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Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
5,360 backers pledged $926,112 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Grinsevent Wheresluggage of Sintropez on June 2

      @Infamous it's finished, everyone (who didn"t ask for a refund) got their 55 kg box (I may be exagerating here)

    2. Creator Infamous B on May 26

      What's the update on this peoject?

    3. Creator Justin T. on May 14

      In case anyone's interested:) I just posted my myth kickstarter apprentice pledge:) on eBay. it's starting under 200$ some painted, with storage case, from non-smoking home. Happy bidding!

    4. Creator Andrew on April 3

      Nikki emailed me a few days ago, took down my information from the original campaign and got me a tracking number for delivery within a day! Wonderful customer support :) I did also get into the Journeyman pledge, @Joshua you are right i would have kicked myself if I didn't. Thanks Again!

    5. Creator Andrew on March 29

      @Endevor Thank you!

    6. Creator Endevor on March 29

      @Andrew Nikki answered on the other KS when i told her you posted here, she is not in the office but will look at it monday.

    7. Creator Joshua Russell on March 29

      It'll get cleared up, some times it take patience and persistence. It's not like they are gonna take your money and run. Also if you are interested in myth journeyman, I wouldn't let that be the reason you don't back. You're only hurting yourself, and you'll regret missing such a great deal in the long run.

    8. Creator Andrew on March 28

      Multiple emails here about missing my entire second shipment, no response as of yet.
      Was hoping it would get cleared up before Journeyman finished - I wanted to get in on that, but without having round 1 complete, I cannot justify it.

    9. Creator Endevor on March 28

      Things are getting cleared, in france only 4 are still missing things and some got sorted yesterday.

    10. Creator jodee maddock on March 28

      I can't believe this got backed when it seems so many people are missing stuff from the first KS. I'm missing about half my stuff still (after many emails to Nikki so don't suggest that). This looked like a great game but i feel i got burnt on the oriignal so i just cant justify more money on it.

    11. Creator Joshua Russell on March 25

      The KS exclusives quests are not cards, they are a book.

    12. Creator Endevor on March 24

      You should have a box of 30 cards named : Quest Expansion 1. If you paid 15$ for the quest expansion you should have another box named Quest Expansion 2.
      You should have a female Trickster in the bag with all the alt genders.

    13. Creator Alex Podgoredsky on March 24

      Can anybody tell me - was there some KS exclusive quest cards (30) and female tinkerer in their shipment? Didn't find any. Are they missing or not? :(

    14. Creator Sir Wilhelm on March 21

      @Richard - Email Nikki at with MYTH Urgent! in the subject heading.

    15. Creator Richard James Kolosowski on March 21

      Any update on missing double captains mine order 2698 is still missing and i reallllllyyyyy want to drop some money on the myth journeyman before it closes but cant if i don't know where my original stuff is.

    16. Creator Nathaniel Newby on March 18

      Wait... international stuff is going out??? I'm stateside, and I STILL haven't gotten my missing captains and other stuff from my pledge!

    17. Creator Endevor on March 18

      I am sure nikki is working on it. They will finish the international orders this week or the next week.

    18. Creator Scott Simoneau on March 17

      I've sent three emails off regarding missing parts over the past month or so to no avail...are you guys checking messages here by chance?

    19. Creator Nino Bagus on March 17

      Well, I'm still missing more than half of my double Captain, a package has been dispatched a few days ago but is currently stuck in german customs, so I can't tell if I'm going to miss some stuff still...

    20. Creator Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] on March 17

      @MERCS - it would be really great to be able to finally tick off the original Myth kickstarter as complete - can you confirm that all missing minis have been dispatched? There is some uncertainty that when you said 'all' in last Myth update, you actually meant 'all United States'. I am just missing 4 Rat Captains and 4 Elemental Captains and then I am done. Many thanks.

    21. Creator Sir Wilhelm on March 16

      The idea for MYTH crossovers... that is the different discussion I was talking about at the end of my post. MERCS said there would be MYTH stuff in Recon from the get go. I believe it was a wise business decision at the time, to get the MYTH crowd to take a harder look at Recon. And I think it worked wonderfully.

      I agree that having exclusives can definitely hurt a product at retail. Especially with a person such as myself, The Completionist. It is an expensive sickness. I understand Exclusives though. If a person takes a chance on a product before it is released (like a year before it is released), then they should get rewarded.

    22. Creator Tom on March 16

      I remember Myth backers asking for a Myth only pledge level. (I thought it was a funny pledge level because for only a little extra you could also get a copy of Recon). But surely the origin of the Myth crossovers wasn't from a group of Recon backers asking Megacon for Myth exclusives? IMHO shoehorning fantasy Myth into Sci Fi Recon was weird but made business sense.

      The Recon/Myth Kickstarter Exclusives as an add on, could have helped Myth just as they helped Recon. (I doubt I'd get them, but many would).

