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The TiltyIMU is a family of versatile open-source robotic controllers and software to allow anyone to build a self-balancing project.
203 backers pledged $20,909 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Alex Beattie Creator on

      In response to Marc, the only part in the TiltyWay that is useable to build a full-size self-balancing scooter is the Tilty Duo itself. The difference in cost between the two would at least be four or five hundred dollars (motors, motor controller, batteries, and chassis are all different). You would honestly be better off just backing to get a Tilty Duo Deluxe (the $80 pledge level) and taking a look at the "how-to" page on my website for more information on building a segway style machine.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marc Cherpion on

      Hi Alex,
      I backed you project in pledging the Deluxe Titly Way Kit and I would like to know how much work and cost there are to transform the Titlty Way into a segway sort of machine as the one you featured in your video?
      Will I need to change the wheels, the engines, etc? Or will it be ready to go?
      Sorry to bother with my question but it has been nagging at me and I had to ask.


    3. Alex Beattie Creator on

      The TiltyWay will not, since the wheels aren't large enough to touch the ground then. Though in theory if it had another set of wheels on top it could be invertible and drivable as long as it doesn't get stuck on its side.

      But the control boards can operate at any angle. The current prototype actually has all of the sensors mounted upside-down on the bottom of the circuit board, but they can be calibrated to see any orientation as normal.

    4. Darrell Thompson on

      If flipped over, will this continue to operate as expected, like the US Army's track bots, or does orientation count?