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We've created a literary platform with an educational edge and now want to bring it to the masses via a Web app. Thanks for your help. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 27, 2010.

We've created a literary platform with an educational edge and now want to bring it to the masses via a Web app. Thanks for your help.

About this project

We are two writers who created STORIED, a contextual-learning test-prep tool that presents standardized-test vocabulary through original short stories. We wrote the inaugural story collections ourselves, handpicking the definitions for the 750 most commonly occurring SAT words. Storied SAT – – is available as a free download for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

This milestone achieved, our next goal is to create a Web version of the app in order to bring low-cost or free – and fun! – test prep and literature to the masses.

Comparatively few people have iPhones and iPod Touches, yet practically everyone has a computer. That's why we need to build a Web app, in order to reach anyone and everyone who wants an alternative to cramming hundreds of words – via entertaining stories with beautiful, edgy illustrations.

We have big plans. Future stories will be written by talented high-schoolers who would like a chance to be published; we are also getting established writers involved. In order to make all this happen we need to offer our service on the most democratic platform existing today – the personal computer.

We have already drawn up a spec and interviewed four potential developer teams, settling on the one with the best credentials, understanding of the big idea and enthusiasm for it. We've been given a quote of $10 000 to build the Web app, and are counting on your participation to make it happen.


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    For your five-spot, Lincoln, fiver ($5) we will write a sonnet extolling your generosity and other fine features. Your name will appear in said masterwork of verse.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    A solemn promise to contribute $10 will engender the receipt of two full collections of Storied stories.

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    A pledge of $25 begets the above sonnet and two collections plus a mention in the Storied app credits.

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    Those shelling out $50 will receive an unlimited 1-year subscription to Storied & florid recognition on our Web site as a Storied Master of Literature & Education.

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    Those with $75 to spend on the future of Literacy and Literature will bask in all of the above as well as a high-quality, custom-made Storied T-shirt, with art by our award-winning Creative Director.

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    Those with $100 to burn at the altar of Reading and Writing will receive all of the above, an extra Storied T-shirt & the chance to appear as a positive character in one of the stories written specifically and entirely by one of us.

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    With a quarter of a thousand dollars you could back a quarter horse at Cheltenham Downs for a handsome loss, whoosh through a quarter-mile on a banked track in a hired-by-the-second, hyper-expensive British supercar for the ultra-rich, or support the succinctness and soaring elegance that is the essence of written English at its best. In short, for $250 you will receive all of the above-detailed offerings, an unlimited lifetime subscription to Storied and 2 (that's two!) extra Storied T-shirts (for a total of 3).

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Those cool-handed enough to contribute $500 to the cause of undying love (for Literature and Letters) will be justly rewarded with all of the above and the chance to appear as a negative character in one of our stories (a lovely prize indeed).

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    Those truly eager to help society's outcasts (teenagers; anyone) enjoy life a little (by escaping into a parallel world) -- while still moored to the ways of this world (studying for a standardized test) -- by sharing with us one G-Force ($1000) will receive the benefits of all of the above, get to choose the theme for the next Storied collection, and will be able to ask and get pretty much anything they desire, provided it's in the spirit of Storied.

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