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A guy accidentally gets Jesus in his heart and is forced by his girlfriend and roommate to seek help in order to remove him :)


So this is a comedy pilot that will act as a "proof of concept" piece for the overall webseries and possible tv show of Divorcing Jesus. There are a few eyes on me at this particular time in my life and It's time to show that I can deliver the goods :) 

People who know me well know that I grew up going to private schools and church quite often. Along my journey I had many questions and the occasional   solid answer incited even more questions. I have often thought of what it would be like if one literally had Jesus in them, making commentary on everything they do. Someone with you ALL THE TIME. You can imagine how that could affect one's life, especially if you are so inclined to talk back to the good Lord while in public. Think about it: go to the bathroom, what does he have to say? Have a conversation with friends, while someone is commenting on everything they say. It's a little distracting to say the least. Some would think you were outright try to explain yourself...well that sounds crazy too, hmmm...


Casting for this project was a beast. With over 1,000 submissions for the two available roles we looked far and wide until we found the best talent for the job. This script has also been workshopped with many producers and studio folk and it's time to pull the trigger. A successful project will put me in the running for many other jobs in the content creation game, maybe even one that could pay my rent...imagine that Mom, yayyy!!! :) I'm only asking for enough to pay for production on the pilot episode but if there are additional funds they will go toward future episodes (4 others).  

The shoot is happening in the next week so don't delay winning yourself one of the amazingly awesome prizes listed in the sponsorship breakdown. They're just like gold except without the pesky monetary value ;)

PS--If you haven't seen them yet here is a link to the last series of commercials I produced B'rac vs Mitt Ad Campaign And a recent comedy scene that I directed for a project. Jump!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Sometimes challenges arise but I believe with my past history in front and behind the camera that I am well qualified to meet any obstacles that come up. I believe that solid communication and good preproduction can make a nice easy shoot :)


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