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The TiltyIMU is a family of versatile open-source robotic controllers and software to allow anyone to build a self-balancing project.
The TiltyIMU is a family of versatile open-source robotic controllers and software to allow anyone to build a self-balancing project.
203 backers pledged $20,909 to help bring this project to life.

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      Mark Trickey on

      Alex, thank you for responding, but you don't address the question that's on everyone's mind. WTF is going on. The best I can tell is you have delivered a small portion of the rewards consisting of just the basic boards. I can only assume no further work has been done on the add-on boards or the kits. I think at this time it's appropriate to have a conversation how you will fulfill your obligations.

    2. Alex Beattie Creator on

      Mark, you'll be pleased to know your other means of contacting me got through. I apologize for the blackout, I have no idea what happened except that my e-mails seem to have ceased forwarding from the domain service I use to my computer or phone. I have since accessed them via the web interface, which has been an eye opening experience. I will try to set up a new and more reliable e-mail address at which you can contact me directly later tonight, you can then contact me directly there.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      If anyone still reading these comments is interested in taking legal action please leave leave a comment here. If there is any interest I will give contact information.

      I would also appreciate any contact information that you have for Alex if you are comfortable sharing.

      Not sure about the rest of the backers here, but I for one am completely sick of creators just disappearing with my money. At least have the decency to tell me why you failed.

    4. Missing avatar

      Steven Canning on

      Never got mine. I've been unsuccessfully trying to contact Alex for months.

      Anyone who got a board do anything interesting with it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Howe on

      One of his comments stated that he was moving to a new job in Texas.
      It looks like he may be a Hexbug engineer at Innovation First, Inc. (
      I too would like to receive some hardware but he has not responded to the 2 emails that i sent him, although that is what he requested.

      Alex - if you are listening, can you please respond?

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Daniel, good luck. At least you got some hardware. Alex has not logged onto Kickstarter since Apr 19 2015. I'm currently trying to reach him to get something/anything for the $1000 I pledged to his project. He has not responded to any of my attempts at communication and no longer updates any of his websites. My next step is to reach out to some folks at RIT to try and get in touch. If anyone reading these comments has any contact with him I would appreciate you dropping my name. I have been ripped off enough here to realize that Kickstarter will not be of any help at all, but would still prefer to handle this in an "unofficial" forum.

    7. Daniel Schenke on

      @Lin Fhiau Where did you get the demo software? I am desperately looking for the easy crossplatform set up tool, that was mentioned in the campaign. I would really like to create something with my tiltyimu but i don't have time to do all the programming. The software was actually the reason why I decided to get one tilty.
      @Alex can you tell us where we can find it?

    8. Missing avatar

      Lin Fhiau on

      anyone success connect to TiltyIMU demo software?

    9. Missing avatar

      Lin Fhiau on

      received mine too today

    10. Missing avatar

      JMountain on

      Received mine in the mail yesterday. Thanks!

    11. Alex Beattie Creator on

      Please, anybody asking me for a shipment status send me a private message rather than commenting on my project. I am much more likely to respond promptly to messages directed straight to me, rather than this page as it seriously helps me keep track of who I've responded.

      Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


    12. Missing avatar

      Lin Fhiau on

      @alex where's mine?

    13. Alex Beattie Creator on

      @ Duane King: Yours was one of the latter of the first run ones. Most of the Tilty's sent recently were for the second run.

    14. Missing avatar

      Duane King on

      I got my TILTY Quad/Omni Deluxe yesterday. I was in the first run set of boards.

    15. René Meier on

      Hi Alex,
      Glad you are still alive :-)
      Could you please give me an ETA for my TILTY QUAD/OMNI DELUXE RUN 2.
      Thanks, René

    16. Missing avatar

      Lin Fhiau on

      1 year and 6 month

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex, can you give a status on the "DOUBLE ULTIMATE TiltyWay KIT"'s and the other add-on boards, etc. As your aware I "invested" a significant amount even above the pledge for the two TiltyWay's and have heard only that you are shipping some of the basic boards. Will this ever be coming together as a complete package?

    18. Alex Beattie Creator on

      Yep! And still working!

    19. René Meier on

      Still alive, Alex ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Lin Fhiau on

      October 17
      dear alex,
      any new update about shipping ?

    21. Missing avatar

      espresso on

      Do you have a update?

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex. Has the PnP machine helped to speed up your build process? How are all the parts for the Tilty Way kits coming along? If you could let us know which of the add on boards are ready I may burn some of my pledge on separate boards, but I'm really hoping to wait for the gps, rc receiver, etc to be ready to integrate.

    23. René Meier on

      Hi Alex
      Can you tell us when we receive our pledges?

