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FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
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FLOTE Update July 1

Posted by Dave Cutler (Creator)


A quick update to advise you on a delay in shipping, or if you have received your FLOTE, a notice regarding an issue you may have experienced.

There is small while nylon bushing in the FLOTE's Base. It is in the hole in the cylinder and quite visible and reachable. On some units, the tolerance for that bushing  is too tight, which makes inserting the Vertical Support Pole (or simply the Pole) into the Base difficult or even impossible. The solution is to "open up" that bushing slightly by removing some of its material.

For those units which were about to be shipped last week, we have addressed the issue and tested each one. (For future units, the bushing design has been modified.) 

As for those of you who received your FLOTE and may be experiencing this issue, there are two choices: You can use a Dremel or drill with a round sanding bit, and carefully remove very little of the bushing material yourself by sanding it away until the Pole can be inserted and rotated easily. This will take only a few minutes to do, save setup and cleanup. 

OR for those of you less adventurous, we can send you a new Base. (Unfortunately we glued the bushing into the Base making it impossible to simply replace a 2-ounce bushing as opposed to a 21 lb. Base. Live and learn, and this  has been changed, too.)

So, aside from the holiday, we should be back up and shipping this week. Again sorry for the delay if you are waiting for your FLOTE. If you've received your FLOTE and have discovered this issue, please contact me at so we can assist you with the modification or send you a replacement Base.

Hang in there please. I am and will do what I can to make your support worthwhile.



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