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Green Monster Debuts Funktional Dogwear in Vegas!'s video poster

Green Monster dogwear wants to bring funky, funktional style to dogs everywhere! We're making our debut in Vegas and you can come! Read more

Atlanta, GA Pet Fashion
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This project was successfully funded on April 20, 2012.

Green Monster dogwear wants to bring funky, funktional style to dogs everywhere! We're making our debut in Vegas and you can come!

Atlanta, GA Pet Fashion
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1st Things 1st:  What's In It For You

Before I tell you the full story of Green Monster and what we're going to do - take a look at some of the Green Monster dogwear that you can have as a reward for pledging to back us!   

And that's just a small sample..Click here for our full Etsy shop!

Your dog can also be the first on your block sporting the new fall collections of Green Monster dogwear..  Yet to be released! 

Other backer rewards include custom dogwear, monogrammed dogwear, HPryor art and even a scandalous night with Megaball herself!

Now to get down to business...

The Idea

Green Monster started with a simple claim, "I could make this so much better.."  It was sparked by the umpteenth time Haley stripped a jacket off our small, male dog because the strap had the distinct odor of "being in the way". 

Haley Pryor, a mixed media artist by trade, has worked with textiles and clothing for years.  Though her primary medium is currently wood and acrylic, she didn't hesitate to set up her sewing machine and start reworking the design to actually be functional. 

Soon, I wanted to get involved.  I'm Jessica, Haley's wife, and though I wasn't a skilled seamstress (or really any kind of seamstress) I am a marketer.  Having worked in marketing and advertising my whole life, I quickly recognized that although we were having an unusually warm winter, the jackets we were making had sidewalk-stopping-power.  We were making them for friends (and strangers) immediately, and hearing over and over, "You should sell these.."

The Team: Haley + Jessica

When Haley and I met I told her that I tended to be a bit obsessive and she said, "Me too!  Either I'm obsessed or it's dead to me."  I knew at that moment we were cut from the same, albeit dangerous, cloth.   That passion for things we care about has fueled our creativity and basically negated the body's need for sleep since we decided to take Green Monster to the world. 

Haley is a dog lover of the highest order.  She has a little known, but widely substantiated, secret talent of identifying dogs by breed from 100 yards away; specializing in rare, hard to pronounce species. As an artist, she sees the beauty in every breed or mixed-breed and never admits that a dog could possibly be "not cute".  Her artist's eye and artist's spirit is constantly in motion and speeding toward her next vision.

I also am an animal lover from way back.  My childhood dream was to be a veterinarian, owing to my insane love of animals; but after being admitted to UGA’s vet school, my insanity itself took over and… another idea did too.  

Falling into a career of marketing and advertising was natural for me, allowing me to be creative and intuitive and then back it all up with analysis.  (Because that's how it really works, you know..)  Discovering the magic in our Green Monster concept has been the answer to that nagging voice in my head that's always said, "If only you were marketing something you really cared about...The sky's the limit!"

And my desire - or rather compulsion - to take Green Monster from Haley's creative outlet to a legitimate business is the answer to Haley's nagging voice that's always said, "If only I could focus on the business side of selling my art..The sky's the limit!"

Dog-ness Doctrine: 

  • Green Monster is a home-based, dog-centric company focused on creating functional and expressive apparel that remains true to the “dog-ness” in our best friends.

  • Green Monster believes that pet personality can be expressed in dogwear without losing functionality.  In fact, can be expressed more fully with improved design that allows better movement, comfort, and fit. 

  • Green  Monster creates one-of-a-kind dogwear.  Each garment unique from the rest of the pack, just like our own dogs.

Funktional Dogwear:  

With the Dogness Doctrines guiding us, we've established patterns for dogs ranging from one to a hundred pounds.  Our dogwear has two objectives:

1. Be functional!   As in dog-friendly.  Our jackets are sleeveless, since dogs have legs instead of arms. Our jackets have high cut shoulder cavities, allowing for full range of motion.  Our patterns have adjusted the strap to stay out of the way - even for those leg-lifters.  And our fabrics are screened for comfort and wearability.  If it's not going to feel good against our pets' skin, Green Monster isn't going to use it. 

