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£16,180 pledged of £625,000 goal
By Joey Ansah
£16,180 pledged of £625,000 goal

Exciting News!

We've got some very exciting news to announce. Although the KickStarter campaign has built a little slowly it has brought a couple of supporters to us who really love what we are trying to do. In fact they love it so much they are going to back us with the money we need to get started. So we are pleased to announce that we look like we are good to go, and our vision of a Street Fighter series made by fans for fans will happen.

So we'd like to thank everyone who has pledged. Your support has been amazingly encouraging, and we really feel that without you we'd not be where we are. So we've taken the decision not to delay getting on with things, by letting the campaign run, and we are going to withdraw the project.

It also means that you, our friends, will not have to dig into your own pockets to help us out, much as we know you were happy to do so. Your pledges will be cancelled. Most of the rewards we've published will be available later through commercial channels, so DVDs, t-shirts and books will still be available to you at some point.

We really want you to keep in touch so please check out our Facebook page, and website regularly. We'll have some more cast announcements shortly which we think you'll love and of course even more news as we start filming. Thanks again you've been brilliant supporters and in a very real way have made it all happen.

Love, hugs and Shoryukens to you all!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Glyn Bishop on

      was happy to donate to see your dream happen but even more pleased to know that thanx to your backers it will definitely become a reality. Looking forward to following your progress.. the very best of luck to you and your team. L&R

    2. Danny Kiregbaum Laursen on

      I was afraid this Kickstarter would not reach it goal, so happy to see the movie will be made

    3. Sdzero on

      Thanks for the update! I'm glad you found some more people to back your film. I know you and your team have a passion for Street Fighter, so I was more than happy to donate to the production. I'll be sure to buy the dvd and other productions when they're available. I hope everything goes smoothly for the production and I look forward to watching it when it's ready. =D

    4. James Dellow

      Joey- echo Gareth's comments, thank you for taking the time to respond. Expect that this a crazy, exciting, whirlwind time for you, so enjoy!

    5. Maggie Evans on

      @Joey thanks for replying, it was nice of you :), and you're right, this is what is best for the project and it is hugely exciting.

    6. Jason Sampieri on

      That's very good news! I'm not surprised though! This is Street Fighter we are talking about here! I really look forward to see Assassins fist, the cast are really good! Thanks to who ever it was that funded the project!

    7. Carl Non on

      Awww man...and I was really looking forward to showing off my Assassin's Fist exclusive backers shirt and watching my DVD over and over and over. Having said that, this is indeed exciting news. Street Fighter Legacy made me believe that there was someone out there who actually cared enough to take the source material seriously and not hand us a generic product, but to actually give us Street Fighter in live action, which is why I'm excited about Street Fighter Assassin's Fist.

      To Joey and all the crew, we believe in you and we're still backing you, even if it's not financially anymore, you have our support 110%!!

    8. Joey Ansah Creator on

      @Robert and @Gareth I hope not too disappointed. We really do feel it is best to 'get going' and not wait for the KickStarter project to complete. And I am hugely grateful that you did get up and make things happen, your support was crucial. Looking on the bright side you made it happen, and it didn't cost. Win-win! And @James a good idea, we'd already been thinking it would be a nice thing to do for the '300' (love that movie and I know it is really 370) who put their money and faith in us. So we'll be conducting some questionnaires in due course, when we catch our breath, so we know who is who.

    9. Roxane Tourigny on

      Congrats for getting the funds! However, maybe you can give us who wanted to back you guys for this awesome project some kind of backers access to the production. It doesn't need to be a lot tho. ;) anyhow, I'm glad this is getting done.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Frank on

      I'm disappointed that I can't contribute now. And after that heartfelt plea. The part that we should not just sit around and wait for someone else to contribute, because it might not ever happen...

    11. Pete Pearce on

      CONGRATS!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!! Semi-Bummed about not getting my limited edition DVD but Ill still buy one when it comes out.... (blu ray?) ALL THE BEST! SHORYUKEN!

    12. James Dellow

      Hi Joey,

      Congratulations on your news. Must be very exciting for all of you. However, it seems a bit of a shame, for those 300+ people who were prepared to back you before you got this support, that they will not get any tangible reward. I speak less for myself and more for those who pledged towards the top end. Maybe you could consider some way to recognise that? I really don't want to rain on your parade and look forward to seeing your project deliver. Good luck and best wishes, James

    13. Maggie Evans on

      Congratulations :) this is great news.

      I feel slightly disappointed that I won't get to make a donation, but I know that's stupid.

      I can't wait to watch the show, buy the DVD and support it in any way that I can with articles on the site I write for.

    14. Missing avatar

      SanJ on

      Phew! Was getting worried there for a while. Really happy to hear that you guys got the funding. Can't wait to see the show.