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A Tabletop RPG about Mech Pilots at War
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Beamswords and Bazookas is a tabletop role-playing game about mech pilots at the brink of World War 3. This Kickstarter is for the core rule book which includes steps for making characters and customized mechs, rules for tactical combat and resolving character actions, and guidance for running the game as the game master. It also includes a 10-episode campaign and setting details that give you a place to start your adventure.  Supporters of this Kickstarter will receive a full-color book of approximately 100 pages in either digital PDF or softcover 6 inch by 9 inch versions. 

Each character in Beamswords and Bazookas will have a number of Attributes Dice that represent their strengths and weaknesses. Some Attributes will be specific to the capabilities of their mech while others will represent a character's training and knowledge. Whenever a character attempts to do something dangerous or difficult, they'll roll the appropriate Attribute Dice for the situation. If they roll a 5 or higher on one of their dice then they are successful. This is the core mechanic for resolving success and failure.

In addition to Attributes, each character may choose a number of Traits that represent special abilities or equipment. Trait selection is what really distinguishes characters from one another. Does your mech have active camouflage that allows it to go invisible or a powerful energy core for boosting beam weapon attacks? Is your character a stalwart wingman that's adept at protecting their allies or an infamous warrior who strikes fear in their enemies? There are lots of options to choose from and many fun synergies to explore. 

When engaged in conflicts, characters will accumulate Stress. They can push themselves to perform incredible feats, but they'll accumulate even more Stress while doing so. And, bad things happen if they ever exceed their Stress Limit. Dealing with this Stress between encounters is a core mechanic in Beamswords and Bazookas and encourages players to think about the personality and motivations for their character. 

The Beamswords and Bazookas campaign takes place after an alien threat was defeated. The coordinated defense of the alien invasion displayed the incredible capabilities of a united Earth. However, in 21XX, the feeling of human unity is starting to fade. People fear their identity and sovereignty will be lost to the Global Protectorate. And isolationism and nationalism have spread around the globe like wildfire.

Players take control of the pilots of MASS, the Mobile Armor Suppression and Surveillance unit of the Global Protectorate. They are tasked with keeping the peace as tensions rise and conflicts break out. The previous generation was able to defeat the alien invaders, but can this new generation of mech pilots save humanity from itself?  

Initial artwork by Jeff Chen:

Stretch Goals

$1,500 - Printable paper miniatures *ACHIEVED*

$2,000 - An additional interior illustration by Muh Dipo. *ACHIEVED*

$2,500 - An additional interior illustration by Muh Dipo. *ACHIEVED*

$3,000 - An additional interior illustration

Risks and challenges

Most of the game is completely written and the graphic design is largely done. Time is needed for the proofing and printing process, but there should be no major roadblocks in publishing the final product at this stage.

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    Softcover of Beamswords and Bazookas

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