2.  Be expressive!

Not only do we see each piece of dogwear as an expression of our own creativity and vision, but we design each one with an idea of the dog that would be perfect for it.  We believe that dogs' personalities are each unique and those quirks and traits we love so much about them should be able to be expressed in what they wear - just as ours are! 

We call the marriage of these two qualities funk-tional!  (Yeah, we think it's pretty clever too.)   And one Green Monster trait demonstrates it perfectly: reversibility!  Every Green Monster dogwear has two distinct sides, for two moods, two personalities, or two dirty days at the park.. with coordinating collars to match!

The Whirlwind: 

The first two and a half months of this year have been an absolute whirlwind - exciting and breathtaking and consuming all at once.  We've gone from a good idea for a Christmas gift to a good idea for a business.. launching an Etsy shop and securing several wholesale accounts in the Atlanta market, where we live.  Despite the fact that the day I visited prospective pet shops with a bag of samples it was 70 degrees in February, we were enthusiastically received.  Custom and online orders have been steady and sales have spanned the globe from Europe to Southeast Asia and every corner of our United States. 

So far we've sewn every jacket ourselves, nearly every one a unique combination of fabrics.  Each and every one is precious to us and each time either of us sew a Green Monster label on the side we're taken with the new creation as though it's the first, immediately sharing with each other. 

But as we looked forward to the fall, we knew that we would quickly be at our butler's pantry's maximum capacity!

The Plan..and Where You Fit In: 

So, as is my obsessive nature, I immersed myself in the business of launching a line of apparel or merchandise and started checking off the boxes.  Having secured a small, local (bonus: domestic) manufacturer we are designing three collections of dogwear for the fall.  Each will have 8 unique designs unified around a theme and will be produced in four sizes: XXS, XS, S, M for dogs ranging from 5-35 pounds. 

We also will market a One-of-a-Kind Collection for the retailer that requires that level of exclusivity, which we will continue to produce ourselves.  Custom sizes will be a component of this collection as well. 

These three collections will be showcased in September at the Superzoo2012, the National Show for Pet Retailers.  This tradeshow is frequented by thousands of retailers, dealers and representatives looking for the latest lines and designs - and Green Monster belongs there!

Our Kickstarter project is designed to send us to Superzoo equipped with a display and inventory that will knock their socks off.  And you can help!

With your support, Green Monster will undoubtedly change the landscape of pet apparel.  In the same way that Target redefined what mass merchandisers should be with better aesthetics and functionality, Green Monster plans to redefine what dogwear should be!    And if that's not reward enough..

Just for You:

For supporting us in our mission to bring Green Monster to the uncomfortable, stifled dogs of the world, we're happy to offer some rewards.  Of course, they are mostly Green Monster dogwear for your beloved best friend (or your best friend's best friend), but there's also H.Pryor original art up for grabs and even a scandalous night in Vegas with the super cuddly Megaball herself.   (And let's not forget the Green Monster finger puppets..Those are truly priceless.) 

Thank you for your time and consideration!  If you've read this whole page and/or suffered through the entire video (disclaimer: I've always worked alongside editors and directors - not AS an editor or director!) then I hope we can count on your support.  Please be part of this movement!  We'll thank you profusely.. and so will your dogs!

One Last Thing...

If you don't already know.. Kickstarter is an all or nothing proposition.  So, if our pledges fall short of the goal, we get nothing.  If we meet the goal - we do.  So, time is of the essence!  Please share our story among your friends and in your professional networks and help us get the word out.. We don't have much time! 


  • Haley's first dog, her first love really, was a Jack Russell named Green Monster. She was at Haley's side from tiny puppy until last May...12 years. Her indomitable spirit is something we strive to capture and embody in each and every piece of dogwear we create. Sewing the tag on, at the end of the process, is a small reminder of our beloved Green Monster.. (Often followed immediately by "This one would have been PERFECT for Green..")

    The Green Monster logo is a character that's frequently recurred in Haley's art over the years.. If you are an owner of an HPryor art, you may find a Green Monster somewhere within the layers if you look closely...

    Last updated:
  • We have two dogs at the moment.. Megaball, Jessica's dog soulmate and Oliver, Haley's adorable little ankle biter. Both of them are featured on our website on the Green-spiration page (under Green's picture).

