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Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 24, 2013.

Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.

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    1. Creator Granite26 less than a minute ago

      Sounds like a failure of imagination

    2. Creator Jason Steele about 2 hours ago

      Yeah, but the bright side is I can't imagine how they could screw up this final shipment.

    3. Creator Granite26 about 2 hours ago

      @Jason Wow....

    4. Creator Jason Steele about 14 hours ago

      @Granite, no, at one point in domestic fulfillment they actually ran out of rat and elemental captains completely, because they had spent a couple days fulfilling wave 2 shipments before they realized they were short and adjusted the quantities. Now, most Tennessee backers got 2 of each in their wave 2 shipments, but since they forgot my shipment completely (I had to spend a month or so emailing them after domestic wave 2 shipment was officially complete o get them to send me anything), by the time I got them to send me a wave 2 shipment, they had run out of them. A lot of, or maybe all I don't remember, Washington state backers didn't get any rat or elemental captains either because they ran out.

    5. Creator Frog about 16 hours ago

      KS#3 on Monday? Still no figures? Still no RECON update?

      Again, here is the figures I need.

      24x Skeletons (4x sets of 6)
      6x Elemental Captains
      6x Rat Captains

    6. Creator Krabs about 18 hours ago

      I am skeptical about the fact that my problem (missing / broken parts) will be solved before the end of next KS... It's sad and a shame because I would have liked to participate again But in these conditions it does not seem reasonable, it is difficult to continue to trust and spend even so much money, regarding how the past project has been managed.. I still hope something moves...

    7. Creator Judy Krauss about 22 hours ago

      I got my "wave 3" stuff in Pennsylvania today. Completed!

    8. Creator Granite26 about 23 hours ago

      Each (captain) pledge should have gotten 4 rat and elemental captains, no? 2 in wave 2 and 2 in wave 3?

    9. Creator Jason Steele 1 day ago

      er wave 3 had only 2 of each captain I mean.

    10. Creator Jason Steele 1 day ago

      This is ridiculous. First, I received a wave 2 shipment with skeletons and only 2 of each captain type, so I sent an email that I was still short 2 rat and 2 elemental captains. I got another shipment with 2 rat captaiins and some more skeletons, So after five shipments total (they had to send me 2 wave 2 shipments because they left more than half my stuff out of the first one.), I'm still missing miniatures. I'm frustrated, and, yet, I also feel sorry for them at this point. The postage has to be killing them, and it could completely be avoided if they were more careful with their packing.

    11. Creator Granite26 1 day ago

      Got my stuff in TX today. All there, all good

    12. Creator Greg Morse 2 days ago

      Skeletons and captains arrived today in MA. Looking forward to pax east.

    13. Creator Mark Taraba 2 days ago

      @Ziltoid, they turned that off a long time ago. You have to email them and ask for your pledge information.

    14. Creator Ziltoid 2 days ago

      Finally I had time to ckeck all my kickstarter stuff of two captains and I nearly have every strech goal but I can't remember really which add ons I bought.

      I tried to go to the pledge manager but I cannot connect.

      Do I have the wrong URL?

      May someone help me out here?


    15. Creator Jetewabbie 3 days ago

      Some good posts on the 2.0 rule book and Kenny is actively answering questions today

    16. Creator Jetewabbie 3 days ago

      I would imagine anyone who actually learned the rules and played Myth will be in the next KS no matter when Recon ships. I am definitely all in. Can't wait. BTW...the 2.0 rule book looks great.

    17. Creator Tom 3 days ago

      Oh whilst I'm here, was there ever a way of telling what we ordered during the pledge manager? Haven't a clue if it's all there. Looked like an explosion in a mini factory when I opened the box.

    18. Creator Tom 3 days ago

      Just popping by to see what the buzz was about the upcoming expansions. Agree that launching another project without wrapping up one is bad form. (not too late to hold back if you're listening Megacon)

    19. Creator John T Coyne 3 days ago

      Nor have I received my missing skeletons and captains here in Massachusetts.

    20. Creator Tasker 3 days ago

      @Jason Steele... Personally I would have liked to have seen how they handled the Recon fulfilment before they launched another kickstarter.

      I 'might' get a few bits from this KS but i'll not be investing anywhere remotely near as much as I did for the first one.

    21. Creator Hubert 3 days ago

      me too, so?

    22. Creator Judy Krauss 3 days ago

      I haven't gotten my "wave 3" stuff yet in Pennsylvania....

    23. Creator Ed Sorensen 3 days ago

      I have gotten my small rat package but i love how they added in a invoice so i know what i was supposed to get. I get a small package with mini's thats cool but do not know if i got the minis in the small package.

