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Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Gargoyles) adapts his YA paranormal novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS into a full-cast AudioPlay.
Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Gargoyles) adapts his YA paranormal novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS into a full-cast AudioPlay.
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    1. Russell Catt on

      Hi there, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this audio play. It was really, really good.
      Please let me know if and when a project for your sequel's audio play is planned. Will back that 100%.
      Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Vikas on

      This is such a fantastic audiobook! The performances, music, and overall production was perfect. This is by far the best audiobook I've ever heard. I'm encouraging all of my friends to buy the audiobook to help raise funds for a production of Spirits of Ash and Foam, which is a huge improvement over the already great first book.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jackson7431 on

      I was hoping to get some kind of shipping confirmation soon. Hope everything's still going smoothly.

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      Rosemary Holm on

      sad face here I am still waiting for my package

    5. Kris Lianee Maini on

      Haven't heard anything in quite a while. Is the digital release ready?

    6. King Jon on

      Halloween release?

    7. David Chriscole on

      Thanks Greg et-al. Just filled out the backers survey. Really looking forward to seeing everything completed. Many congrats to everyone involved, a magnificent project.

    8. Grayson Stone on

      For the $200 level, can/will the actors do character voices from other shows in the voicemail?

    9. King Jon on

      It's so close I can feel it!

    10. Christopher Jones on

      Thank you everyone for your support of this great project. The book is wonderful (if you haven't read it you should!) and I can't wait to hear the finished AudioPlay!

    11. Jörn Huxhorn


    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Wrobel on

      Ah, no comics :(

      Still, good job, even if this did deserve many,many,many times more backers.

    13. NeoTechni on

      I've loved everything you've ever had a hand in.

    14. Alice on

      Really hoping this project gets funded. Not only will it be an awesome audiobook, but it'll show St. Martin's that there's interest in the series and we can hopefully get all 9 books Greg has planned. Let's see a Weisman project complete it's story!

    15. Raydeen Graffam on

      Posted in a bunch of places... hoping this makes the deadline! Really looking forward to it.. Huge fan of Gregg Rainwater... Brent Spiner.. and Marina Sirtis

    16. Jason Paul Moon on

      To this day I find Gargoyles the single most multi-layered and compelling story universes I've ever seen on TV. The work he's done for Young Justice or Spidey may be just as good, but these are for established universes and properties whereas Gargoyles has more of his fingerprints on it (Kind of why I like Glen Larson's Battlestar Galactica((both versions!)) over his take on Buck Rogers).

      There just isn't enough originality in this world.

    17. Daniel Gottlieb on

      I love your work. Gargoyles is my favorite series with my favorite characters of any medium, and I've purchased both Rain books. I just discovered this Kickstarter ENTIRELY by accident while looking at Spiderman cover art. I can't believe I didn't hear about this. Please reach out to something like Nerdist Industries to see if they'll give you some coverage. You've created plenty of things the staff there appreciate and definitely have cast on board I know they're fans of.

    18. Miss G on

      I love Gargoyles, genre fictionfiction, and old time radio. I'm in!

    19. Kyle Sweeney on

      This project sounds awesome and I am really looking forward to it. Found out about it through Nerdy Show

    20. Antoine Dunn on

      This is awesome Greg! I certainly wish you the best. As a creator of music, it has always been a passion of mine to enjoy and one day create music for animation and motion pictures. I'd love to contribute musically to one of your projects one day. Lets connect! All the best... -Antoine Dunn

    21. Missing avatar

      mlund on

      It's just fantastic to see big budget studio talent coming together on an Indy project like this. You normally can't get direction and casting like this together outside of a Warner Brothers or Disney studio. It's really exciting to see the creative types getting amazing content like this out to market without a mega-corp publishing apparatus. -This- is exactly the kind of thing crowd-funding was supposed to do to transform our marketplace.

    22. Edmund Sum on

      I've been a fan of Mr. Weisman's works ever since Gargoyles, and I have high hopes for Rain of the Ghosts to become his next big thing. As an enthusiast of all things paranormal (including doing some investigations of my own and studying the lore), his latest work is right up my alley!

    23. Jenna MacKrell on

      Greg Weisman is my childhood hero. He's also my adulthood hero. When you're a kid, like I was, you realize how not every kids' program is created equal, and there's just something very cool about Gargoyles. Try explaining that to my dad, that I wanted him to videotape Gargoyles because it wasn't just like any other cartoon that existed in the morning hours on Saturday.

      Now fast forward to adulthood (or just slightly taller kidhood) and realize just how much purpose and intent goes behind a show like Gargoyles, Young Justice, etc. to make it very cool. No, not every author, not every voice actor, not every editor or engineer or producer, is created equal. Though oftentimes I wish everyone would put as much heart and sensitivity and racial diversity and respect in their work as Greg does.

      But perhaps I'm wishing for too many Greg Weismans, and maybe the world can only handle one.

    24. Phoenician on

      From such a wonderfully talented and hard-working author, cast, and crew -- how can a project like this not be funded?!. My only other wish (beyond future Rain of the Ghosts books) is that the success of this AudioPlay lead to many more (let's call 'em) Mystery Records. :)

    25. CitizenKorn on

      Greg Weisman has given me so much enjoyment from his different projects over the years, I'm more than happy to help him get this project made.