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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 27 2015
Caged ElementBy Caged Element
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Caged ElementBy Caged Element
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CA$ 153,990
pledged of CA$ 657,000pledged of CA$ 657,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 27 2015

GRIP Kickstarter cancelled – prepare to race on early access

Posted by Caged Element (Creator)
Hey loyal GRIP backers.

We apologize for the lack of updates on our Kickstarter page; it's hard to post updates to a campaign, knowing it's unlikely to succeed. 

Yes, we realized a while ago (as did many of you) that things were not looking positive for reaching our funding goal. That said, we continued to push. We released a new action-packed trailer. We did interviews. We tweeted, emailed and posted everywhere we could. Sadly, we just did not receive the exposure we needed to maintain the momentum after you all gave the campaign such a fantastic start. 

Are we disappointed in the performance of the Kickstarter? Sure

Is an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign going to stop us from making this game for you?

The good news is, we have a great plan for moving forward, and we're very excited with the direction we're about to take. We're hoping you'll continue to support us in our journey together. 

 Here's the scoop: 

People have been talking about a playable demo or a playable version of GRIP for a while now - ever since we released the first trailer in July. It’s obvious people really want to get their hands on GRIP.

Well, we're going to give you that chance very soon, thanks to Steam early access.

Early access will allow us to truly focus on development, while giving the players the power to change the shape of the game as it's being made.

Community feedback will be essential in GRIP's continued development, and we like it that way. This is how we envisioned this project to play out from its inception, which is why we're so excited about this new plan.

Now, here's where your valued and continued support comes in... 

We've launched a Paypal/Stripe campaign on our website

This campaign has been established in order for you to buy an early access code in advance, as well as receive some bonus goodies for being such great supporters. Funding from this campaign will go directly to developing and bug fixing the current build of GRIP into something more playable and therefore more fun.

This new build will launch on Steam no later than November 30th 2015. We don't need a lot of money to get to that milestone; we just need to pay some outstanding bills in the meantime, which is why we're asking for your support in advance of Steam early access. Your continued support will solidify the backbone of GRIP's development moving forward, and we will greatly appreciate it.

So there you have it, our new direction for GRIP.

You can read more about the new Paypal/Stripe campaign on our website, including features coming with the first playable build, as well as an initial priority list for further development of releases on Steam.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who backed us on Kickstarter, and for their enthusiasm towards this game's success as well as their undying support throughout the campaign. 

Of course, what update wouldn't be complete without GIFs and some shout-outs?  We've got a whole page full of GIFs for you to look at, some new and some old.  Just a warning: it's quite heavy on bandwidth

Our first shout-out goes to The Fall of Troy with their Epic Playing Cards

 Second, we've got GalaCollider

From the teams that brought you Magic the Gathering & Shadow Era. GalaCollider fuses the best of 4X strategy and digital card games

 And third is Goliath - A Game About Building Robots and Punching Monsters.

Love the art style!  These guys really need some support, so head on over there if you can

 Thanks for supporting us on Kickstarter!

We hope you'll support us for the remainder of this wild ride ;)

-Chris and the GRIP team

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    1. Adam Mohammed

      I won't back for a steam version of the game so I will wait for the PS4 release.

    2. Andy R

      I'll back on the site. Looking forward to the PS4 version the most!

    3. Caged Element Creator on

      Thanks for the all the encouraging comments, guys :)

      Like David said, we're quite happy to take this approach. We think you'll love what we'll have for you on early access in a few months.


    4. Rhys Evans on

      Shame the kickstarter campaign didn't work out for you guys but all the best for the future and fingers crossed I'll still see your game on PS4 in the future!

    5. aramir on

      November 30th, just in time for my birthday. Keep it rolling guys

    6. Caged Element Creator on

      Although Kickstarter has been cancelled - the game certainly hasn't.

      We've done some re-jigging of the schedule to push forward a playable version ready for Steam... all other tasks remain in place.