    24. Creator Jason Steele 3 days ago

      @Tasker, well, the one defense is that they have a much better chance of getting domestic shipments to backers ahead of the next kick starter. I just think they should have waited another couple months, but oh well.

    25. Creator Tasker 3 days ago

      @ Jason Steele...

      Ahh. Thanks for the reply. I guess I do more waiting and hope they turn up at some point.

      I can't believe that after the International cluster feck of making us wait over a year for our stuff they're still prioritising domestic first.

    26. Creator Greatlich 3 days ago

      DAMN ! What would the Expansion KS begins the day right after DF KS !!!! My Wallet is DOOMED !

    27. Creator Cory J 4 days ago

      @William Barrett
      you don't think them saying all known shipments being sent out by the end of the week is maybe an end in sight for them shipping myth?

    28. Creator Kyle Mays 4 days ago

      At one point should I email somebody about not receiving the skeleton minis? I know they might have just been sent out, but I'm skeptical they will arrive.

    29. Creator William Barrett 4 days ago

      So, tell me. Considering that you have not finished fulfilling your obligations for Myth #1 nor Recon, with no real end in sight for either, why should I agree to pledge Myth #2 only to wait another 18 months for another partially completed project? I am not seeing it.

    30. Creator William Cunningham 4 days ago

      If we back the expansions at the level that gets us printed versions of the new cards, etc., will we get these things before the expansion actually ships? I'm guessing yes, but just wanted to confirm.

    31. Creator Quuids 4 days ago

      I can't type at all I put "want" instead of "wait" and "there" instead of "their"

    32. Creator Carlos Oliveira 4 days ago

      Can someone tell me what's suppose to be in wave 3 that I just received today to make sure I got it all?

    33. Creator Quuids 4 days ago

      Can't want to run into Megacon games at PAX East this year. Looking forward to seeing there new stuff!

    34. Creator Nino Bagus 4 days ago

      Missing some shamblers and Captains would be great...instead of missing a complete Captainspledge and the complete range of stretch goal miniatures of my other Captain...and the pledged for add ons also...and look, it's one week till KS2. Wonder if I'm gonna pledge again...

    35. Creator Jason Steele 4 days ago

      @Mike Hutton, The corrected hero, item, and possibly quest cards will be available, according to MCG, "at cost. I don't know if there are any plans to make the additional content, fury of the fireborne specific quests, enemies, and items available or not.

    36. Creator mike hutton 5 days ago

      Will the patches be part of the pledge? For some reason I have never been able to get any of the patches to unzip onto my CPU. Love the game, and am frustratingly missing this content which is supposed to improve the game.

    37. Creator Jason Steele 5 days ago

      Er myth journeyman kick starter, I mean.

    38. Creator Jason Steele 5 days ago

      @Tasker, per Alex, the mythmod over on boardgamegeek, domestic shipments are going out first... Int'l may not arrive before the recon kick starter.

    39. Creator John Stonebraker 5 days ago

      We don't need to contact them and ask until/unless there's some indication they've sent them all out. I got mine about 2 weeks ago without ever having communicated about it.

    40. Creator Tasker 5 days ago

      Stupid question time...

      Were we supposed to email them about the wave 3 stuff? I'm only asking because I got the impression they were already aware of what needed sending out but after all this time I'm no longer so sure.

    41. Creator Jason Steele 5 days ago

      Got my wave 3... they still managed to screw it up again. I only received two of each of the captains, so now to start emailing again.

    42. Creator Justin T. 6 days ago

      Thx magacon games :) got the rest of my myth stuff today!! Excited to paint:)

    43. Creator Nathaniel Newby 7 days ago

      Still no sign of the missing stuff after three weeks. Any rhyme or reason to the shipping order?

    44. Creator Joshua Russell 7 days ago

      Got the last of my stuff today in Missouri.

    45. Creator Hubert on February 27

      nor do mine

    46. Creator Justin T. on February 26

      I just got an idea,, what if they made cards with rules on them (and for movement) like mercs.. But allowed you to play a TT myth game with all the beasts they've come out with? I just want to use these minis for something else,,, they're soo many ya know?

    47. Creator Tasker on February 26

      Still no sign of my wave 3 stuff. :-(

    48. Creator throwingmuse on February 25

      No delivery notification. No delivery. Nothing.
      Not sure what delivery algorithm they're testing, but it isn't working for me.

    49. Creator martin wakefield on February 25

      Got my shamblers , rat and elemental captains in Washington today.

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