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Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
5,360 backers pledged $926,112 to help bring this project to life.

Final Hero Art

We've been quiet because we've been busy. Here are the final images for all the Heroes.

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  • Image 253959 original
  • Image 253960 original
  • Image 253961 original
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthias Fröschl on

      I think we all are Wong. That is Not a weasel, it's a female soldier wearing a fur catsuit! So definetly overdressed!

      Ok, enough joking. I also wanted to See a femal close Combat Specialist. Maybe in Future there are some barbarian/amazone characters, like the before mentioned druid. I want to have a tough Guy with an axe.

    2. FeelNFine on

      My thoughts on sexualization, it's more about the pose and the shaping than the amount of skin, I was more struck by the tiny proportioned waists on the female figures, especially the trickster (I'm afraid she'll snap in half!). The female accolyte's pose just looks unnatural, but hey, the male soldiers proportions filled out for the mini and that's the important thing.

      I agree with others, if any character is over sexed, it's that nearly naked mongoose :P

    3. Joe Mogren on

      Ok Jason I see it now ;)

    4. C on

      I think Sam the Eagle of the Muppets has a few important words on naked-ity (:…

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Hoglund on

      Looks nice, I kinda wish the female apprentice would look more like the male (i.e less clothes) so I could paint them both with red skin and tattoos. Female (?) warrior is kinda interesting.

    6. Lucio Maron on

      What? There's a debate about the female aprentice is wearing to less? First reflex is pointing to Kingdom Death, but I don't have to. I point instead to the female warrior. She isn't wearing anything but a towel, a girdle and and gloves. She's almost naked. And no one flips out over this. Just because she is a humanoid weasel... You're all speciists! ;)

    7. Farrlinn on

      Looks great to me. I can't wait to get my hands on the final product!

    8. Jason Miller

      @Joe, you're not squinting hard enough.

    9. Missing avatar

      Melissa Ethridge on

      I love these new female characters! Really great. I like the diversity a lot. Good job guys. It was worth the wait. As a female, I feel empowered!!!!!!!

    10. Alex Draper on

      very happy with these images

    11. Almighty Cow on

      Love love love them! Apprentice female is the best "new" one in my opinion.

      Not sure why everyone is flipping out over a little skin being shown. If people are going to complain about something so minor, I'm going to complain that the female soldier is topless!!!!!

    12. Joe Mogren on

      Sorry to rain on your parade Jason but that is most definitely not the notre dame cathedral

    13. Jason Miller

      @Felix, they are absolutely hunchbacked! If you look closely at the image between them, and I men really, really, REALLY squint, you'll see that the image is actually the Notre Dame Cathedral.

    14. Don Riddle

      trolls will troll. these figures are great and not exploitative at all. good job!

    15. Jon Larsen on

      These are really good. Hope the final figures live up to the concepts! Hair can be particularly difficult to do well. Oh, and FUR too :)

      Keep that fur texture minimal - these aren't Rackham's wolfen!

      Just fix the running female archer - little off balance there. And definitely don't sculpt the male mage with his torso leaning back at that angle. I just tried it and won't be able to stand up for a while now.

    16. Felix Poortman on

      @ Brian Conwell that's not a hunchback... if you look closely you can see it's a giant backpack, probably filled with all sorts of components and contraptions ;)

    17. Ben on

      Just reading through the comments - to add my 5 pence (I'm from the UK) to the Acolyte.

      If you are going to claim she is dress too revealingly you also have to point out the male version is completely topless which has to surly be more inappropriate. The male Brigand has no paints on, his junk will be hanging out there for all to see. etc etc.
      You can't simply apply the argument where it suits to do so.

      I think the art is fine.

    18. Ben on

      Me likey

      Only comment would be to agree with Shawn below. Don't think the female acolyte should religion specific. It would suit the whole fantasy theme if it was a non-specified religion rather than bringing it in line with real life.
      At the very least the 'cross bar' should be moved down to cross the center of the vertical bar making it a little less of a archetype christian style cross.

      For the record I am not religious at all so have no bias for or against any religion.

    19. Shawn Hubbard on

      Lots of good discussion here. My thoughts:

      - It would be nice if the fem acolyte didn't have the cross, only to keep the religion generic and enforce that this is the players' story. I didn't see one on the male I don't think.
      - I understand the cultural differences so I won't be too negative, but I don't think there's anything wrong with the female apprentice at all. I'd have no problems letting my 9 yr old daughter blow things up with her.
      - Love the male archer. Very skulky.
      - Female thief is good, but seems very similar to the archer now. Personally, I'd like to see a grittier looking female, but that's my opinion. I do think it needs something to stand out.
      - Fem trickster is good. Maybe an extra piece of tech on her right belt or something? On the 28mm fig it probably won't matter.
      - Fem soldier is interesting. I like the idea and the fig will be col, but I know my kid is going to want a human female. Luckily, as people have said, I'll be subbing the KD mini for this which she already saw and loved. Quote: "Ooh, I'm gonna be her!"

      Looking really good guys, thanks for the update!

