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A travel & surf memoirumentary about learning to surf and learning about the heritage of surfing through the eyes of an 8 year old.
156 backers pledged $10,285 to help bring this project to life.

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43% ! 18 Days left! Thank You!

Posted by Todd Stewart (Creator)
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 This little film project is almost halfway funded and we are super stoked. 

And Ty Breuer's Sundown Surf Shop has joined up as official dry goods sponsor of The Journey! (Which is especially great as I don't think Robinson fits into any of last year's surf trunks anymore.) 

Ever wonder what it looks and sounds like to be an eight year old commuting to class in New York City? The above tone-poem-fly-on-the-wall film follows Robinson as we makes his way to ballet class. 

No rats were killed in the making of the film. As far as we know.

35% Funded! Thank You.

Posted by Todd Stewart (Creator)

The Boy's Journey has been made a Kickstarter staff pick. That's exciting.

Many new and generous backers have decided to fund the project and we have reached the heretofore mythical 35% mark! 

Also, and amazingly, Christian Boalt of Token Surfboards has offered to shape us boards for our trip. This blows my mind. While we are not planning on taking boards with us (we'll rent or buy a couple used beater boards and borrow from friends) I am just incredibly stoked that this kind of generosity and belief in the project is out there. Incredible.

An Interview of Toddy about "The Boy's Journey" Featured on the York Surf Website

Posted by Todd Stewart (Creator)
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Adlin Diaz of York Surf interviewed Toddy about the Journey project. Here's the link:

25% There!

Posted by Todd Stewart (Creator)

Thanks to all that have pledged so far. 
It's a pretty nerve racking thing, this Kickstarter stuff, but I have been amazed at both people's generosity of spirit and mind. It's not the easiest thing to wrap one's head around another person's vision, and we appreciate that you're giving us a chance. 

A couple updates!

I interviewed Robinson's maternal grandfather over the winter holiday. Usually a man of very few words, when I asked him to tell his surfing story, he lit up and just started going. He loved the idea of leaving a little bit of recorded story for his grandkids and he is flabbergasted over our "Journey" idea. You can listen to that podcast at EBNY here...

I've also started a promotional campaign through Facebook. If you want a quick chat about the project and want to ask questions or share your feeling about it here's your chance!

And finally today... the amazing musical geniuses Mitch and Scott at Pull have generously donated their time and talent to scoring our film series. I've worked with them on some incredible projects over the years... the latest being a couple with the photographer Roe Ethridge. You can watch those here and here. Rad. 

Once again, thank you.