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This is my journey of healing together with Afghan women and men civil servants who opened their hearts to love and hope.

This is a video of civil servant'straining in Kabul; introducing exercise among male and female in the same classroom it is revolutionary. You can hear their laughter. You can see how they are trying to learn.

People are people everywhere, when you respect them, they respect you back. When you have compassion, understanding, kindness and hope, they comply with their generosity, hospitality and accptance.


  • The book "The Fortuneteller of Kabul" has undergone 5 re-writes. This is the final rewrite.

    The funds will be used for the following: editor/copy editor; layout; cover page designer; the trip to Kabul; and promotion, advertising and shipping.

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  • A copy of the book with a personal card and thank you note. Backers will be posted on all social media sites; and my website. They will be invited to the book promotions in their local area and will be publicly thanked and listed in the book.

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    Publishing a book about the power of love as a tool of healing together with the women and men of Afghainstan. The book is my journey of 4 and 1/2 years of empowerment and leadership work in Kabul. The stories are true, and the people are real. It is a book of emerging; hope, positive change and a message of the Afghan women and men, that even through they are under burqah, war and opression they still learn, grow strong and believe that happiness is possible. I need to go to Afghanistan one more time and follow up on their progress in order to be able to finish the book. Also need to find an exceptional Editor who understands cultural writing and help me with the editing of the book. Prepare the book and find a publisher.

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