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Alternative dwarf miniatures for Longbeards fans. Powered by Steam & Iron
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Upgrading our customer service

Posted by Titan-Forge (Creator)
We know that contact with us was problematic and unprofessional and delays in replies were huge. To fix that problem we hired a person that will take care of customer service, complaints and missing orders. 

You can reach him at: We are very sorry that this lack of communication problem occured and from now on we will do our best to keep you satisfied with our service.


Titan-Forge team

The one batch to send them all

Posted by Titan-Forge (Creator)

Hello everyone, we are back after a busy weekend. The forge has been working properly and the shipping departament is packing and sending your rewards. We are positiive on dispatching everything this week so we will start charging for additional content today. Check for the request on your PayPal. In case you had any problems with your order the most effective way will be contacting us on This is still not the absolute end of this campaign, we will keep you updated when anything comes up. As always thanks for your patience and support.

Ancestral Guardians / Chosen of Kashan Vra + Ancestral Zeppelin

Posted by Titan-Forge (Creator)
Hello again guys, thanks for your patience, we are trying to respond to all of your questions individually. Now we also have production mold for every model, Hopefully by the end of next week we will be able to dispatch remaining parcels.

You have probably seen the Armymals campaign done by TitanForgeGames. I would like to clarify that it it being developed by separate team and it will not interfere with casting your miniatures. Talking about miniatures, here is how Ancestral Guardians, Chosens of Kashan Vra and Ancestral Zeppelins look like.

Infernal Golem and Ancient Forge models.

Posted by Titan-Forge (Creator)

If your order was just waiting for one of those guys to be complete, it might be shipped. We have forms for every model from the campaign now and we titanforge them all day. When we get every model for someones order we send it. Thanks for making Metalbeards happen, it has been a really exciting time for us. Take a look at the miniatures that would not exist if it weren't for you. They are still in the workspace, indie and raw but just imagine them painted and on a battlefield, they might just be outstanding. Chosen and funded by you from the start. Good job!

Update: Gemalin on Segway and T-Shirts

Posted by Titan-Forge (Creator)

We are proud to present you the last model of this, thanks to you, exciting campaign. Dwarf Lord Gemalin might be a little slothful using his Mountain Walker to move around but our sculptors were everything but lazy. Scrolling down the updates you can see all the admirable, hard work they put into the models while maintaining the top-notch creativity. They thank you for your support because all this would not happen without you. We are also posting our T-Shirts but most of you have probably seen them in your e-mails already.