      The only people this would have harmed are people hoping to sell their Recon/Myth Exclusives to pay towards or for their Recon pledge since Myth backers, their target buyers, would have access to non-inflated prices from Megacon.

      Like SodaPop, whilst I think it's nice to have something special, ultimately they hurt the game, creating gameplay barriers for new players. Maybe they even harm FLGS since it makes a buying a boring ol' retail option so unattractive.

    23. Creator Sir Wilhelm on March 16

      @Tom - The KS exclusivity discussion is always an interesting one to have. No need to apologise.

      As far as the MYTH level pledge in Recon goes, I think you might be mistaken. When the Recon KS started, the MYTH pledge didn't exist. It came into being by people requesting it. People who wanted MYTH stuff, but had no interest in Recon I believe. Now having MYTH stuff in Recon in the first place...that is a different discussion I think.

    24. Creator Tom on March 16

      @joshua, It could be and has been interpreted that way. But following that logic there's some pictures not using the Recon logo, they seem to only use a kickstarter exclusive logo but I wouldn't want to see them here. ;)

      The "nasty" part of me would like to see a single "Myth Kickstarter Exclusive - Recon Crossover." Stretchgoal announced. Then sit back with some popcorn and read the Recon comments!

      In many ways it's a blessing in disguise. Completionism for its own sake probably isn't worth it. I thought the Myth pledge level in Recon was a bit of a low blow trying to cash in. (Still haven't played a single game - do I really need more?)

      I prefer my kickstarter exclusives to remain exclusive to that specific project so at least I know where I stand. The decision to complete Zombicide Season 2 and 3 was expensive having missed out on the Season 1 exclusives. Funnily enough though, when Soda Pop revoked the "exclusivity" of their Relic Knight miniatures and their Kingdom Death miniature I wasn't too annoyed since I pledge for my own use rather than potential resale value.

      Anyways, that's all just my humble opinion. I didn't mean to derail the comments on to the "exclusivity" good or bad topic. Sorry guys. ;)

    25. Creator Gem Abed on March 16

      @Joshua, I don't think there will be another Recon project. Unless they suddenly create several new factions.

    26. Creator Joshua Russell on March 16

      Tom, MYTH exclusives are... MYTH KS exclusives. Both projects are MYTH KS. The reason they asked about recon is because those were listed as recon Ks exclusive. When the next recon KS launches, I'm sure they won't ask to add them again to that project.

      I really don't see the big deal either way, people just like to complain...

    27. Creator Tom on March 15

      Just my opinion but if we're going to be asked "Is it cool if we use the exclusives from this project again in Myth 2?" in Recon but not Myth 1 that sucks.

      What is insult to injury is that the "No vote" Recon backers win. Meaning in my eyes that ebay profiteers win and both Myth 1&2 backers miss out.

      P.s. Still sticking with my $6 pledge for now. Still looking to check if everything from Myth 1 turned up or not.

    28. Creator Gathar on March 15

      @Stephen Thanks for the info.

    29. Creator Sir Wilhelm on March 15

      @Seok-chan Yun - What sort of claim?

    30. Creator Stephen Ellis on March 15

      @Seok-chan, Gathar,

      email Nikki at, with "Myth KS missing components" or similar in the subject. She's been very good at getting back to backers quickly, although I'd expect that you wouldn't get a reply until she gets into the office on Monday.

    31. Creator Gathar on March 14

      So I finally got around to checking I received all my minis after receiving my last package and have found that there is missing stuff m I too late to try and put in a claim?

    32. Creator Seok-chan Yun on March 14

      Please refund.
      Things did not arrive, contact e-mail also does not reply.
      reply to my email.

    33. Creator Sir Wilhelm on March 13

      @Ashes - From MERCS in regard to a shipping announcement:

      "We are working on keeping it lower. Besides the shipper helping us and doing it all within EU...we have talked about Spiel pick up...we've talked a lot about what we can do at this point...we'll know more next week. Trying to let the shipper do their job and not pester them too much.

      Mar 13 2015 on MYTH: Journeyman

    34. Creator Sjeng on March 13

      @Hubert: import taxes from getting the stuff into Europe first.

    35. Creator Jared Bond on March 13

      The trick is to buy 2, and sell one to pay for your own copy.

    36. Creator Stefan >> DEXYD << on March 13

      I understand that people are afraid that shipping costs are going to be high. But aslong as there are no aditional taxes, it will be more than doable i think. You've got to remember, Mercs really had to pay a lot for shipping every thing and they don't want to get surpised again.

    37. Creator Ashes on March 13

      I´m in the new KS just for the updated materials. The uncertainty of final shipping cost keeps me from backing higher. Are there any plans to confirm the final or even a bit more precise cost near the end of the campaign when you know what will be the final content. This was the procedure in the Conan KS and given their success it seems to be appreciated by backers.

