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|| SENTO 2.0 || Kickstarter's most funded towel is back!
⚒ Premium materials, superior technology with Japanese craftsmanship. ⚒
|| SENTO 2.0 || Kickstarter's most funded towel is back! ⚒ Premium materials, superior technology with Japanese craftsmanship. ⚒
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Free Gift- You Decide!

Posted by Sento (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Wow what another great couple of days! We are all set to hit our next Stretch Goal. The Stretch Goal unlocks a free gift to each and every backer

This means if you share our campaign you will get a free Kitchen Towel AND another free gift.

The Free Gift From Our First Campaign

For Sento 1.0 we included bamboo chopsticks as a free gift.

The Free Chopsticks Included with Sento 1.0
The Free Chopsticks Included with Sento 1.0

These are in the traditional Japanese style with tapered tips and ridges. This helps grip slippery dishes such as much loved sushi dishes.

What sort of gift would you like? Help us decide! We would love to hear your suggestions. 

We are looking at new chopstick designs, what do you think?

Let us know!

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    1. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Russ, great to hear you you like the Kitchen Towel. Thanks for the feedback!

    2. Missing avatar

      Russ Stiltner on

      I’m with Jeff. Another kitchen towel sounds nice. It also seems silly to have 1 towel, I’d end up buying more just to have a set. Where as 2 is enough I’d consider not buying more. 2 is enough to have both hanging on your oven door handle or other decorative method that has them out and available.

    3. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Nicholas, what a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Compton on

      What about something bath related? Maybe a loofah or something?

    5. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Jeff, glad to hear you like the kitchen towel. We are confident you will love it!

    6. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Rick, that takes us back alright! Thankfully the internet has come a long way. Thanks for the feedback about the chopsticks

    7. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Ashleys, great idea! Use them as hair pins and always be ready for an emergency Sushi session.

    8. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Paulina, on something more towel related we were thinking a towel sleeve. So you can roll your towel up and fasten it in place. What do you think?

    9. Sento 3-time creator on

      HI Ray, great idea. We will be sure to include the gift as an add on extra (for a low price) so that backers can get more than their one free gift if they would like.

    10. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Ren, thanks for the feedback. Another chopsticks fan!

    11. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Roxane, great to hear you like the original chopsticks. Thanks for the suggestion!

    12. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Andy, you're right Titanium chopsticks are great. They have been a huge success on Kickstarter

    13. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Alan, thanks for sharing! A free kitchen towel is coming your way. Glad to see you found the twitter share button.

      For anyone else looking to tweet the twitter button is just below the "back this project" button next to our video.

    14. Sento 3-time creator on

      Hi Mitch, thanks for your feedback. Great to hear you love the chopstick idea

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeff Kowalsky on

      Another kitchen towel would be my choice


    16. Rick on

      A kitchen towel would be nice for the non-Facebook no-Twitter :) You know.. sqeeeek, squeeeek.. click...popppp. errripppp -- 56K modem.. Land Line Loving back in the day.. old school.. 386 DOS.. people. Got fiber optic cable now.. so chopsticks good too. Thanks

    17. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Shared on Facebook!

    18. Missing avatar

      Ashleys To Ashes

      Chopsticks are so `last towel'. I'd only have any interest in those if they would also be decorative hair sticks - which, to be fair, chopsticks usually can. Ooh, what about fans? You know, because that's another way of drying off, like a towel.

    19. Paulina Zacchia on

      Not at all interested in chop sticks.. :/ How about something towel related, or helpful for laundering?

    20. ray bans

      I like the idea of chopsticks.

      love to be able to get 4 or 6 pairs, for a complete dinner set

    21. Ren Shredder on

      Yeah, chopsticks sounds great! :)

    22. Roxane Neumann

      I‘d love another pair of chopsticks! We can all start a sento collection, maybe different colours at the top but a matching design to Sento 1?

    23. Missing avatar


      Machine washable chopsticks (titanium would be perfect)!

    24. Alan Raisman

      Nevermind, found it and tweeted :)

    25. Alan Raisman

      How do we share on Twitter? I only see the option to share on Facebook.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mitch Lumpford on

      I would personally love a pair of chopsticks