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Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
Enter the world of Myth. A fully cooperative fantasy game, featuring dynamic hobby quality miniatures.
5,360 backers pledged $926,112 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Judy Krauss on

      Also, I just saw this "official" reply about the Stretch Goal tiles by the game designer on

      "There are rules to play Slaughterfield in the Base game. You need nothing.

      The Slaughterfield supplement pack adds a couple things like random spawns and achievements that grant items and VPs/"

    2. Rando Commando on

      Sweet. Thanks. Just didn't want to double up unneedingly.

      Everything is looking great.

    3. Judy Krauss on

      Right. Only the Slaughterfield map tiles (and supposedly some rules for playing Slaughterfield are included in the Captain level version, not the Supplement Pack which must be purchased as an add-on. From what Mercs answered here when the map tiles were added, I don't believe that you absolutely NEED the supplement pack to play Slaughterfield, but it adds a lot to the game.

    4. Rando Commando on

      I see. But the supplement pack isn't included already.. right? It's completely new cards.

    5. Judy Krauss on

      @ Rando -- there are also 5 Slaughterfield map tiles as a Stretch goal.

    6. Rando Commando on

      Hey guys. Quick question. What all makes up the Slaughterfield expansion? Just the supplement pack?

    7. Remi Bureau on

      @people_who_want_sleeve_counts if you forget about the skald and spriggan decks, you need 5 packs of large, and 4 packs of small sleeves

    8. Remi Bureau on

      @nicola Ia also comes with it's monster cards so 10 darkness and 2 monster cards
      And yes, the agents cards come with the agents of darkness

    9. Jorgy on

      what is "* Ia (Boss) – 12 large " listed in the cards count? If it's the elemental boss, why 12 cards and not 10 as stated in the cart? Is "*Agents – 6 large" agent of darkness option?

    10. MERCS Miniatures 7-time creator on

      It means you can add stuff, but not CHANGE your order that has been confirmed. The message is there for everyone. Add stuff and go to your cart. You can still add stuff.

    11. Dad-R-Cubed-1 on

      So sleeves = 500 large / 170 small approx = 10packs large / 4 packs small = $70. Seems like a lot for card sleeves. Do the cards need that much protection?

    12. Judy Krauss on

      @Harald: I believe that if you click the "Checkout" button, you can bypass that message and place an order.

    13. Harald. on

      I wanted to get extra sleeves, because I did not count the cards right; but the PM states: You have already confirmed your pledge and cannot make any changes to your order. :(

    14. Hubert on

      @Mike, well its getting expensive. i guess I`ll pass with sleeves


    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Zhu on

      Check update 86 for card count

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Zhu on

      @Skolo - Should've put all this info in one post:
      I got 1 set of all the add-on stuff with cards.
      After getting the Skald and Spriggan sleeves, I bought 4 packs of the small sleeves and 9 packs of the large sleeves

    17. Hubert on

      so, can someone tell me how many sleeves packs I need of what kind to hold it all?
      got Captain Level

    18. Harald. on

      Hello! Maybe it's been asked a couple of times; but how many sleeves should I get for items/normal cards? I have 1 pack of each from the first PM. Now I am doubting to get another set. Thanks in advance!

    19. Endevor on

      Top right of the PM, View order i think.

    20. Dave Brown on

      I haven't been on the pledge manager yet as on my way home but does it show you what you have already pledged for?

    21. Endevor on

      Keith is not available this week.

    22. Crusher100 on

      Keith could you please post pics of slaughterfield cards. I am planning to get them but would like to see them and as you have tre proofs of them I would appreciate. Thank you!

    23. Endevor on

      @magmlava yes in the captain there is 2 metal tokens even if you don't take the add ons.

    24. Endevor on

      It is one shipment sent probably at mid/end of january.

    25. move over on

      Do the Skald and Spriggan come with metal hero tokens?

    26. Walter Gagajewski on

      Have the Myth guys stated whether we are looking at two shipments or one or given an idea about when the base game will start shipping? I would love to demo/run this at a Martin Luther King weekend convention that is going on in my area.

