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FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
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FLOTE Update 6.2.12

Posted by Dave Cutler (Creator)


As the photos indicate, virtually all fabrication of parts has been completed. (Please see description of photos below). Everything has been or is being readied for the powder coating finishing process, which will start on Monday. Boxes, the included Allen wrenches, and User Guide are scheduled to arrive early next week as well. 

Unless there's an unexpected issue, we still remain confident that shipping will begin by Thursday or Friday, and will continue until all current orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible. 

I'll post more photos and information next week as things progress. I promise that the long wait is over, and that a very short wait remains. Believe me when I write that this keeps me up at night, and that I wish it could have been a much faster process. The only consolation is that as previously mentioned, most delays have been due to an effort to ensure quality and envisioned functionality. About that I feel very, very confident.

As always, thank you for your support and gracious patience.

Dave Cutler

* * * * * * * *

Photo Descriptions:

Box of Magnetic Ball Joint Sockets. For those who remember, these had to re-machined and tested by hand to make sure each works with weight of up just over 2 lbs, ample hold power for all iPads and most tablets with or without cases.

Boxes of Cradle Halves. Each part was hand-finished and inspected prior to be sent to the Paint Dept. After finishing, the Cradle will he hand-assembled.

Stack of Bases. These solid steel bases machined by hand to to give edges a soft radius, and then welded one-by-one. They go to the Paint Dept. next.

Vertical Support Poles. These are in the process of being welded to the Boom Support Brackets, and will be sent to the Paint Dept shortly.

Box of Booms. Each one has been hand-machined and inspected. Their next step is to be welded to the Boom Pivot part, and the Boom Terminal (or Finial).  After inspection, they will be sent to the Paint Dept. as well.

User Guide. Was printed last week, scheduled to arrive on Monday.

* * * * *

After the anodized silver, black or white finish is applied (which is actually a fast process) each part will be inspected, and then assembled, wrapped and packed into the shipping carton, along with the included Allen wrench and User Guide, etc.

(To see how to assemble your FLOTE when it arrives, please see this link.)

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