we send in our email can we come today, or do you need time to organize and wait until the 10th?

    18. David How on

      Yay! Also thank you for working the weekend to get this moving ASAP. Hopefully the next containers get to you more smoothly.

    19. James Tolbert on

      I can do a local pickup. I sent the email in. Do I need to wait for a confirmation before I come over? I can be there tonight!

    20. Mister Gurbic on

      More gimmie gimmie from Joshua.

    21. Joshua Russell on

      I mean wave 1...

    22. Joshua Russell on

      I never saw an answer in the last update. Are the metal minis still shipping in wave 2?

    23. John DeCocq

      I can be there in 15 minutes!

    24. scott murray on

      Hey megacon,
      I must say I am very disappointed in the safety you have shown in your photos.
      in particular the photo of Keith and the final group photo
      please do yourselves a favour and hold a meeting before the next delivery and discuss how you can do things safer next time
      all the best

    25. Joshua Russell on

      Why didn't you just air ship wave 2 like you initially planned? Then you could have mailed it all in one package.

    26. AdamDork

      Wait, so we are probably going to have this game within the next month?!

    27. Missing avatar

      Samuel Ahn on

      Congratz, but just a question: which backers will receive the first shipment and which backers will receive the one coming Monday? Thanks.

    28. Rogério De Leon Pereira on

      My eyes flashed viewing photos

    29. TAMN on

      It must be really exciting for you guys to have all those games in your hands! Nice update. Thanks
      BTW, When is shipment to Canada? Wasn't that planned for April sometime?

    30. Kieran Billings on

      Cool. So are these shipping as one shipment or being broken down into multiple shipments, can't remember sorry.

    31. Missing avatar

      Keith McCoy on

      Thanks for the update.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrea De Crescenzo on

      Sorry for questions, asked them since it is my first physical KS and i am not expert on these things

    33. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      Oh, wait.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ace Histoli

      I'm increasingly excited about this game, to the point where it's hard to fall asleep at night sometimes. Fortunately there IS one thought I can turn to whenever I'm having trouble focusing on whatever I'm supposed to be doing, one thought that can turn my attention away from a game that I've never even seen in person, and save me from turning completely into a Megacon Games zombie:


    35. Pask on

      I hope both download before shipment or at the same time, so we can immediately play Myth ;)

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrea De Crescenzo on

      Can i ask how will shipment work for italy? In case they come when i am not home who am i supposed to call(shipment agency)?

    37. Christian Stalley on

      O, and @Sarah Christian: your name confuses me each time I see it. My first and second names are Christian Sarah...

    38. Christian Stalley on

      Woohoo! How very exciting! One question: are Canadian base games in these two containers or the second oceanbound set? I have a very impatient kid asking daily if Myth is here yet...

    39. Ben Coleman on

      Great news guys. I was starting to get worried!
      Can we expect the MERCS: Recon Kickstarter to launch next week now?

    40. Jonathan Patterson on

      My week has been made! So excited!

      What will the shipping speed be?

    41. Kyle Schleich

      AWESOME! Good luck with the repacking and reshipping! I am getting so excited to be close to playing!

    42. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      The Italian and Spanish translations are of only the book and they are proceeding. It will be a pdf download.

    43. DAJ1974 on

      awsome now for the love of god start Recon will you

    44. Sir Wilhelm on

      Will packages be shipped based off order #, distance from MegaCon HQ, astrological sign, last name, or hat pull?

    45. Matthew Foss on

      Silly question and my apologies if already asked and answered. Will those of us who pledged Double Captain, be receiving 1 or 2 base games?

    46. Sarah on

      You guys should be closer! Ohio is a bit of a drive :(