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One nearly forgotten rock legend. Six complete unkowns. And only 24 hours to make their dreams a reality.

Adapted from the THIS AMERICAN LIFE episode, "Everyone Speaks Elton John..."

Help us Produce the feature motion picture, PLEASED TO MEET ME!

Starring Aimee Mann, John Doe, Loudon Wainwright, Joe Henry, Karin Bergquist, Morgan Nagler and Katie O'brien.

It's been a long road but the stars have really aligned on this project and we're thrilled to be moving forward. That being said, we still need your help to take care of a variety of necessities.   The funds will go toward the following:

1) We have a small but dedicated crew that will benefit greatly from the support of a handfull of PAID production assistants. We never expect people to work for free. We're not talking about people to run and get us coffee either. The small staff of assistants we intend to hire will manage many critical behind-the-scenes functions including transportation for the cast, coordination of meals, working with cast extras, locations and more. It's how many of us on this film started our careers and the experience is priceless. In the end, the assistant staff will allow us to concentrate on making a rock solid film without having to continue managing the day-to-day details of what needs to happen off camera.
2) We will also use the funds to supplement the lighting and camera packages. While we have most of what we need there are key pieces of gear that we simply cannot afford to rent without additional funds.
3) Lastly, the funds you provide will go toward the completion of the on-line edit, color-timing, final audio mix and the production of what will surely be a memorable soundtrack with legendary producer and performer Joe Henry at the helm.
What if we exceed our goal?
If our supporter generosity spills out from every corner and we raise more than our goal we will utilize those funds to further promote the film. We will cover our expenses as we shop the finished film at festivals across the country and at the American Film Market held annually in Los Angeles. As of now, those expenses (as well as all of the expenses we've incurred in preproduction) are coming from our own pockets.
Thank You!!!
Thank you all for your consideration and for your support of what will be an indie favorite for years to come.
One More Thing...
"Pleased to Meet Me" is being produced by our company 180 Degrees. However, to ensure your generous support goes toward the intended project, we have set up an account called "Pleased to Meet Me, LLC" which is where Amazon will forward the funds you generously commit.

Many thanks,

Archie Borders (producer/director)

Mike Fitzer (producer/DP)


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    Good Karma and a special thank you on our website and Twitter post.

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    Secret password to the production blog, exclusive access to production photos and an exclusive “Pleased to Meet Me” desktop screensaver.

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    All of the above plus exclusive access to “behind-the-scenes” video uploads.

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    A signed copy of the script and an advanced screening copy of the finished film.

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    All of the above plus a signed production photo and a digital download of the “making of the movie” video.

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    A special invite to a private screening with the producers and director of the movie and, a personal phone consultation with director Archie Borders (10 Min) to discuss your project or anything you want.

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    One of the above plus a one-hour guerrilla lighting “how-to” with DP Mike Fitzer via Skype OR a one-hour script consult with Archie Borders via Skype.

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    “Special Thanks” in the credits plus a full day recording session at one of the studios used in the film or "making of" video for you and your band (this reward is not eligible for matches with other rewards).

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    One of the above (rewards 1 thru 7 only) plus a signed guitar from some members of the cast.

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    Spend a day on the set and be an extra in the film OR choose three of above rewards.

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    Spend a day on the set and receive a part in the film as a featured extra OR choose four of the above rewards.

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