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FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
FLOTE lets you enjoy your iPad or tablet hands-free, with or without a case. No adapter needed.
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Posted by Dave Cutler (Creator)


Hope all is well. Here's the latest update on production:

We are close- very close. Boxes for shipping were designed, finalized and are being delivered shortly. The coated precision balls finally arrived although once we were able to finally "mate" them with the custom magnetic sockets, we quickly discovered that the sockets were not machined as accurately as needed. So, each socket will need to be machined one-by-one to function properly. I'm told that it's not a big deal but does represent a new task that will need completing. (Once again, you can't make this stuff up.)

Everything else is either ready or almost ready for painting and assembly. After testing functionality and precision, Ansonia (our manufacturer) believes that we'll be able to start boxing by the end of next week, making me cautiously optimistic. For KS backers, this means that I'll be sending out the survey for your finish preference and ship-to addresses. (To learn more about finish options, please visit this link at

As always please let me know if you have questions or comments.

Thank you,



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    1. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Thanks Andrew!

    2. Andrew Miller on

      I certainly don't want to renege on my pledge, and I do still find the aesthetics of the design beautiful. Your confidence in the design and function is encouraging. I will accept the modifications. Thank you for being so accessible and for the quick response. I'm sure your passion for this project will shine through in the finished product!

    3. Dave Cutler Creator on

      Hi Andrew.

      Hope you are well.

      Unfortunately (and fortunately, I guess in some regards) you are the only backer that has requested the original slide action. I think that's most likely because people have forgotten about the original design since it's been so long (regrettably).

      Back then, the thought was that there would be a number of people who preferred the original design. But that hasn't been the case, and the original design has slowly slid into oblivion.
      It's just not practical to build one anymore, and I truly apologize. My only recourse is to offer a refund of your pledge +10%, which I can send via PayPal or a check.

      My hope is that you'll reluctantly accept the modified "production" FLOTE and will eventually fall in love with the new design. Let me tell you, it is a beautifully machined/crafted product. It feels more like a fine instrument than a floor stand. Truly.

      I believe that although it's not what you truly wanted (and granted, backed) it is an elegant and functional solution to use your tablet hands-free. I can say with confidence that FLOTE is the best stand on the market. (And, btw, KS backers are getting it for about $70 less than it is retailing for at

      Let me know what you would like to do, and again, my sincere apologies.


    4. Andrew Miller on

      Hi Dave,

      You had mentioned a while back that the slide-action would still be an option if we wanted. I would like mine with the slide-action. How should I go about indicating that on the response survey? Thanks!

      Andrew Miller