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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition is the latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades.
Empire Deluxe Combined Edition is the latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades.
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Update #5: Game Rules and Victory Conditions

Posted by mok (Creator)

In this update, I would like to go into some detail on the optional Game Rules and Victory conditions available in EDCE.  

Game Rules  

The Game Rules In EDCE are for the most part a collection of rules which were used in the various games of play. Veteran players should be able to recognize many of them. The game is now set up so that the rules can be mixed and matched to the setup player's designs.  

The rules are provided as a set of check boxes to allow you to make your choices. Each unit set has a list of “Suggested Rules”. So when you select a unit set, the rules are checked/unchecked accordingly. Then you get to mark up the rules to fit your specifications. The hard-coded units sets, (Basic/Standard/Advanced/Enhanced), follow the historical settings for these sets. The author of a custom Unit Set will be able to specify their own set of suggested rules.  

Below is a screenshot of the current set of rules, there may be a few more added before production, depending on tester feedback when the time comes. This screen is visible during game setup. I also believe this Das Tactics video has him walk through some of them.  


Game Rules
Game Rules

Exploration On – With this option you will need to move around the map to uncover it. The game begins with everything hidden. Spotting rules will also be in effect. 

Continue Production Reduction – For every unit produced in a city there is a timed production cost in turns. With this rule enabled, after the first unity has been produced, if the type remains the same, each additional unit of this type will be produced at a different (traditionally one-sixth lower) rate. 

Use City Efficiency – With a city efficiency, not all cities are equal. A particular city will produce a given unit either faster or slower based on its efficiency. 

City Specialty Production – With this rule enabled, some cities on the map will be designated as having Unit Specialties. With a unit specialty, a City will produce the designated unit faster than it normally would, but will produce other units of a different type at a reduced rate. 

Use Drain Rules – This enables the per turn production to be impacted by the resource drain. Essentially, this places a cap on the number of units you can have on the map before your production times get longer. The cap is a variable amount mainly determined by the number of cities you control. It is of strategic importance to note that this penalty is only applied when a unit is starting or continuing production. Once the turns to completion drop below the normal starting value, that individual production is not affected by drain until the unit is produced. 

Allow Crippled Effects – Units are considered crippled when they have 50% or less of their hit points available. With this rules enabled, crippled units will only be able to move at half speed, and will have their battle odds reduced in combat. 

Use Two Unit Stacking – When this rule is not enabled, you can only have one ground or air unit not hosted in any square at any given time. There is an exception to this, in that air units are permitted to “flyover” ground units but cannot end the turn stacked with another unit. If Two Unit Stacking is enabled, at the end of a turn an air unit and a ground unit can share the same square, or two air units, or two ground units in the case of a road. 

Readiness/Experience Rules – Readiness is the measurement of fatigue in a unit. Experience determines the levels of Readiness available for a unit. With this rule enabled, combat units will gain experience with each hit scored, and decrease in readiness due to combat. Resting (not moving) will enable the unit to regain readiness. 

Allow Ranged Fire – Ranged fire Units can actually perform their function with this rule enabled. 

Allow Defensive Fire – Some Range Fire units may have the capability of firing at moving enemy units in range when it is not their turn. 

 Allow Units To Dig-In – Certain ground units can Dig-In to their positions, giving them a defensive advantage but not allowing them to move until they Dig-Out 

Use Supply Rules – With this rule enabled, Supplies can be produced, transferred between cities, and used either to reduce the production drain or to speed up production times. 

Allow Unit Scrapping – With this rule enabled, units disbanded in a city will create scrap. Generate enough scrap and it can be turned into supply. 

Allow Resources – With this rule enabled, resource areas can appear on the map. This enables Oilfields to be produced, which in turn help build supply or reduce drain. 

Use Road Rules – Terrain is a pain, mostly for mobile units like Armor, but some terrain is impassible even to Infantry. A road performs a couple of functions, first it allows some land units to pass through a terrain square at a better speed than they could otherwise, and second it allows land units to stack in a square, other rules permitting. 

Allow Mines On Map – If you really don't mind those nasty things, enable this rule. Mines basically act like hidden Infantry ready to strike when moved upon.

Allow Nukes – Enabling this allows you to Nuke a square if you are able to successfully build, launch and detonate a nuclear missile. 

Reveal Names For Sightings – Enemy sighting are fairly unspecific in naming a unit, but enabling this rule will allow you to know exactly which unit you are facing. 

Use Harsh Supply Rules – Enable this rule and your cities reduce drain less and the number of units in play make it go up more. 

Use Limited Resources – Every turn an Oilfield tries to build supply or reduce drain, it will decrease the number of resources in a square by one. Once the number of resources reaches zero the Oil Facility may just explode. If an oilfield is set to sentry, it will not do anything and therefore consume no resources. 

Victory Conditions 

For many years Empire Deluxe had only one Victory Condition, the Annihilation Victory, which basically meant you win when there is no one else left that can take a City. 

In EDEE, and now with EDCE, we add some additional VC's that may make the game interesting. Some of the more obscure conditions from EDEE have been removed.

Victory Conditions
Victory Conditions

Capital Kill – Yeah, if you liked Command HQ you might enjoy this one. You start the game with a capital city, and that is that is the only City that truly matters. Once your opponent takes your's (or looking positively, you take their's) it's game over for the loser.

Regicide Victory – A special unit, The General, is added to the mix. You cannot produce this unit, but you start the game with a specified number of Generals which you are tasked with keeping alive. Generals act pretty much like Infantry, but they have special powers that allow them to attack a City and , if victorious, are still alive. However, if you lose that fight, you have one less General between you and being a loser. So perhaps it is best you let other units take the spear first. 

Capture a Percentage of Cities – In this victory, you have to capture a specified percentage of Cities from the entire map. There is an additional variable to this condition in that it can be specified that once you reach the threshold for a City Percentage Victory, you must hold above that threshold for a specified number of turns. 

Number of Important Cities to Capture – An Important City is a City designated as Important on the map. This designation can come either from being defined as a pre-made map from the editor, or from the World Builder you choose which is capable of designating Important Cities. There is also an additional variable to this condition that the cities must be held for a specified number of turns before Victory is declared. 

Both the Game Rules and Victory Conditions are set during the game setup. Tomorrow I will review the game setup process in some detail. 


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