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FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
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Update on FLOTE production 7.11.12

Posted by Dave Cutler (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your summer. A KS backer emailed me and kindly remarked that he hadn't seen an update in a while and that's very true, so here it is.

We are shipping FLOTEs out, but it is moving painfully slow. A couple here, a couple there. As some may know, there have been various hiccups which have set us back as well. I've been spending days at Ansonia assembling and packaging as often as I can. Sometimes it's me alone working on FLOTE. Sometimes it's me and a team of people. Each FLOTE is taking a long time to ready, as assembly is quite involved.  

Truth is, I take this very much to heart and feel a deep sense of regret over how long it is taking to get this product to you. While so far, for the most part, feedback has been quite positive and gratifying from the few that have received their FLOTE, I know this won't be over until every backer has a FLOTE in their hands. That continues to be my goal.

Thank you for your continued gracious patience and encouragement. 



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    1. Darva Campbell on

      If there are people still waiting for their FLOTES ... I just want to say, IT'S WORTH THE WAIT!

      I LOVE my FLOTE and my only regret is that I got one for my mother, too, and I gave it away before I realized I would want more than one!

      It's a beautiful and well crafted tool. Hooray!

    2. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi David,

      You too should be receiving my updates. Please advise if you are not. In any case, we just shipped out several units. (You will receive an email notice with a tracking number when we ship out yours.) We are now waiting for more Bases to be welded and then powder-coated.

      When that's done we'll be able to get out about 50 or so. While we are getting those assembled, packaged and shipped, we will hopefully be getting in the remaining parts to be machined, welded, painted, etc. so we can finally fulfill everyone's order.

      Again my apologies for the very long wait- Dave

    3. David Alexander on

      Wondering about status of order?

    4. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Vasser,

      You should have received several updates after July 11, the last being around August 25. (Below is the content of that latest update.)

      Right now we're getting about 10-25 units out a week, depending on how much time I can be up at Ansonia and away from my "real" job. But they are going out, and those receiving their FLOTE are generally very happy with them.

      Again, I'm sorry that you did not receive the updates. They have been going to your gmail address as far as I know. Please send me your email address to me at so that I can make sure we have the right one on file.

      Thank you- Dave

      * * * * * * * *

      Hope you are well.

      Last week we made some good headway in production, meaning many parts were painted and assembly/packaging is now in process. We shipped about a dozen then end of last week and should be doubling that number this week, if not more, and then continuing to build momentum until all current orders are fulfilled.

      A recent recipient runs a blog about all things e-reading called eReaderJoy. You might enjoy his review and the nice photos he’s taken of his FLOTE in use:

      Many thanks,

      Dave Cutler

    5. Missing avatar

      Vasser Bailey on

      Hi, I'm also wondering the status of my order. I ordered 2 and have neither received them nor any updates since this one on July 11. Please let me know what is going on!


    6. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Roger,

      I have tried to email you again unsuccessfully. Your FLOTE has shipped today. UPS tracking number 1ZA0107F0375377590. Please confirm receipt of this and send an working email address to Thank you.

    7. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Roger, I just tried emailing you the last update from 2 weeks ago, and it bounced back (see below). Can you please email me your address to Thanks.

      This report relates to a message you sent with the following header fields:

      Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 12:18:02 -0400
      From: David Cutler
      Subject: Update re your FLOTE order

      Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

      Recipient address:
      Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
      Diagnostic code: smtp;550 : invalid address

    8. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Roger, my apologies. You should have been receiving email updates every 1-2 weeks along with everybody else. I transitioned the updates to direct email. I just checked and your email address,, was entered with a space between the "s" and the "l", which is why you were not receiving the updates that everyone else was. I apologize profusely for the omission. I will send you the last update and by coincidence, include you in the email that's going out later today. - Dave

    9. Roger Avedon

      Ditto. Dave, for those still waiting on the product would you mind sending a monthly email that says something like, 'Hi. Still alive here. We shipped X last month and there are still Y backers pending."

      Thanks much.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeff Aurand on

      Any updates? I haven't received my FLOTE and I haven't seen any recent updates.

    11. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Darva, You are in the database (and should be receiving my update to those receiving a FLOE. I've been using the email provided that ends in ".me" but I believe that email may now be no longer available since Apple dropped .me. That's what happened to my .me email account. Please send another email address to Thanks.

    12. Darva Campbell on

      Hi, Dave. Can you make sure I'm in the database, as well? Thanks so much!

    13. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Billy,

      I owe you an apology. For some unknown reason I did not add your name/info to my sales database. I've been using that to update everyone on the status of FLOTE in lieu of Kickstarter. I felt it was time to update just those backers and after-KS customers who ordered a FLOTE. Because I didn't add you to the list (and hopefully you are the only one) you did not receive recent updates.

      I've of course added you to the list and will also send you the last update which was (I think) two weeks ago. That said, I'll also be sending out another update in the next few days with more recent news.

      Again my apologies.


    14. Missing avatar

      Billy Ladin on

      Dave - we have not heard from you lately and I have not received our floater in the mail yet. Any chance of an update?

      Thanks and Best Regards

      Billy Ladin

    15. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Dr. Bob, First, thanks for being and remaining loyal, which I know can be difficult under these circumstances. I'm just back in from our trip, and will be heading up to Ansonia tomorrow to see what's been accomplished while I was away, and what can get done this week. Once I know more, I'll post an update.

    16. Robert h michals on

      Hey Dave, loyal backer, Dr Bob, just checking in to see what's up. Hope the vacation went well. Try to put out an update on a delivery date for your anticipatory backers. Thanks, Bob

    17. Darva Campbell on

      For those of you who have received your Flotes, can you tell us about them . . . ? Something to tide us over while we wait . . . :-)

    18. Dave Cutler Creator on

      I'd love to tell you within a week or so, but I am not as optimistic as I was based on what I'm experiencing. Plus I'll be away next week on a family vacation (first in two years) so that doesn't help. My expectation is that Ansonia will continue to build parts and assemble so that we can ship when I'm back in.

    19. Missing avatar

      Colonel Fubar on

      Progress, even slow, is still progress. Do you have any time frame when all will be shipped ?