      Personally I prefer this new direction. We get to concentrate on the game and you guys have a chance to play it sooner. We're still planning PS4 Beta - so no change for PS4 owners.


    7. Contemplar on

      Great news to hear that you're still pushing ahead in full force!
      Even better to see a pre-Early Access funder.

      It's sad that even the best kickstarters can somehow miss the sweet-spot that sparks public awareness of your project, but I'm certain that once you hit Early Access, people's minds will be blown. It's way harder to miss GRIP when it pops up on a really high-profile distribution platform, right? Haha.

      brb, throwing money at my screen.

    8. contact on

      From GRIP's twitter! :

      " Also, our targeted platforms have not changed. We are still going for PC (windows) and PS4! "

    9. contact on

      This is still coming to PS4 eventually if I'm correct

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Ledbury on

      Sad times, especially for PS4 owners. I presume that version is no longer happening, or at least on hold?

    11. Radon on

      That´s sad---would love to buy into the early version, but as a DRM-opponent I don´t do Steam...

    12. Adam Mohammed

      Hmm would it be possible for the game to come to consoles after being released on Steam??

      This game reminds me of Jak X so much.

    13. Evgeniy Kolpakov on

      Ohhh that's so sad :(((

    14. Chris Williams on

      Such a bummer! More so for the team that worked so hard on this. This was the first racing game I had been excited for since WipeOut.

      I think everyone involved should feel proud for all the work that went into this. I'll definitely follow your team over on Steam. Good luck!

    15. Antoine Guillo on

      @ Robert Silesius : You can contribute now on the website with your credit card :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Chandler on

      Thats a real bummer guys. So annoying how some dross seems to fly with ease to their goals yet other truly badass concepts (already proven badassery at that) doesnt get the support it deserves. People are stupid as always. Does this mean its gonna be PC only or is there a remote chance of hitting consoles if it does ok on steam (fingers crossed). Either way i got yer back guys. Dont give up! -SMEGw0lf (road rager)

    17. Enrico C

      @ Philip, Good Point! Adrian, ouch!

      If first time you don't succeed, give it another try! just look at the project "The Coolest", they failed first time and see what happened for when they relaunch.

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      I'm boycotting the evil entity known as Paypal, but I will buy the game as soon as it hits Steam, and I bet I can convince a few friends who missed this Kickstarter to do the same.

    19. Nakano

      I knew that games like these are tough to fund, but your presentation was very good. I pledged my support through your website then. Good luck with Early Access! Wish Grip will become as fun experience as playing Rollcage in the split screen in the 90s.

    20. Missing avatar

      cikame on

      Will be backing through your site, having this campaign fail is a huge gut punch, i hope you guys can get the funding and/or support you need to make this game. Good luck guys.

    21. MarcG on

      You have my cash too. Good luck.

      Would ultimately prefer console versions, but I can get the PC on the big TVs if necessary...

    22. Missing avatar

      Cyril SIX on

      @Adrian Because you think these XBox players would have brought in the 400 k$ ? For your statement to be true, then you need to have at least 3 times more XBox players than PC and PS4 players combined. Come on :P

      Besides, if they decided to go XBox as well, the goal would have been quite a lot higher (and thus even more unreachable).

      They failed clearly because of the lack of coverage + the impression that people had that the game was already finished and that they did not need that much money.

    23. JL on

      @Adrian console licences cost a lot of money, it's one of the the reasons the Kickstarter campaign existed.

    24. João Gonçalves on

      I'm on till the end guys!
      Count me in, going for the splatter option I really want this project to succeed!

    25. Antoine Guillo on

      I'm totally cool with that, its getting harder and harder for Kickstarter campaigns to succeed nowadays. Like you I want GRIP to be funded, I'm sure going to buy that EA key :D

      Godspeed team !

    26. Thomas on

      Just pre-payed via paypal, will wait for the game :-)

    27. Adrian Alfaro on

      You failed because you went PS4 only.

      Leave Xbox people behind when they spend more money on games than PlayStation players?