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An online, illustrated serialized novel in the tradition of the Japanese light novel, along with a fully voiced audio book.
An online, illustrated serialized novel in the tradition of the Japanese light novel, along with a fully voiced audio book.
101 backers pledged $7,849 to help bring this project to life.

Update #4: New rewards for the site with totals past $6,000

Because each and every one of you is an incredible human being, we're almost at $6,000 (twice our original goal). We've needed to think up new insane things to offer on the site if our total goes beyond $6,000, which is quickly becoming a reality. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

We've updated the main FAQ on the Kickstarter, but these are the new prizes offered to the site (aka free for everyone) if our total keeps increasing. We're repeating the $6,000 prize for those of you who don't remember:

$6,000: We'll do a Tokyo Demons Talk/Character CD! A Talk CD is a media format used in Japan, a sort of "immersive" CD where the character is talking directly to the listener during simple events like taking a drive, going to an amusement park, etc. Character CDs with a romantic side--sometimes called "date" CDs--are the basis of Japanese franchises such as Starry Sky ( We'll have listeners vote on which character will do the Talk CD as well as the theme of the CD--friendship, drama, or romance.

$7,000: We'll do a Tokyo Demons tactical card game! Alex O'Shea, voice of Jo, is a nationally ranked card gamer who's been designing games for years, and he has an excellent pitch for a game based on Tokyo Demons: Book 2. If we hit $7,000, we can actually make that happen. Note: This is a reward tier where we'd actually need to charge for the final product (since it will cost money to physically print the cards), but we'll offer a special discount to anyone who pledges $10 or more on this Kickstarter. Whee!

$8,000: Lianne will write another short story for the site, but the theme will be dictated entirely by you guys. We'll open a discussion board and all readers will be asked to submit one story idea of LITERALLY ANY REQUEST: hinted canon, alternate universe, off-screen make-outs, Jo Gets Laser Eyes, etc. We'll put all story ideas to a vote and Lianne will be forced to write out the winner, no matter how ridiculous. If enough people vote for Sachi getting a magical girl spin-off, you'd better believe he's gonna be Fighting Evil By Starlight.

$9,000: We'll do a VIDEO GAME. There's a particular period in Tokyo Demons: Book 2 where all the heroes are crushed into small quarters and relationships bloom or go sour because of the forced intimacy, so if we hit the $9,000 mark, we'll make a relationship-building visual novel game of that period with multiple endings, including alternatives to what actually happens in the book - new romantic couplings and all. The game will be voiced by the voice actors of the audio book and will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD. For everyone. (We may release a deluxe version with bonus content for sale later, like we're doing with the book and audio book, but the basic game will be FREE. FOREVER.) If you've never played a visual novel before, Lianne is obsessed with a bunch released in Japan and you can read about a recent one released in English, Hakuoki:

At the risk of repeating ourselves: we love you. All of you. Especially YOU, the one I'm pointing at. (Hint: You.)


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      Rebecca W
      on April 9, 2012

      So many awesome ideas. O_O