Stygian - A Lovecraftian Computer RPG

by Cultic Games

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    1. Kristijan Zuzija on

      Such desolation, such beauty

    2. Marcus R. Gilman on

      Love this, the music and the visuals!

    3. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Warren on

      Sounds fantastic so far! Tell Asli to give herself a pat on the back x
      I love the loading screen art too!

    4. Missing avatar

      Pablo Daniel Buján Matas on

      Wonderful! It's really coming along nicely. And please, try to release the game this year... madness grows all around the world so why dilate the end of it!!!!

    5. Lori Krell

      Morbidly beautiful!

    6. Emissary of the Old Ones on

      Oh man the sound is just perfect. It gives off that sense of dread and tension. Atmosphere is a huge part of horror, and the music provided is astonishing. Additionally, I eagerly await that Backer Demo. More than a 30 minute snack? It has me dripping with anticipation. The artwork for the loading screen between combat looks really cool as well. It reflects well the atmosphere and absolution of madness rather well. Man, I cannot wait to sink my claws into the Demo. To everyone at Team Cultic, y'all are doing a fantastic job! Hopefully were able to see Stygian as much polished, wondrous, and terrifying content as possible.

    7. Marsha Lecates on

      I can't wait!! Great work team! I am excited to see the unfinished and finished products!!!!

    8. Raphael S. Neto on

      The sound samples are amazing so far, love the tension it creates.
      Looking forward for that backer demo! =D