    20. Missing avatar

      Connor Kirk on

      No. This is great, and I am so absolutely proud of being a backer for you. I mean I don't want to make it sound like I'm more versed than others in this subject, but I am one of the first people to be offended by gender inequality. However, your game shows incredible adherence to providing a game that is respectful to men and women, and a game I would play with my nieces and nephews. I think the female apprentice's skin is warranted, as the male has a bare chest, her lack of clothing shows equality. Her breasts are not gratuitous, and I feel that she is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for being sensitive and dedicated. It is a sentiment that I will be sure to reciprocate.

    21. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer


      I do agree with the Female Trickster... is it me or are they hunchbacks? I agree... put a cool looking Beast Trap on her back and less arching of the back... unless these Tricksters have a special carrying load or something. LOL.

    22. Sulucion

      Less clothing is Better! . . The more one color for painting skin the easier! And tb serious why the negative comments?. Anyone that pledged for this game got So much extra lootz, there should not be a negative comment.. I think the drawings are excellent, good representation of cards that will be included. Good stuff !

    23. Pride365 on

      Echoing what I said on the forum I am dissapointed here with these pics the Trickster looked better before and the female acolyte has the cross and no bandage which is sad to me. Then I see all this talk about the female apprentice showing 2 much skin I mean really? She is barely showing anything!

    24. John Howard on

      Am I the only one who thought that the female Trickster looked a lot like Kaylee? Except Kaylee would have painted flowers on her armor. XD

    25. Missing avatar


      Looks great, thanks!

    26. Matthew White on

      Just so y'all know, from what I see, the alternate gender pictures are not as detailed as the first set, so I wouldn't worry about a few mishaps here and there like on the trickster. I am willing to guess that they will continue to edit the alternate characters over time, these are just preliminary drawings to keep us in the loop. They are probably close to final, but they can still easily make a few changes, and the drawings aren't perfect representations of the future sculpts either (do you see their feet???).

    27. Alex on

      Yes awesome love it

    28. Lonenut on

      @Daniel Magnan you're absolutely right, I didn't realize the rogue was female. Derp. Also got the skalds, so now I feel better.

      I will probably still build a custom female warrior, because why not?

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Del Rio on

      Final art looks absolutely awesome.

    30. Rand Chua TL on

      Comparing to anime/manga Record of Lodoss war art picture.
      I'm hopping for more body armour on mini?…

    31. Francesco A. Accomando on

      I really don't see any sexualization on the fenale heroes. If we wouldn't be told that the mongoose if female, it could be easily pass for a male character. Same goes to the apprentice a belly button does not sexualize the miniature. I remember the sketch had even less clothing, and that has been addressed properly.

    32. C on

      On the off-chance you're looking for a bagpipe-wielding Badger proxy for the Skald, look no further than Steve Jackson Games! :

    33. Missing avatar

      Jordan Lazzari on

      @Chad Denton; Perhaps a fossa? Something in the suborder Feliformia at the very least.

    34. Chad Denton on

      Is she mongoose? I thought raccoon or skunk.

    35. Ramon Gomez on

      I can't believe how sexualized the Mongoose and Rat are. I mean...they're barely wearing anything at all! How will I store this game on a shelf, much less play it, with children around?
      Anyone who likes those character designs should be ashamed of themselves. You're all perverts.

    36. James Fisher on

      Also, I wasn't a huge fan of the Mongoose at first. The final art looks incredible. Nice work.

    37. Matt Dorangricchia on

      Looking good. Look forward to playing with them.

    38. Donny Kim on

      I'm gonna do the opposite and paint as much of the female parts as skin as possible.


    39. James Fisher on

      @Ondrej, Your last comment was exactly what I was going to suggest! I don't find the belly button to be an issue, but you can always paint over it! Heck, paint a shirt on the male apprentice if you feel he is too exposed as well. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Jordan Lazzari on

      I mean Keith, not Kevin. Brain fart.

    41. Joe Mogren on

      Does anyone know what the little sketch in the back of the trickster picture is?

    42. Itai Rosenbaum on

      I love how dynamic all of these are.
      Excellent, excellent work!

      Can't wait to see the sculpts.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jordan Lazzari on

      First off, really great to see this. Kevin is top notch.

      Secondly, I can't believe anyone is complaining that the female apprentice is 'over sexualized'. How is she any more sexualized than her shirt hating male counterpart? She isn't, unless we're pretending that only women can be sexualized.

    44. C on

      Three words; FURRY EXPANSION PACK! :D

    45. Daniel M

      @Lonenut, using the Twillight Knight is a good idea. Also, the human rogue is female, the rat is the male. Are you getting the skalds? That is another option for a fighter type.

    46. Lonenut on

      @Daniel Magnan it's not just that there's anthro animals. That's fine, more options for people. I was just really banking on there being a female stabby type for my fiancee to play as. @Granite26's idea to use the Twilight Knight is a good one though, I think.

    47. Granite26 on

      @Mantle What does that make the white part of the Sorceresses flame?

    48. Daniel M

      @Lonenut I'm not a fan of the anthropomorphic animals either. I will be using other figures instead.

    49. Mantle on

      These are excellent -- looking forward to seeing the final sculpts for all of them too. I think the female characters look great, and entirely reasonably dressed.

      On the other hand I can't stop seeing the energy pattern near the male apprentice's hand as a uterus.....

    50. Granite26 on

      @Lonenut Check out the KD mini as a potential alt soldier...