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I write a travel zine! It's about bike touring adventures! For issue #5 I'm going to ALASKA!

I'll try and keep this short - I write a travel zine (a small pile of paper stapled together, containing travel stories, illustrated with drawings and photos) called "Next Stop Adventure", which is about bike touring, camping, and everything you would expect (and moreso NOT expect) to happen in riding your bike for weeks on end. In this particular case, you'll be helping me get to and survive 21 days of bike riding and camping and dealing with whales and bears and bear-whales and puffins in ALASKA! The great white north! The cradle of civilization! One of two states I have yet to set foot (or tire) in!

Any money I can raise will basically help offset some of the cost of bringing a bike on a plane, and then the rest is going to peanut butter. I will be camping the whole time, I already have a great touring bike, all the saddlebags I could want, and I own a helmet. So that part - totally covered. I am also vegan, so, uh, that's pretty cool. I'm SO excited to see any and every animal I can, and if I see any hunters, it's gonna get all awkward and argumentative.

Helping out with the little costs will net you the prior zines, and potentially even some drawings and/or paintings based on this experience. I have proof that I am somewhat competent at these things (writing, drawing, painting) here:

Beyond all that, I make patches too. There's proof of those as well. It's here:

More than anything, thank you for reading this, or even kind of glancing at it. If you happen to live in Alaska, or you'll be there in July, let me know, we can climb trees or something.

Thank you!


  • TRIAL BY FIRE! One of DC's greatest hidden secrets, they only lasted one album and called it quits back in the 2000 range. It's still out there, Jade Tree put out the CD, and I strongly suggest you pick it up. I think the bassist played in Majority Rule, too...maybe the guitar player. Support them though, they rule, as does Jade Tree. Thanks!

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  • Oh yeah, that - June 28th I leave from Seattle with my bike in a box, then I get there at like freaking midnight, assemble my bike, then ride it someplace to camp. Eventually I do the same thing but in total reverse on July 17th. 19 hours of sunlight! Nearly every day!

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    I'll fit your name into the new zine somehow. Maybe as a 'thank you', maybe as a wacky adjective.

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    The new zine! Next Stop Adventure #5! When it's done!

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    The new zine, AND you get a letter AND a postcard from "somewhere, Alaska"!

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    All 5 Next Stop Adventure zines! Nearly 4000 miles of stories!

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    All 5 zines, hand-bound into one mega-volume. Handmade covers!

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    All 5 zines, as well as an 11x17 print of a drawing based on Alaskan wildlife I plan on hanging out with.

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