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"Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones" is a Lovecraftian computer roleplaying game of horror, loss and madness.
"Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones" is a Lovecraftian computer roleplaying game of horror, loss and madness.
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New Features are born from the Nameless Void!

Posted by Cultic Games (Creator)

Greetings fellow stargazers!

In this update, we wanted to focus on some of the features that you weren't able to experience in the demo but will get to see in the full game. Without further ado, let's begin!

Darkness Mechanics

Darkness itself will be one of your adversaries in Stygian. In a dimension without sunlight you'll be needing the company of your good old lantern more often than not and of course this will come at the expense of your precious Kerosene.

If you find yourself in darkness without a light source you'll start losing sanity. If you enter a combat scenario without a party member carrying a light source you'll have serious disadvantages against enemies (especially the ones that can see in the dark; such as Pickman ghouls).

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There are two levels of darkness in Stygian: Dark and Pitch-black. Pitch black represents a supernatural level of darkness that drains your sanity, even while holding a light source. Please note that we are not responsible for the strange visions you may see in pitch-black environments. Question your own dark past...

We're also planning some pretty neat mechanics for pitch-black combat scenes if the production time allows.

And keep in mind that darkness will have some important effects on user experience in exploration as well, such as not being able to interact with the environment objects that you do not illuminate.


We've been neglecting the construction of a good localization foundation for far too long... Not anymore! Madness should be spread to other innocent tongues like wildfire!

For the last two weeks, we've been busy doing our bests to prepare the systems that will make the lives of Stygian's potential translators much less miserable. We may have just saved ourselves from being the target of a lot of potential curses, hexes and malignant rituals. Pheew...

And here is our very first localized screen:

Turkish localization will follow the English release
Turkish localization will follow the English release

Item Comparison

Are you among those who like to min-max your combat potential? Do you find yourself comparing every little stat out there to maximize the pain you'll induce to your enemies? Then this system is for you! (You'll die anyway...)

Whenever you check the statistics of a weapon, you'll be able to see which stats are higher or lower than your currently equipped weapon's, thanks to green and red coloured indicators.

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If you like a deeper comparison, you can always see the stats of your equipped weapon with a simple right click and examine both items' properties in detail.

Faction Mechanics and Hiding your Identity

The factions of Stygian will remember the rights and wrongs that you do to them. If you offend the Mob by attacking one of its members inside a populated area, they will come after you. You'll be seeing bounty hunters patrolling the main hubs and almost all the mob members that you encounter will trigger combat.

If you offend Mob in an isolated area (such as the distillery outside Arkham city), you have to kill every single enemy in order to prevent the spreading of the word. If at least one enemy can flee from the combat, they will come after you.

Thankfully there is a way around that: hiding your identity. If you (and your party members) wear masks before things get hot, your enemies won't be able to identify you. Ever wanted to be a masked vigilante? This is your turn. Just remember the fate of Betsy Ross, the last vigilante of Arkham. Such a sad tale it is...

This takes us to the end of our update ladies and gentlemen.

Until we see each other in the interweaving tunnels of forbidden data once again.

Team Cultic


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    1. Cultic Games Creator on

      In pitch-black environments you won't be able to see anything Eduardo :) and all of the shown effects are subject change.

    2. Eduardo Ochoa on

      Porn for my eyes. Anyway I´m a bit concerned with the fact that you can see the backgroundeven without light, not that I dislike it because otherwise the navigation could become too frustrating, but I feel like it kills the surprise element and makes the player know what he es searching for. Still haven´t got the full picture so it may not be that way.

    3. Cultic Games Creator on

      Most of the NPCs won't talk to a masked weirdo. Also if the enemy encounters you with the same mask within the same hub, they'll attack you anyway because they'll know that they are looking for masked interlopers.
      We have machetes, woodsman axes, fire axes, every kind of knives, sledgehammers and even scalpels but we have not designed a proper sword yet. For shields, it does not seem possible for this game because of the animation labor it will require. But prepare yourself to see some pretty anachronistic weapons and equipment.
      Definitely, my friend.

    4. Zombra on

      Is there a downside to wearing a mask everywhere, I wonder?

    5. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Pimenta Feranti on

      Can you implement shields? It would be my absolute dream to build a sword and board character in a lovecraftian game.

    6. ug82 on

      Cool update, thanks! The factions mechanics sounds like an extra level of difficulty. Would it be possible to play the game as a pacifist?

      Keep up the good work :)

    7. Emissary of the Old Ones on

      Everything is looking amazing. I can't wait to sink my fangs and claws into the madness and explore this world with a plethora of dark spells at my blood-soaked claw tips. Eager and willing for the release of the Old Ones! Ia, Ia, Cthulhu fhtagn!