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By Darian Millen
CA$ 24.40 pledged of CA$ 40,000 goal



Ok so on paper its a pretty straight forward plan, before I go into the details I just want to add some clarity.

First everyone knows there are 6 Regions in the Pokèmon universe: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos

However most do not know that all 6 regions are based on real locations: Kanto, Johto, Kyushu, Hokkaido, Manhattan & France, respectively.

So the point of this challange is to travel to the actual Pokèmon locations and trade with 719 different people and fill the Pokèdex In real life. After that is said and done i will return to Japan and go to the Nintendo HQ and deliver my 3DS with the Completed Pokèdex and say the satisfying words of "I Won".

Part 2 of this challenge is while this is happening I will be recording every step of my Pokèmon journey, either by uploads or livestream (Id like to livestream, but we'll see what route it ends up being closer to the departure) for the world to see, Cheering for me and whatever else the internet likes to do. 

There are a variety of reasons for recording this:

1)Pics and it happened

2)Proof I did not cheat or receive more than one Pokèmon per person

3)To Present to the Nintendo CEOs that it wasn't just me but all of us working together to fill the dex on a grand scale.

This kickstarter is to simply cover the plane tickets, lodging, and Necessities as well as adding to the journey in terms of activites and sight seeing to keep the journey interesting and fun for me and the veiwers so its not just me going door-to-door, trading with people (Cause that'd be boring).

So essentially the more funds donated equals a very memerible exeperience for you, me, the internet and Video Game history.

I am Red, the internet is the console, and kickstarter is the controller.

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Risks and challenges

The only risk and challenge to this kickstarter is the language barrier as I am only Fluent in English, however Im sure a translator is an easy fix for such a minor speed bump.

Once the goal is met I'm off.

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