    27. Eric Ylrac on

      Hey Everyone,

      I put up a simple survey about the pledge manager opening up again on BGG website. Feel free to check it out and answer it

    28. Craig Leslie on

      Ah thanks david lol. That will be why I haven't seen him lol. :)

      @Duncan. Looking forward to this mini! :D It looks fantastic! :) Your welcome. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      martin wakefield on

      Huh, I'm not seeing it. Maybe because I'm looking at it from my phone.

    30. Endevor on

      @duncan you can either think it is an honest mistake from a novice in english or a dishonest mistake.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sean Gibson on

      @martin you can find them on the pledge manager under the heading "Extra Dice"

    32. Hubert on

      so, whats up people?

    33. Missing avatar

      martin wakefield on

      @endevor I was asking if they could add dice to the pledge manager, because there not available through it right now and I would like to add them.

    34. Duncan A. Doherty

      That sounded a little naughty, Endevor :p. But of what I've seen so far, yes.

    35. Endevor on

      Do you enjoy "yourself" ? :)

    36. Duncan A. Doherty

      @Craig: Your "cool looking swashbuckling guy" comment has officially made my night, especially after a particularly long and mind-numbingly annoying night on 3rd shift. I'm so glad you like him :).

    37. Endevor on

      Yes you can, 10D10, 6FD.

    38. Missing avatar

      martin wakefield on

      Can we get dice added to the pledge manager, I would like another set.

    39. Mr MH on

      @Craig: It's a sculpted trap.

    40. Craig Leslie on

      So the Avatar of Winter, is this an exclusive model by a 3rd Trickster backer. Like that cool looking swashbuckling guy? I just noticed it a wee while ago, and didn't notice it before in goals or optionals. :)

    41. Craig Leslie on

      Ah thank you Breegull I will jot that down! :)

    42. John Buitelaar on

      @mercs. Can we get some final numbers on minion requirements per race please? Especially on the cyclops and now the rats.

    43. Endevor on

      @Mike if you can Hack my computer you can read the current french version :)
      I have no information but i guess they will make it public.
      The KS version is really really old, the redaction of them changed a lot.

    44. Endevor on

      @Begull the Spawn for Crawlers the same than the rats number if i remember correctly (2M 2R), i don't know why it is 15 for Crawlers and 10 Tailess, i don't see any difference between both of them.

    45. CarelessOpossum on

      @mike I don't know about a final version, but you can download a rough "kickstarter version" of the rules. The download link is in update #69

    46. Missing avatar

      martin wakefield on

      @MERCS I did some reading here in the forums and BGG and don't need to change my pledge order, I'll just add a couple things on Friday. Sorry for the freak out and thanks for making a great looking game.

    47. mike hutton

      is there a place to download the rules at?

    48. Remi Bureau on

      I think (could be wrong) that the cyclops will be around the same numbers as the elementals, with them being arch enemies and all...

    49. breegull on

      @Craig, keep in mind that the races have different spawn rates. You will probably never get anywhere near 30 elemental minions onto the table. 30 is only the sweet spot for arachnids, because they are the heaviest spawners.

      MERCS gave us a ballpark of the "sweet spot" for each minion type, for single and double spawn rooms. See this thread for details.
      Arachnids 1 Lair = 15 Minions + 2 Captains, 2 Lairs = 30 Minions + 4 Captains
      Orcs 1 Lair = 12 Minions + 2 Captain, 2 Lairs = 24 Minion + 4 Captains
      Skeletons 1 Lair = 10 Minions + 2 Captain, 2 Lairs = 20 Minions + 4 Captains
      Elementals 1 Lair = 6 Minions + 2 Captain, 2 Lairs = 12 Minions + 4 Captains
      Rats 1 Lair = 10 Minions + 2 Captain, 2 Lairs = 20 Minions + 4 Captains
      Not sure if they ever gave a ballpark for Cyclops

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