    24. Alex Beattie Creator on

      At this point, my goal is to have all the rewards fulfilled by the one year mark of the completion of this project. Hopefully it's a generous estimate, but if nothing else this project has taught me to err on the side of caution when estimating timescales.

      That said, the largest hindrance has been the time it takes to individually assemble each Tilty circuit board. All said and done, each board takes a minimum of a half hour to assemble and test. However, I've just recently ordered a manual pick and place tool which (if their advertising is true) should significantly increase the speed at which I can assemble boards. I'll probably post a full update once it arrives and I can give more information.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex, can you provide an updated timeline for all the award tiers?

    26. Alex Beattie Creator on

      All of my Kickstarter orders will still use the Teensy 3.0, as well as online sales for the time being. However, the Teensy 3.1 is compatible with the TiltyIMU.
      Add on boards are still in development. The motor driver will hopefully even be up for sale soon. The R/C adapter also has a good prototype, which I'm doing software work on.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex, I was curious if you will be changing to the Teensy 3.1? I believe it's compatible with the 3.0. I'm also hoping that you can give us a rough timeline for the completion of the reward tiers? I'm not in a big hurry and I understand you lost your free manufacturing, but it would give me an idea if I should wait for the kits or maybe grab a quad to play with? Can you also give some status on the different add-on boards.


    28. Alex Beattie Creator on

      I'm still producing them and shipping at a slow but steady pace. I've had to balance software and hardware development with support and manufacturing, and I will freely admit that it threw my timescale off completely (though largely due to the loss of my automated manufacturing systems). I will do my best to get your Quad to you as soon as I can, which should be soon as I am working on your reward tier presently.

    29. René Meier on

      Hope to get my quad soon, my project is on hold for quite a long time now.

    30. Missing avatar

      Steve C on

      Thanks Alex!

    31. Alex Beattie Creator on

      They are continually, just very slowly. I should be getting some new tools to help increase production rate early next week though hopefully.

    32. Missing avatar

      Steve C on

      Hi Alex, So when are the Quads shipping? I have not heard any status in a while.

    33. Alex Beattie Creator on

      Pretty well! I was working on the Dual Motor Driver software and testing yesterday, and it's nearly ready to go. I also have most of the parts ready to go. I'm mostly waiting on parts/tools I've had to purchase to produce them now, specifically the laser cut frames, the support rods, and some tools to assemble the circuit boards. Hopefully I'll have video of a final version by the end of this week though!

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex, how are the Tilty Way kits coming along?

    35. Alex Beattie Creator on

      Oh yeah! I should have a big update in a few days, when I can find the time to make it. But for now, suffice it to say that there's a couple new things that I'm ordering final versions of this week, meaning they'll be shipping within a couple weeks.
      I was busy for a couple weeks there as I literally moved halfway across the country, hence the total lack of info. I do aim to fix that soon though!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex, any updates?

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex, how are the Tilty duos coming along? Are you still planning a December delivery?

    38. Alex Beattie Creator on

      Yes, I actually have quite a bit of news to share! I kept pushing my update back as new things worth sharing (after a bit of work) came up. And then I lost my computer to repairs a couple days ago and just got it back this morning. But I should have a full update tomorrow!

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Hi Alex, any progress or updates you can share with us?

    40. Missing avatar

      vincent on

      HI,long time no upate of the TiltyIMU and your website( , I want to know "self balancing scooter's controlling system " .

    41. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Congrats on $20k!!

      Woo hoo more memory

    42. Felix Ekman on

      How about maybe lowering the $25,000 stretch goal to $20,000 for the last 24h push so that we might get our hands on the superior MPU-6000 IMU sensor and you get a little more money? :)

    43. Missing avatar

      vincent on

      I need youra segway build tutorial...Thanks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mark Trickey on

      Ok, my wife says we need to do more things together, so a Double Ultimate Tilty Way Kit is coming our way :-)

      I'm hoping you have the GPS as an add-on so I can program my time with her lol, jk honey.

    45. Chuck Durham on


      Congratz on reaching your first stretch goal - things are looking good in just a few days - hopefully you can get to your next few goals. I plan on posting out to more than just for news about the TiltyIMU.

    46. Alex Beattie Creator on

      I already plan on doing a segway build tutorial. I just don't have the time or the funding at the moment though, as I would basically need to build it again from scratch. However once the Kickstarter ends and I begin fulfilling rewards I will definitely have a detailed walkthrough.

    47. Missing avatar

      ccatks on

      Is it possible to have a stretch goal of a tutorial on building a segway using TitltyIMU? I think a lot of users would love to want to read that.

    48. George Stephens on

      I'm impressed with the amount of detail and information already in place for this project. With less then a 1,000 to go you'll easily get funded. I'm looking forward to at least first stretch goal being met. Having any kind of on board memory would be handy for future use. Good luck!