    38. Creator Justin T. on March 12

      I'm bummed:( I am not complaining.... I don't have 120$ or 250$ to throw at the myth 2.0:( (not to mention shipping) I really like myth but the price point this time is too much...

    39. Creator Frog on March 12

      My Myth/Recon Pledges are sold for those asking. Thanks!

    40. Creator Jared Bond on March 12

      Every company on KS seems to have a different definition of "exclusive" - and it's important to figure out what that definition is (and then to see if they follow through with it). These definitions range from:
      "KS exclusive" - (well, we made a mistake and now want to sell it at retail, so it's not actually going to be exclusive anymore)
      "KS exclusive" - (well, for a time. Let's say for 12 months no one else will have this item. However, we'll be delivering this you might see it at retail sooner. Sorry)
      "KS exclusive" - (you will only see this item available on this Kickstarter. And any future Kickstarter. And at conventions. And as a promo giveaway. Tell you what. It might also show up on our website. But not in stores!)
      "KS exclusive" - (this is your one and only time to get this item. One per person. You won't believe how much this will sell for on ebay later!)

    41. Creator Skolo on March 12

      I think having Myth KS exclusive items available for sale now is a major face slap

    42. Creator Jared Bond on March 11

      Well, it maybe crazy. But I picked up another Apprentice level off of "Frog" - hopefully with the new rules, Myth 2.0 will be perfect for my family.

    43. Creator James Andrew Zmrazek on March 11

      Has anyone had any luck getting a refund from missing items?

      Here is what I'm missing according to this image of the Captain Pledge.

      I'm missing:
      6 Rat Minions
      2 Rat Captains
      18 Skeleton Minions
      6 Bug Minions
      Skald Deck (I have the models, but no cards)
      Item Expansion
      Quest Expansion 2
      Slaughterfield Deck

      Now some of these are extras that I paid for, beyond the $100 Captain pledge. At this point I would just like my money back for the items I paid for but did not receive. That would be:

      Slaughterfield Deck $20
      Spriggan $15
      Skald (since I'm missing their deck, they are useless) $15
      Treasure Deck Expansion $10

      That's $60 of material that I DID NOT GET. I've tried email, messages on KS, but no responses. How do I get into contact with Mercs?

    44. Creator Jared Bond on March 11

      I think they are still "exclusive to KS" but they forgot to put up the symbol? (or maybe MERCS is going with the "exclusive for a period of time" definition?)

    45. Creator Sniegov on March 11

      Spriggan and Trickster are no longer exclusives??

    46. Creator Shawn Dickey on March 10

      still waiting om capts and skellies here as well

    47. Creator James Andrew Zmrazek on March 10

      Anyone else not get their whole order? I'm still waiting on a bunch of stuff that was missing. I've gotten a shipment of a few models, mostly the skeletons that were missing. However I'm still missing the Spriggan, Skald Cards, quest cards, and other misc things. Anyone else have this problem? I've been back and forth with Mercs and they aren't doing anything to help me. At this point I'm thinking of just selling all of my Myth stuff, as this is too much of a hassle for me.

    48. Creator Frog on March 10

      I'll probably regret this, but I'm unloading my Megacon collection for far below Kickstarter/ebay/online store prices. All New/Unused.

      For Myth I've got 2x Apprentice with all stretchgoals (66 more minis per pledge than captain, yes 2x duncan & 2x twilight knight), 2x Ia(elemental boss), 2x slaughterfield cards, 2x quests1&2, 2x 6x6 tiles1, 2x items1, 2x spriggan, 2x extra sculpted lairs, 2x dice bag, 2x clear brigand, 2x extra metal coins/tokens, 1x slaughterfield shirt

      $400 + $50 shipping

      For Recon I've got 2x Agent with all stretchgoals, 2x all in mission packs(10+ mission packs in each), 2x CPP-209, 2x 10 kit campaign supplemental, 2x drones, 2x 6 location minis

      $400 (Free Shipping, pledges will be turned over to you via Megacon games so they will ship directly from them after payment, i think i can even change the address myself int he pledge-manager)

      If you buy everything, I'd let it go for $750 total. That would be $300+ below the original KS prices and be somewhere close to 800 or 900 minis.

      US Buyers Only!
      Paypal Only!

      Contact me direct...

      za.nshinfrog at gmail dot com

    49. Creator Rinion on March 10

      New one has 3x Quest Expansions, how many were included in this one? I think it was two? Shoulda kept my boxes safer

    50. Creator Sir Wilhelm on March 9

      @Carl - New Rulebook, all cards for the Heroes, all items. And if you bought the Item expansion and any alt heroes, they will be included too. I'm tying to figure out if the quest cards are getting a 2.0. So far it sounds that they are.

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