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$3,433 pledged of $38,000 goal
By Shep Poor
$3,433 pledged of $38,000 goal

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    1. Shep Poor Creator on October 6

      Hi everyone, we have CLICKEYbits available on our website from a limited run of pre-production samples. Once these are gone it may be some time before more become available. Thanks again for your support!

    2. Wilber Ruiz-Alago on October 2

      I received 2 boxes today with my purchase of: COLLECTION - CLASSIC, SILENT, & CLICKY from: I am planning on using them as Christmas Tree ornaments actually as they are multi-colored (this picture in the Twitter also convinced me: ). Very good product!

    3. Shep Poor Creator on July 4, 2017

      Just a quick update to my response to Lyudmyla: Since a CLICKEYbits could find its way to small kids (it is NOT designed for small kids, but we need to do this right) it is important we don't have small parts, so for our main products we will be gluing the keycaps to the switches and the switches to the frame. That said we hope to provide unassembled units for enthusiasts.

    4. Shep Poor Creator on May 7, 2017

      Hi James, thanks for the feedback and great suggestions!

    5. James Stuckey on May 7, 2017

      As fidget-devices continue to grow in popularity I think designs like CLICKEYbits stand out.

      Straight-forward. Unique. Single and/or double handed use. Multi-sensory output. Limited colourways.

      Two ideas for future iterations:

      - Increased resistance version for hand therapies / strength-building exercises
      - Silent version for discreet fidgeting

      Well done to the CLICKEYbits team on all the progress so far!

    6. Shep Poor Creator on April 29, 2017

      Hi Lyudmyla, the short answer is yes, with a bit of effort.
      I actually use a piece of dental floss. I work in a loop from the corner of the keycap, wrap it around the stem, and then pull. I've gotten to the point I can do it in one fluid motion.
      We've designed it to not "bite" (it shouldn't pinch your fingers when playing with it), so the sides of the frame come up to the bottom edge of the keycaps. This also gives it a finished look and makes it so the keycaps don't come off inadvertently when playing. It has tighter tolerances between the keys and the frame than a mechanical keyboard so a typical keycap puller won't quite fit.

    7. Lyudmyla Colley on April 28, 2017

      Will it be possible to switch out the keycaps?

    8. Shep Poor Creator on April 25, 2017

      We've just added international shipping to Australia, the UK, and Canada. Please see the new FAQ entry about International Shipping.

    9. Shep Poor Creator on April 23, 2017

      Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Kickstarter kickoff open house. We had about 40 people drop in and get to handle CLICKEYbits. We had great conversations with some awesome people, and the feedback has been validating. Thanks!

    10. Shep Poor Creator on April 22, 2017

      We are having an open house tomorrow (Sunday April 23rd) from Noon to 3:00pm. You can play with CLICKEYbits, talk about everything from the design and early prototypes to what might come next, and have some beer and pizza. If you live in the Jenkintown/Abington area and would like to stop by please PM me.