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We're raising $$$ to cover theatre rental & production costs and we're giving our backers discounted tickets & other special benefits!
We're raising $$$ to cover theatre rental & production costs and we're giving our backers discounted tickets & other special benefits!
55 backers pledged $2,611 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Vouchers for Tickets Sent, Use 'Em!

We've got all the vouchers emailed out to our backers for their show ticket rewards. Now we need you to USE THEM. Please take a minute to click the link in your email which will take you to our online ticketing. You will then need to complete the ticket order so it confirms the seats and you can print out your tickets at home. 

If you need help with completing this step, please let us know.

Thanks and see you at the show!

Sponsors/Backers Listed on Website

Hi Friends,

As promised we've posted the names of our backers and their pledge information on our website. Take a minute to check it out:

We are so excited and can't wait to see you at the show!

Surveys Will Be Sent

We will begin sending surveys to obtain the additional information we need for each backer level rewards fulfillment tonight. Thank you!

Woot woot!

Hi again!

Thanks to the generosity of our backers we have just barely met our funding goal. We are deeply grateful for the contributions and the support.

Those wishing to get the rewards for backing us on Kickstarter (tickets, advertising, etc.) can still do so until Monday. A pledge is a great way to support the arts and save yourself a few bucks. 

With gratitude and thanks,


Silver Summit Theatre Co.

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40% of the way there!

Hi, Internet! 

We just wanted to give you an update and let you know that because of our generous backers, we've raised $1015 are 40% of the way to meeting our funding goal!!!  But, we only have 20 more days to reach the $2500 goal or we get nothing. Wah, wah, wah...If you can, please share our kickstarter link and if you wouldn't mind maybe asking one or two people personally to donate $10-$20 it would be greatly appreciated.

We know we aren't developing a cure for cancer or building a really cool Tesla museum, but what we are doing is our part. Our part to better the community and to inspire people through the performing arts. And we're doing it with a story that is seldom told on stage, but certainly worth telling. So thank you for helping us to make the dream a reality.

We have started rehearsals and now we just need to get this baby fully funded so we can get our design team putting their concepts for costumes, sets, lighting and sound into production. 


Silver Summit Theatre Co.