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Creating amazing bathrobes and slippers.  Blissful relaxation, soft materials & Japanese craftsmanship.
Creating amazing bathrobes and slippers. Blissful relaxation, soft materials & Japanese craftsmanship.
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    1. Tony Browning on

      Any updates on shipping schedules??

    2. Yevhenii Berezan on

      Hi, I don’t get when to expect my reward... Some help please?

    3. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Giselle, not a problem. Just send us a private message with your new address and we can update it. You can also use the survey link to change your address at any time. I have resent you your survey link.

    4. Missing avatar

      Giselle Petitcolin on

      hi there,
      thanks for the update, a small delay for better quality is fine by me, I may need to update my address by then though ...Giselle

    5. Gizmo on

      Thanks for that information & personally that is more than fine for a quality product.

    6. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Gizmo, thanks for your understanding. Around 6 weeks at this stage but we are working to make it as short as possible.

    7. Gizmo on

      Great news that the hand warmers colours will match again so I don’t have to change my colour of bathrobe.
      Slightly sad news on the delay but Quality counts every time!, better for a small delay than send out a sub standard product.
      Any indication of a rough timescale for the delay please?.

    8. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hello Taylor, great! Your feedback is important to us so we worked hard to implement the change.

    9. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Frank, thank you for your understanding. You wont be disappointed!

    10. Taylor Linehan

      Matchy match. I appreciate the color matching on the hand warmers. Not gonna lie that it bummed me out a little originally when you said they wouldn't be.

    11. Frank Berry on

      This is unfortunate as I was looking forward to a kickstarter project that I back shipping on time for once. But as long as the quality is there I am sure I will get over it. Thank you for keeping us updated.

    12. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hello Jack, we are very proud of how they are coming and are confident they will exceed your expectations

    13. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Cale, hope you are enjoying your summer!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      As long as they're amazing in the end who cares. :)

    15. Cale

      No worries. I threw away all my towels in anticipation but it's summer so the water dries off fairly quickly. I do have to be careful with my coffee while waiting, though.