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Tired of buying new accessories with each new iPhone or Android? Then you need CAPTA the ultimate hybrid accessory for any phone.
Tired of buying new accessories with each new iPhone or Android? Then you need CAPTA the ultimate hybrid accessory for any phone.
845 backers pledged $41,295 to help bring this project to life.

New Capta Sale $7.99 and a new project.

Greetings from UDS,

Check our Arq Dock - A New Modular Nesting Dock for lightning and micro USB devices. You can charge your devices individually, in groups or nested together - Great space saving dock. You also get to keep your case on. Works great with cases. We were on the team that created this product  so please check it out and support them. Pledges start at $35

Here is the project link:

Here are some images:

New Capta

We are also celebrating their launch with a sale on a limited quantity of the New Capta for an astonishing $7.99 each from $24.99 for a limited time. You can find them on This is new model super sexy black stealth Capta as seen below:

Thanks again to our backers of Capta. We will keep you posted on our future upcoming projects. Thanks.

New Capta Coming Soon And A Project We Backed

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Greetings from UDS,

Two years ago this week we were deep in our Capta project here on Kickstarter and 38% funded. You our backers saw value in the project and pushed all all the way to funding. Today we want to introduce the New Capta to you.

We have taken all the feedback and made a lot of changes to the product. Changes include no more sharp edges, a stronger more durable pad, wider cable management slot, no more spiral logo and of course better pricing. We are getting ready to introduce the new Capta but wanted to share pictures with the people who made it all possible. Here is a sneak peak at the new super sexy all black stealth Capta:

 Being Kickstarter Ambassadors

When we launched we got a lot of help and support from other Kickstarter campaigns so we want to do our bit to help others. Here is a project that we also backed called Sarvi Dock and here is the link

From their project "The design for docks today start from naked devices and barely extend beyond slim cases. With Sarvi Dock our design process started with the most protective cases available and we worked backwards towards caseless devices. By going against the grain we have created a simple fluid design crafted from aluminum. Our design uses Apple and Samsung factory cables. Once we solved the difficult cases that no other docks worked with we tested all other case and device combinations. Sarvi Dock is compatible with extreme cases, medium cases, caseless devices and anything in between."

So please check them out and support them.

Thanks again to our backers of Capta and we look forward to introducing the new Capta soon. We will keep you posted

New UDS project - Early Bird Opportunity!!!

Greetings from UDS,

Thank you for your support for our projects here on Kickstarter - We truly appreciate it!!

We are super excited to be back to launch a new Cable Management accessory project called "Snable - A better way to manage your cords/cables" and we would like to give our previous backers the first opportunity to grab the early bird spots of which there are 260 available.  Below you will find the project link and some images.

Project link - Snable

Images of Snable

Please take a look, grab a pledge and help us spread the word.

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To avoid notifications in the future simply go to "my account" on your profile then click on"edit settings" then "notifications". 

Thanks again for your time and support and have a great day. Cheers!! 

Introducing MODO - Modular Desktop Organizer

Greetings from UDS,

Thank you for all your support with our projects - We truly appreciate it!

For those who might be interested in a desktop organizer we have been working on a Kickstarter project with B&A Studio and wanted to share it with you. The project is called MODO - Modular Desktop Organizer - We have provided pictures and information below. You can also go straight to the project page by clicking here.

Made with Bamboo and aircraft grade aluminum pins

With protective silicone capacitive caps that double as a stylus

Built in cable and USB management. Layout is fully customizable to work with a variety of devices.

MODO is a fun, simple and fully customizable solution for your desktop chaos. Please visit the Kickstarter page here and support them or help spread the word. UDS will be back with "Snable" soon. Cheers!!!

Capta contest winner and new project - Vavo

Greetings from UDS,

Thanks again to our backers without whom UDS would not be able to launch projects on Kickstarter. We are truly greatful!

After very careful deliberation we have picked a winner for the "How i Capta" contest and that winner is backer Jeremy Snowdon all the way from Australia. Jeremy submitted some very creative entries for the competition and you can view them on our facebook page. So Jeremy your winning package will be sent out this week. Thanks to everyone for the very creative and fun pictures - We were truly humbled by the number of entries we received.

New UDS project:

We would also like to announce our new project - Vavo. Vavo is a universal ultra portable stands/mount for smart devices. We have just launched and invite you to take a look and help us spread the word.

Here is the link:



Thanks again to all our backers and we hope to see you on the Vavo project page. Cheers!!