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$4,193 pledged of $5,000 goal
By Enigmatic Mirror Press
$4,193 pledged of $5,000 goal

Kickstarter goals


(aka "Why Are We Asking For Money?" and "Is $5000 Really Enough?")

Why We're Fundraising

We funded our first anthology from our own savings. Why are we fundraising this time?

Well, it turns out that publishing is expensive. (Who knew?) And since we haven't yet sold as many copies of Volume 1 as we would like, it didn't make sense to put together a second book unless we could build more of an audience for it.

We are able to cover much of the cost ourselves--cover art and design, layout, copy editing. But, since we pay our authors on acceptance, we don't want to move ahead on this project until we have sufficient funds in hand for that part of the budget.

If we don't meet our Kickstarter goal, we'll have to either (a) wait until we've sold (a lot) more books before starting on Volume 2, or (b) consider publishing new fiction in a different (i.e., cheaper) format.

Wait ... how much do you need?

Those of you who’ve done the math may realize that $5000 is not really enough to pay pro rates for 80,000 words' worth of stories, not once you factor in Kickstarter’s cut and the rewards we've promised. We're helped some by the fact that we expect about a quarter of our stories to be reprints, which means the actual cost is closer to $4200. And it's hard to predict how many backers will want electronic rewards, and how many will want rewards that cost us something to provide. That said, even if everyone wants the paperback and we come up short, we're confident that--along with what we're able to invest out of our own resources--the money we raise with our $5000 goal will get us close enough.


We're still pretty far from our goal, with only 16 days left. If you've already pledged, we're really grateful, and we hope you'll tell others why you'd like to see this project become a reality. Share the link to our Kickstarter! If you're reading this, and are still undecided, feel free to ask any questions you might have on our (still empty!) Comments page. We'd love to hear people's thoughts on what we're doing, and are always happy to discuss Mysterion with anyone who wants more information.

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