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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition is the latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades.
Empire Deluxe Combined Edition is the latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades.
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Update #6: Setting Up A Game in Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

Posted by mok (Creator)

In preparation for my live stream on Tuesday, I thought I would ad lib a video on game setup. Very cringe-worthy stuff, but I think you might just get something out of it. So I will start with the video then clean up the mess I make with some text description after:  


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Setting Up A Game in Detail  

Setting up a game can be a simple process. However, the first time you set up a game there are several things that need to be addressed.  

The unit set you will want to play with must be specified. You will have the choice at this time to choose which set you like. All unit sets have game rules which are suggested by the unit set creator for play. When a set is selected, the rules are set to these suggestions. If changes to the rules are desired, they must be manually selected/deselected.  

The game can be given a name during setup. This name will be used when displaying available game to play when wanting to reload a game.  

As with previous versions of Empire Deluxe, the map/scenario parameters must be set. This will include the map width and height, the wrap capabilities (horizontally and vertically), and which Map Maker DLL you would like to use. Alternatively, you can also select a pre-made map or scenario to play with.  

If you are going to use a World Building map maker to generate a map for the game, the DLL may have further options or “hints” for you to work with and pass to the map maker to further influence map generation. In setup, you will have the ability to look at the settings of these options and change them to your specifications. As some map makers may have many options available, the ability to save and load different configurations of these options is available.  

The Victory Conditions must also be set for a game. The player can choose as few or as many as he wants. Ultimately, the number of players that will be set in a game will determine if some victory conditions are enforced. (you can play with just one player).

The Game Rules must also be set. Be aware that when you change unit sets, the rules could change. You are able to set the rules the way you want after setting the unit set.

The most involved aspect of setup is setting the appropriate number and types of players for the game as there are many potential options available. Player positions can easily be added or removed from the list except when you are using a pre-made scenario. Setting the player type will determine the control of the player. For Human players, these can be Local, Network, and Email. Local players will play on the computer setting up the game. Two or more Local players is a “hot seat” game. When setting an email game, one player must be a Local player. When setting up a Network game, one player can be Local.  

Any Network game will require you to set a server password and the connection port for others to join.  

For AI player types, the AI DLL for that player must first be chosen. Then, any options for that player can be set. As with map makers, these options can be stored and loaded for future use.  

The foreground and background colors for each player can be set. These values can later be changed in the game if desired.  

All Local players in a game must start with an “Account”. This account is used to store your options and game history.  

During a player setup, the number of starting cities can be set. Leaving this blank will default to a value of 1.  

Additionally, the number of buy points that can be used on the first turn can be set. The default for buy points is zero.  

The three handicaps for each player can be set. Each handicap can give advantages or disadvantages to each player. The handicaps are: Production – Increase/Decrease the time it takes for a city to produce a unit. Combat – Increase/Decrease the odds of combat against other player positions Neutral - Increase/Decrease the odds of combat against Neutral cities.  

Once the setup has enough data to start a game, the Play button will be come active and you can start the game. The ability to save and reload specific setup configurations is available. When a game is started, the setup used is saved and reloaded the next time you go to setup a game.  

I don't think I mentioned it in the video, but you are able to save your setups to a file if you wish. This could be helpful, as setting up players and world builders can be quite involved and detailed if you go into the weeds. 

As I mentioned, I will be streaming live on Tuesday. This will be on Twitch, the account will be mokkbs, and I will have more details and a link the day of the stream. More likely than not it will occur around 7pm Houston-Texas time (CST). Tomorrow we will recap the week and look a little forward.


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