    Artex is the Jack Russell above, belonging to Haley's sister Mel. Very photogenic and very accommodating to the camera - he's the perfect model!

    The Westie in the picture at the top is a customer.. We never met this pet, but the owners sent us half a dozen of the most adorable pictures ever and we proudly display them. Perhaps they'll let us borrow these precious pets for our photo shoot... Hmm..

    Last updated:
  • Use this diagram:

    And if you don't have a tailor's tape measure, a tie or belt will work.. Simply mark it off and use a ruler against it.

    Last updated:
  • Nope.. Those are jackets we've already produced, by hand, in these first couple months. Some of them are still available on our Etsy site for a donation of $25!

    Last updated:
  • Of course you do! If your dog won't fit our largest size in inventory, because admittedly we don't have a lot of fabric tied up in large jacket inventory, we'll make him or her something special with our current inventory of... FABRIC! Can't beat that, can you? A custom jacket for only $25! Now run along and tell everyone... Hurry!

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    A GOOD LAUGH: Have a peek at our out take video, Stoop Stumbles, and then please don't hold it against us. It's a bit of a miracle that we put together something coherent in the end, and once you watch this, you'll agree! Find it in the Backer-Only Update.

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    Bein' Green: Special handwritten thank you card from Green Monster and a fun Green Monster finger puppet to flaunt in front of your friends..making them green with envy. (hopefully)

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    Immediate Green-ification: Your choice of a Green Monster dogwear item from our current inventory, handmade by either Haley or Jessica and crafted with loving care. And of course a Green Monster finger puppet to taunt your friends with. (US shipping included. Please add $10 for outside the US.)

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    ALL CHOKED UP: This is how we feel every time the chime sounds indicating another Kickstarter email. The Pavlovian effect has been quite odd, in fact. This reward will include a jacket from our current inventory (or current inventory of fabrics, if we're short your size); AND a coordinating collar! Check out update #7 to see a picture of an example.

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    First in Line: Your choice of a Green Monster creation from our first production.. hot off the press, er assembly line. (Still handcrafted in the US, but not in our kitchen!) Just in time for for cool fall weather and while you wait you can flaunt that Green Monster puppet.. (US shipping included. Please add $10 for outside the US.)

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    FASHION FORWARD: Because you and your pet wouldn't dare step onto the sidewalk without the hottest new Green Monster styles.. you have selected this reward. It includes a jacket from the fall collections and a coordinating collar!

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    Pledge $100 or more

    12 backers Limited (13 left of 25)

    THE BENJAMINS: For giving us a Benjamin, we're giving you a Limited Edition Benjamin leash and wristlet to proudly walk your pet.. while he or she sports the new fall collection jacket and matching collar ensemble! (Leash, wristlet, jacket and collar all are included in this reward level!)

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    One of a Kind: In addition to your choice of a jacket from our first manufactured collections (reward #3), you also will receive a custom Green Monster jacket designed to fit perfectly and express you and your pet's personalities.. We'll even monogram it for you! (and don't worry - you still get the Green Monster puppet!) (US shipping included. Please add $10 for outside the US.)

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    GREEN MACHINE! You are what makes this Green Machine go and as a reward for your pledge, you will receive a piece of Haley's new Beautiful Machine art, in the likeness of your pet or a pet of your choice. (Check out the update entitled Magnificent Machines for some of the pieces created to date.) In addition to this HPryor art, you will also receive Green Monster dogwear from the fall collection and a jacket from current inventory. (And of course an envy-inspiring Green Monster finger puppet!)

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    HPRYOR ORIGINAL: Wow! We are so humbled and honored to have received this gift from you. We'll outfit your dog with something from current inventory - immediately, give you a new design from the fall collections, make you a custom piece, AND Haley will create a priceless piece of her amazing art, in a size large enough to hang on the wall over your couch (that is to say, this isn't a 12"x12" piece) in her style, but commissioned personally for you.

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    INDECENT PROPOSAL: You are absolutely the star of this show.. And in gratitude for your immense generosity and belief in us, we're taking you to Vegas with us! We'll wine and dine you and let Megaball's luck rub off on you for nights at the casino. You can even sleep with her.. and all her cuddly softness. You have to get there on your own but everything else is on us. Join us in Vegas and let's celebrate!!

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